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Evidence Pointe Shoes From Brazil

If you need hard proof about something, you expect to see some evidence to convince you that a thing is true. This post is proof that I have discovered another Brazilian pointe shoe brand; Evidence.

Evidence pointe shoes

The Evidence Ballet Company has been in business since 2008 as a supplier and manufacturer of dance wear products in and around Camapanha, Brazil. I was very, very pleased to discover this company by accident while surfing You-tube.

Depending on which route you take, Camapanha is approximately a 6 hour drive inland from Rio de Janeiro and the coast. It’s exciting to see how many brands are popping up from Brazil. Pointe shoe factories must be busy down there.

Brazil mapIt’s intriguing to find yet another manufacturer in a non-English speaking country that has products with names that we recognize and can pronounce.

Even the name Evidence Ballet wouldn’t give you a clue that we were talking about a Brazilian maker, would it?

Evidence Ballet Offers 3 Models: The Lisse, Essential And Box Soleil

The Lisse is their professional model. It has a u-shaped vamp and is constructed with a nylon insole for flexibility. 

The Essential  is their beginner model. The toe platform has a flat base and softer toe box to help students gain strength for releve onto pointe. The toe box is covered with a suede cap for traction.

The Box Soleil is advertised as a pre-arched shoe made with specially blended materials that adapt quickly to foot shape and make the shoe more durable.

All  of the models are advertised as heat moldable shoes and come with ribbons and elastic attached. All three come with a choice of two widths; medium or large and three shank strengths; normal, reinforced or super-reinforced.

As I mention above, I discovered this company browsing through You-tube. I thought I would share that same video with you.

A Dancer Reviews The Evidence Lisse Pointe Shoe ( In Portugese)


Sadly, without Google Translate, I can’t tell if the Lisse received a good review. I hope it did. From my vantage point, they all look well-made and have a nice balanced aesthetic. I think they are pretty.

If you want to see the models up close and see more photos, you can visit their official website, Evidence Ballet. Click on Sapatilhas, then choose Sapatilhas de ponta.  Warning; the shoe images are beyond HUGE!

They also have a very active Facebook page where you can see more of their dance apparel and accessories, including some lovely ballet slippers.

Evidence Ballet on Facebook




Capezio Brazil Creates A Division For Cecilia Kerche Pointe Shoes

CK31-La Sylphide

CK31-La Sylphide

Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart….remember that song? That is exactly how I felt when I clicked on the Cecilia Kerche website link on the sidebar only to find a big notice that says: ACCOUNT SUSPENDED. Please say it isn’t so, Cecilia!

Her beautiful website was years in the making. It was filled with eye-catching videos and most of all, pointe shoes that were HER own brand. Back in 2012, I made a post announcing that her site was finally up and running. Her pointe model Cinderella captivated me.

Capezio Of Brazil Now Has A Cecilia Kerche Division

After finding her website down, I discovered that Capezio of Brazil has added a Cecilia Kerche section in their footer navigation bars.  When you click on the link, a pop-up announces that is has a new model to offer. Can you guess what the model is called? Yes, it’s the CK40- Cinderella.

 CK40 Cinderella  Announcement As New ( Nova) on Capezio Brazil

This is the SAME model that made its debut on her site in 2012. If Capezio is announcing the CK40 Cinderella as “new”, then perhaps the business collaboration is quite recent.

What is very unusual is that Capezio Brazil has published links to the now-suspended Cecilia Kerche domain on the sales pages of her shoes. I’ve never seen a major dancewear company sending traffic out to another website this way. Isn’t pointe shoe world fascinating?

Her Video Archives Continue To Inspire

 Was This A Coerced Takeover , Or A Smart Business Move?

Imagine if you were to launch your own brand of pointe shoes. You would have to either build your own private factory, or commission an established manufacturer to do it for you.

For this work, the manufacturer would expect a cut of the sales profits. If the company is large enough, they might offer to give you a lump sum plus a small percentage of sales to buy your brand name and sell it under theirs.

In fact, if they are the only large-scale operation in town, they could refuse to make products for a competitor.  That is the unromantic reality of the pointe shoe business.

Will The Purity Of The Cecilia Kerche Brand Remain Intact?

Cecilia Kerche

Cecilia Kerche in serene repose.

After so much confusion with the blended SoDanca-CK label, it was refreshing to see such a popular and well-loved dancer break away to do her own thing. Now that Capezio is selling her models, we have to wait and see how the shoes are going to be stamped and marketed.

If they are imprinted CK on the inside, but Capezio Brazil on the sole, dancer’s will now refer to them as Capezio CK’s.

Sadly, with much regret, I now go to do that which I must do; delete Cecilia’s website link from the sidebar 😦


Out of respect for her personal privacy, I will not be trying to contact Cecilia Kerche to find out why her lovely website is no more.




Rommel & Halpe, Capezio Of Brazil And The Cerrito 07

Rommel & Halpe Ballet Slippers

Rommel & Halpe Ballet Slippers

Capezio is one of the most reputable and well-established dance wear suppliers in the world. They provide apparel and shoes for dancers all over the world. What makes their business so interesting is that they offer different types of pointe shoe models based on a particular market or region of the world.

Way down south in Brazil, Capezio offers many models that are not made for the American market. One of those models is the Cerrito 07.

Capezio Of Brazil And Rommel & Halpe Are Mixed And Mingled

Rommel & Halpe are pointe shoe makers that collaborate with Capezio in their Brazilian factory to design and construct many models; including the Cerrito. Here is the interesting part: Some Cerrito models are branded Capezio and some are branded Rommel& Halpe.

The Cerrito 07 Is Marketed As A Student Shoe

  •  According to product descriptions, the Cerrito 07 model is a popular beginner shoe for dancers with weak, undeveloped feet. They work for Greek or Egyptian-type foot shapes.
  • The have low, u-shaped vamps.
  • Shanks are available in 2 strengths; normal or enhanced.
  • They come with a suede toe cap.

Some Cerrito’s For You And Some Cerrito’s For Me

When I discovered the Cerrito model sold under both names, I was very intrigued. Rommel & Halpe does have a business address of their own in Brazil. Do they make some Cerrito’s for Capezio and some for themselves?

Do they walk over from their own business everyday to make a quota for Capezio, then return to make their own Cerritos later? The world of pointe shoes can be quite entertaining when you let your imagination run wild.

Apparently, Rommel & Halpe either had, or continue to have a business that credits their company name on the product. It could be that they are extremely talented cobblers that Capezio needs to construct the best shoes for their client base in South America. They are known as experts in the leather tanning business as well.

On Pointe Wearing The Cerrito

I could not find any website for Rommel & Halpe. They are somewhat mysterious although their name is well-known and out there in the dance community. It is amazing that the above video account belongs to Rommel & Halpe, yet is an advert for the Capezio Cerrito.

I wish Rommel & Halpe would come out of the woodwork and explain things. Even their Facebook page is as deadly quiet as a mortuary basement. The only contact information for the company is below:

R AGOSTINHO GOMES 373, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Phone: 1132729010

The Capezio Fouette-American, Italian Or Brazilian?

When it comes to placing my pointe shoe brands into the right category on the sidebar here, I am beginning to learn that market globalization is making my job much harder! Such is the case with the Fouette model that Capezio makes strictly for the Brazilian market.

From Italy To America  And Beyond- Capezio Gets Around

Here we have a pointe shoe made by Capezio, a dance supply company founded by an Italian. However, the pointe shoes made by Capezio for the American market are made in New Jersey. Capezio has a separate Brazilian market using factories in South America that most likely employ Brazilian cobblers.

The Fouette By Capezio Is Made In Brazil

Muito amor (much love) to the pointe shoe makers of Brazil

Muito amor (much love) to the pointe shoe makers of Brazil

Capezio is technically an American brand name. The Fouette, however, is a Brazilian-made shoe. After giving it some thought, I knew that it wouldn’t be right to dismiss credit where credit is due. The Fouette is made by the skills, dedication, talents and hard work of the factory employees in Brazil. Without them, this beautiful shoe model would not exist. I am going to put the Fouette under Brazilian brands.

The Fouette Is Advertised As An Intermediate, Advanced Or Professional Shoe

The Capezio Fouette is a medium profile shoe with a  v-vamp, beautifully tapered box and side drawstring  adjustments . The Fouette has a Russian-style aesthetic that is very flattering on pointe. The side seams of this model are made on a slant, very much like the construction  of the discontinued Baryshnikov line.

To see the pretty Capezio Fouette, visit the website  Capezio Brazil. Go to Produtos, then Dance Shoes, then choose Ponta on the drop down bar to see the models.

Balletto Pointe Shoes

Another Brazilian Pointe Shoe Brand

The Balletto Company is located in Londrina, Brazil, which is a large, metropolitan city in the northern part of the country. The story of the Balletto brand goes back to 1969 when a dancer by the name of Yeda Russo founded the Centro de Dancas e artes Adanac, or the Adanac Center of Dance Arts in Londrina.

In 1974, the brand Mon Ballet was created to supply the dancers of the Adanac Center with some of their dance wear needs. In 1986, soft ballet slippers were added to the Mon Ballet collection.

In 1986, the Balletto name brand was created and the company continued to increase their inventory introducing the Balletto pointe shoe collection in 1988. The Balletto Company became the official supplier to Teatro do Rio De Janeiro E Ballet Guaira.

Currently, Balletto has 5 pointe shoes in their collection. I will describe them as best I can because the Balletto website doesn’t go into great detail about their design specifications. The Balletto models include:

  • Russo-This shoe is made to be suitable for many different foot types
  • Ines-Balletto describes this model as being for “delicate” feet. Perhaps this a softer pointe shoe.
  • Julie-This model is for a normal, standard width foot
  • Luise-The Luise model is for wider feet
  • Italiano– This pointe shoe is for narrower feet

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The Balletto website is in Portugese, the official language of Brazil. If you can read Spanish, some of the words may look familiar.