The Capezio Fouette-American, Italian Or Brazilian?

When it comes to placing my pointe shoe brands into the right category on the sidebar here, I am beginning to learn that market globalization is making my job much harder! Such is the case with the Fouette model that Capezio makes strictly for the Brazilian market.

From Italy To America  And Beyond- Capezio Gets Around

Here we have a pointe shoe made by Capezio, a dance supply company founded by an Italian. However, the pointe shoes made by Capezio for the American market are made in New Jersey. Capezio has a separate Brazilian market using factories in South America that most likely employ Brazilian cobblers.

The Fouette By Capezio Is Made In Brazil

Muito amor (much love) to the pointe shoe makers of Brazil

Muito amor (much love) to the pointe shoe makers of Brazil

Capezio is technically an American brand name. The Fouette, however, is a Brazilian-made shoe. After giving it some thought, I knew that it wouldn’t be right to dismiss credit where credit is due. The Fouette is made by the skills, dedication, talents and hard work of the factory employees in Brazil. Without them, this beautiful shoe model would not exist. I am going to put the Fouette under Brazilian brands.

The Fouette Is Advertised As An Intermediate, Advanced Or Professional Shoe

The Capezio Fouette is a medium profile shoe with a  v-vamp, beautifully tapered box and side drawstring  adjustments . The Fouette has a Russian-style aesthetic that is very flattering on pointe. The side seams of this model are made on a slant, very much like the construction  of the discontinued Baryshnikov line.

To see the pretty Capezio Fouette, visit the website  Capezio Brazil. Go to Produtos, then Dance Shoes, then choose Ponta on the drop down bar to see the models.

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