Cinderella Pointe Shoes By Cecilia Kerche

Years ago when I first began this blog, one of the first topics that I posted about was my impatience with the  Cecilia Kerche website that was under construction at the time. From March of 2010 until just recently, all I did was lament and moan and anticipate the grand opening of her official website. You can read all of my lamenting by entering Cecilia Kerche into the search bar here.

The New Cecilia Kerche Dance Products Are Here

It has taken quite awhile for the official website to come together. Finally (finally!), there are products for sale with the fabulous Cecilia Kerche brand name. Including pointe shoes. No longer is SoDanca of Brazil the only supplier of CK pointe shoes.

The Cecilia Kerche Line Of Pointe Shoes

There are now two categories of shoes in her line; the Traditional models and the Professional models. The Professional line includes the CK6-Pas Classique, CK7-Bayadere and the CK8-Kitri.

CK40 Cinderella  pointe shoe by Cecilia Kerche

Cinderella by Cecilia Kerche

The Traditional line includes the CK30-Lise, CK31-La Sylphide, CK32- Clara and, are you ready? The CK40-Cinderella. Did I mention the Cinderella model? If ever a pointe shoe held such a magical, enchanting name it has to be the name of Cinderella.

The name alone conjures up romantic images of Prince Charming, glass slippers, gold-plated horse-drawn carriage rides and ballgowns that are out of this world. The basic design specifications of the Cinderella are a little more down-to-earth, of course. Because the Cecilia Kerche official website is written in Portuguese, this is the best we can get from Google translate:

Cinderella – CK 40: This model provides greater stability on the platform and more support on the side of the shoe. The insole is made of cellulose fibers and textiles along with aggregate natural resins. These materials create a memory of resistance or spring back qualities and also allow better contact with the floor.
Even Cinderella needs some stability and support en pointe while she waits for Prince Charming…

You can see all of the latest dance products and pointe shoes on her official website, Click on Produtos then Sapatilhas/Ballet Shoes.

Update 3/2015- The above link to Cecilia Kerche’s site is no longer valid. The domain has been suspended. Read more on this more current post.

5 responses to “Cinderella Pointe Shoes By Cecilia Kerche

  1. Marisa Wright

    Can you clarify, what is the relationship between So Danca and Cecilia Kerche? I understood that So Danca had taken over the manufacture of her shoes – is that still correct or has it changed? Or was it never the case?

  2. Looking at the history of SoDanca, they began in Brazil and grew into a huge global company that mass-distributed dance products all over the world. They did distribute the pointe shoes that carried the CK brand name, then began to sell them under their own company brand name.

    If you visit the SoDanca website, the virtual catalog shows several well-known models that were CK’s now being sold as SD’s. One in particular is the Kitri model.

    Cecilia Kerche was gracious enough to reply to my inquiry about her new collection.She states that her new collection is in no way affiliated with SoDanca and are all her own pointe shoe models.

    Right now, the only similarities between SoDanca and Cecilia Kerche is the Kitri model. Both companies sell a shoe with the same name. I haven’t checked the specs on them to see if they are, in fact, the same shoe.

    Although I did not ask Cecilia Kerche about the location of her manufacturing plant, my guess is that they are still being made in Brazil.

    SoDanca originated in Brazil, but their website is based in Germany, which can be confusing Whatever collaboration existed between the two companies looks to be over.

    Now, if a dancer wants a real Cecila Kerche pointe shoe, she can buy it directly from the CK website. All of the others ( with or without the CK label) are considered a SoDanca brand.

  3. What a can of worms! thanks for the detailed reply.

  4. Hey, I’ve just discovered your blog and I know a really curious thing that people outside Brazil might not know. Here in Brazil, we have the Capezio brand aswell but, even though it’s the same brand, the products and collections are totally different, the pointe shoes aren’t the same ones sold in the USA, they’re different models sold only here, it’s like another brand with the same name, like an american Capezio and a brazilian Capezio, although it’s the same brand. I’ve never tried the Capezio pointe shoes sold in America, but i can say the brazilian ones are awful, their box is just massive and make the foot look terrible, the Só Dança ones are amazing, they’re really really good, the closest we can get to the international pointe shoes. Unfortunately, international pointe shoes are extremely expensive and hard to find here, so most of us have to stick to the brazilian ones. Here is the brazilian site of Capezio you can check the different models and collections, even though the pointe shoes don’t look that bad on the site pictures, they look awful in person. Hope you like these informations 🙂

  5. Hi Beatriz,
    I remember trying to email Capezio Brazil last year for information, but never got a response. I was reluctant to add the link here because technically they are the same brand name.

    What is VERY interesting about the models that Capezio sells in Brazil is that the names are almost identical to the ones made by Minassian, a Brazilian manufacturer. Except for the Giselle, Minassian sells shoes with the same name.

    It is very possible that one factory in Brazil is making pointe shoes for several different companies. I can only guess that it isn’t cost effective to make or ship new lasts (shoe forms) for cobblers overseas.

    I would love to visit some of these factories and find out who is making what! The global market is making it more of a puzzle for a dancer to know exactly what she is wearing on her feet.

    Figuring out the blending and mixing of pointe shoe brands, factories and models all over the world will keep me busy until I am 300 years old.

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