Rommel & Halpe, Capezio Of Brazil And The Cerrito 07

Rommel & Halpe Ballet Slippers

Rommel & Halpe Ballet Slippers

Capezio is one of the most reputable and well-established dance wear suppliers in the world. They provide apparel and shoes for dancers all over the world. What makes their business so interesting is that they offer different types of pointe shoe models based on a particular market or region of the world.

Way down south in Brazil, Capezio offers many models that are not made for the American market. One of those models is the Cerrito 07.

Capezio Of Brazil And Rommel & Halpe Are Mixed And Mingled

Rommel & Halpe are pointe shoe makers that collaborate with Capezio in their Brazilian factory to design and construct many models; including the Cerrito. Here is the interesting part: Some Cerrito models are branded Capezio and some are branded Rommel& Halpe.

The Cerrito 07 Is Marketed As A Student Shoe

  •  According to product descriptions, the Cerrito 07 model is a popular beginner shoe for dancers with weak, undeveloped feet. They work for Greek or Egyptian-type foot shapes.
  • The have low, u-shaped vamps.
  • Shanks are available in 2 strengths; normal or enhanced.
  • They come with a suede toe cap.

Some Cerrito’s For You And Some Cerrito’s For Me

When I discovered the Cerrito model sold under both names, I was very intrigued. Rommel & Halpe does have a business address of their own in Brazil. Do they make some Cerrito’s for Capezio and some for themselves?

Do they walk over from their own business everyday to make a quota for Capezio, then return to make their own Cerritos later? The world of pointe shoes can be quite entertaining when you let your imagination run wild.

Apparently, Rommel & Halpe either had, or continue to have a business that credits their company name on the product. It could be that they are extremely talented cobblers that Capezio needs to construct the best shoes for their client base in South America. They are known as experts in the leather tanning business as well.

On Pointe Wearing The Cerrito

I could not find any website for Rommel & Halpe. They are somewhat mysterious although their name is well-known and out there in the dance community. It is amazing that the above video account belongs to Rommel & Halpe, yet is an advert for the Capezio Cerrito.

I wish Rommel & Halpe would come out of the woodwork and explain things. Even their Facebook page is as deadly quiet as a mortuary basement. The only contact information for the company is below:

R AGOSTINHO GOMES 373, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Phone: 1132729010

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