Capezio Brazil Creates A Division For Cecilia Kerche Pointe Shoes

CK31-La Sylphide

CK31-La Sylphide

Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart….remember that song? That is exactly how I felt when I clicked on the Cecilia Kerche website link on the sidebar only to find a big notice that says: ACCOUNT SUSPENDED. Please say it isn’t so, Cecilia!

Her beautiful website was years in the making. It was filled with eye-catching videos and most of all, pointe shoes that were HER own brand. Back in 2012, I made a post announcing that her site was finally up and running. Her pointe model Cinderella captivated me.

Capezio Of Brazil Now Has A Cecilia Kerche Division

After finding her website down, I discovered that Capezio of Brazil has added a Cecilia Kerche section in their footer navigation bars.  When you click on the link, a pop-up announces that is has a new model to offer. Can you guess what the model is called? Yes, it’s the CK40- Cinderella.

 CK40 Cinderella  Announcement As New ( Nova) on Capezio Brazil

This is the SAME model that made its debut on her site in 2012. If Capezio is announcing the CK40 Cinderella as “new”, then perhaps the business collaboration is quite recent.

What is very unusual is that Capezio Brazil has published links to the now-suspended Cecilia Kerche domain on the sales pages of her shoes. I’ve never seen a major dancewear company sending traffic out to another website this way. Isn’t pointe shoe world fascinating?

Her Video Archives Continue To Inspire

 Was This A Coerced Takeover , Or A Smart Business Move?

Imagine if you were to launch your own brand of pointe shoes. You would have to either build your own private factory, or commission an established manufacturer to do it for you.

For this work, the manufacturer would expect a cut of the sales profits. If the company is large enough, they might offer to give you a lump sum plus a small percentage of sales to buy your brand name and sell it under theirs.

In fact, if they are the only large-scale operation in town, they could refuse to make products for a competitor.  That is the unromantic reality of the pointe shoe business.

Will The Purity Of The Cecilia Kerche Brand Remain Intact?

Cecilia Kerche

Cecilia Kerche in serene repose.

After so much confusion with the blended SoDanca-CK label, it was refreshing to see such a popular and well-loved dancer break away to do her own thing. Now that Capezio is selling her models, we have to wait and see how the shoes are going to be stamped and marketed.

If they are imprinted CK on the inside, but Capezio Brazil on the sole, dancer’s will now refer to them as Capezio CK’s.

Sadly, with much regret, I now go to do that which I must do; delete Cecilia’s website link from the sidebar 😦


Out of respect for her personal privacy, I will not be trying to contact Cecilia Kerche to find out why her lovely website is no more.




8 responses to “Capezio Brazil Creates A Division For Cecilia Kerche Pointe Shoes

  1. it would be nice to see more Ballerinas develop their own pointe shoe brand

  2. So you Know Capezio Brazil is a pirated Brand Capezio USA is the only real producer of Capezio products…contact Capezio USA…for verification.

  3. Hello Felmy,

    Capezio would never allow pirating of their brand name or their products.

    The Capezio Brasil website would have been removed years ago for trademark and copyright violations and their factory shut down by corporate lawyers.

    They have divisions all over the world with corresponding websites and representatives for many of those countries: Capezio Europe, Capezio China, Capezio Brasil and Australia/ New Zealand, e.t.c.

    Capezio USA and Capezio Brasil/ Brazil use different factories and have differences in model names, but they are still Capezio brand name products.

    On the Capezio Brazil about page, the main company headquarters are listed as in the United States which is true.

  4. Capezio Brazil are pirates

  5. felmy and John are correct. Capezio Brasil is a pirate. Ballet Makers, Inc., also known as Capezio USA, is the owner of the CAPEZIO brand worldwide. It filed a legal action against Rommel & Halpe, the parent company of Capezio Brasil, regarding Rommel & Halpe’s registration of CAPEZIO as a trademark in Brazil. A district court in Brazil has held that Ballet Makers is the rightful owner of the CAPEZIO brand, including in Brazil. Rommel & Halpe has appealed the decision of the lower court. Until the appeal is decided, Capezio Brasil continues to sell its counterfeit products.

    Capezio USA and Capezio Brasil are separate companies. The products of Capezio Brasil are counterfeit and have no relation to the real CAPEZIO. Capezio USA fully expects to prevail in the appeal and will continue its efforts to stop the activities of Capezio Brasil.

  6. This is very interesting. Do you have a link that mentions the pending lawsuit? What I find incredulous is that Capezio “Brasil” has been operating since at least 2007.

    I would wonder why Ballet Makers Capezio would let almost 10 years go by before they filed a lawsuit?

  7. Hey, I don’t know if you’ll see this but Cecilia Kerche now has a new brand! It is called Pas Classique! She currently has two pointe shoe models which she created with her husband, Pedro Kraszczuk. The website for her new brand is, in case you want to check it out! There are also video reviews of her new pointe shoes, like this one:

    I’m Brazilian and haven’t tried the Pas Classique pointe shoes yet, but I’m excited to try them when my current shoes die.

  8. Thank you Ana ! This is great news.

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