A Vintage Mystery- Red Leather Pointe Shoes From Argentina

Happy New Year, Dear Reader. There is nothing more interesting than starting off the new year with old shoes. Very mysterious old pointe shoes made of red leather and being sold in Argentina. When I find something like this , I know my curiosity will be large, but my data bank for writing a post about them will be quite small. As I looked over an enlarged version of these photos with a hopeful heart, I was disappointed that they didn’t give up their secrets.

A Fascinating Collectible For Any Vintage Pointe Shoe Fan

How I wish I knew something more about these old leather pointe shoes. They look so different from anything else out there, don’t they? Because these shoes are so old and unusual, they would make an absolutely magnificent addition to a collection. Just to be able to peek inside and check for an insole marking or makers stamp would be wonderful.

This Writer Would Love To Know:

  • Who danced in these precious shoes, and is the dancer still alive?
  • Were they made in Argentina, or in some other part of the world?
  • How old are these pointe shoes?
  • Do they have a brand name, or were they made specifically for the dancers of the Teatro Colón?
  • Are the drawstrings original or replacements?

What do you think? Are you as fascinated as I am with these old leather pointe shoes? Feel free to leave a comment.

Arcotte Muse J Pointe Shoes From Japan

Muse pointe shoes  JapanIt is an understatement to say this brand from Japan was a thrill to find. It reconfirmed for me that there is always something new brewing out there in pointe shoe world. The Muse J title differentiates the model from the Russian Pointe Muse because the J stands for Japan. There is also that beautiful touch of  delicate artistry that the Japanese do with perfection.

The Sole Design Is Both Artistic And Informational

The first thing I noticed about the sole design was the imprinting of what appears to be birds in flight. Muse J  pointe shoes from JapanLovely, light, graceful in flight. The epitome of a ballerina. The second thing that stands out are the six model specifications that tell you everything you need know for a customized fit. Two are size, then width, shank strength, sole hardness, then box type.

When I look at the pretty images of these shoes, my collector alarm doesn’t stop ringing. I find them absolutely fascinating. I cannot imagine what retirement would be like for an out-of-control collector. No food, just boiled shanks and an occasional ribbon for lunch.

There Are A Few Mysteries To Solve About The Arcotte Brand Name

Muse J pointe shoesAccording to the Arcotte About page, the brand was created as a collaboration between a ballet dancer and an experienced shoemaker with 50-plus years of making dance shoes.

I spent an incredible amount of time trying to find their names and photos, but didn’t have any luck. The name Naoto Takahashi is mentioned as Shopkeeper on the About page, but makes no mention of whether he designs the shoes or not.

Who is Naoto Takahashi? Who is the ballet dancer that conjured up  this pretty brand? It will take 時間と忍耐 ( time and patience). Hopefully I will be able to find out more soon.

It is wonderful to see a brand on video like this.

According to their product page, the Muse J pointe shoe is a made to order model that takes 3-4 weeks for delivery. Dancers can choose from 4 widths, 3 types of shanks, 3 types of sole hardness, and 3 types of boxes. All of these different choices enable the company to construct a pointe shoe that has 108 different configurations.

Even if you can’t read Japanese, it is interesting to visit the Arcotte Shop page to see their products. You can also visit Arcotte on Facebook.

Off Balance Pointe Shoe Photography

Normally, the posts on this site are approached from a positive look at the beauty of pointe shoe construction. A well-designed model captured in a professional photo makes us want to know more about the shoe and its specifications. It is also incredibly important for promotion and sales. However, this past year I have noticed that certain brands don’t seem to care how their shoes are portrayed. Below are some examples of pointe shoe photos that are, well, shockingly off point to say the least.

The Swans At Swan Lake Have Eaten Fermented Berries

Do you feel a bit woozy and off balance looking at this photo? This picture is so far from the mark of desired aesthetics it is almost comical. But it isn’t. It is a mystery where these companies get their shoe models. It is almost as if they plucked a pedestrian off the streets and offered them a few coins if they could hop up on their toes for a quick photo.

For all we know, they are hanging from a lampshade and praying for the fast completion of the photo. There are a few more sad and droopy things going on with these pointe shoes:

  • The toe boxes have more lumps than unmixed mashed potatoes.
  • Because of the lean- to effect, it is hard to tell whether the dancer is coming, going, or falling to her death.
  • The drawstrings look like helicopter propellers.

The Ribbon-Wrapped Leaning Tower Of Pisa

If you love the beauty of pointe shoe design, you may feel the same sadness as I do looking at this crooked rendition of a ballerina modeling victim on the side of her toes. Although there is slight bagginess in the heel area, the shoes themselves look smooth and sleek from the front.

When it comes to pointe shoe sales and promotion, having real feet to model them is the norm. Top level manufacturers understand that photography for pointe models must be aesthetically correct and of proper standards. With all the shades in this photo, I am left craving Neopolitan ice cream. A few more things that make this photo sad:

  • The drawstrings are so long, any type of movement could produce a painful tomber.
  • The ribbons are too dark, too wide, and creeping upwards like a poison ivy plant.
  • There are those huge party bows again. Maybe she is hobbling over to the table for chips and dip.

Professional Versus Non-Professional Photography

If you are a pointe student, teacher, or retired dancer, these comparison photos will immediately stand out for their shock value. The photo above left looks like the model simply laid down to avoid falling down. If you look closely at the two different brands, the shoes on the left are really not that bad looking in their own right. It is the photography that destroys their value.

Why Does This Happen?

If you visit these types of manufacturers, you will see that many of them produce thousands of different products in the same factory. They are basically an item created to be shipped out for profit. There is also a large market for cheap pointe shoes that are unregulated by strict schools.

However, not every brand that comes from China is shoddy. There is at least one brand with visually-pleasing standards of construction; the Ting brand. Developed by dance instructor, Tina Chen, they have lovely aesthetics and are still on the market today.

Merlet’s Newest Pointe Models-Cloé, Lisa, And Crystal

Merlet of France has always had a special place on this blog. Unlike other brands, they appear to be staying true to their roots and country of origin. They continue to grow and expand their pointe collection as well. On my most recent visit to their website, I found three lovely new additions to their model collection; Cloé, Crystal, and Lisa.

The Cloé Model Offers Flexible Strength

Cloé by Merlet

Besides coming in a wide range of colors, the description of the sole was highly intriguing to me. According to Merlet, the sole is made from something called kryptonite.

For those of us of a certain age, kryptonite sounds like the stuff that gave Superman his powers back in the day.


  • Described as a full-sole, low-vamped model with superior flexibility.
  • Comes with a soft microfiber insole for comfort.
  • Created to assist the dancer from demi-pointe to pointe with ease.

The Lisa Model Is Designed To Last

Lisa by Merlet

One of the most wonderful things about the Merlet Company is how many accessories they include when you purchase one of their shoe models directly from them online. This includes their newest shoe, the Lisa.

The Lisa model was designed to be a long lasting workhorse of a shoe, but with lovely aesthetics and practical reinforcements.


  • Comes with interchangeable shanks to prolong the viability and support of the shoe.
  • Reinforced wings and toe box for stability and strength.
  • Made from eco-friendly fabrics that are kinder to the environment.

The Many Beautiful Shades Of The Merlet Crystal

According to Merlet, the Crystal model is made from the same last as their Cloé model. It comes in many gorgeous shades to match any costume or variation requirement. Just looking at this lineup will make any pointe shoe collector start counting her Euros.

Dancers can choose from Navy, Violine, Violet, Lie de Vin, Rouge, Red, Corail, Mirabelle, Beige, or Ivoire. The shade Corail ( 4th from the right) is an absolute beauty. Which one is your favorite?

Made in Limoges, France

First of all, I would like to say thank you , Merlet, for not outsourcing yourself to other countries. It is much more satisfying for the researchers soul when every product in the world doesn’t come from the same old place, oui? Hunting for the actual factory where these beauties are manufactured took little recherche as Merlet is very thorough with information.

A Look Inside The Merlet Pointe Shoe Factory

For any pointe shoe brand aficionado, visiting some of these factories would be a dream come true. Imagine being invited to watch all of these pretty Merlet models being made from start to finish. Un rêve devenu réalité, oui?

See the newest pointe models from Merlet here.

Is The Need For Pointe Shoe Sales Killing Off Brands?

One of the things that makes this site such a pleasure is knowing that I can access all of the different brands of pointe shoes in the world in a few easy clicks. As I go to look for any new models by these companies, the last thing I want to see is their shoe pages putting their own brand last and giving prominence to models from Bloch, Capezio, Grishko, and Freed.

Dancers Seem To Crave Popular Name Brands

The same old brands again?

The romance is gone at the thought that every single dance supply company in the world is going to reduce their own lovely models to promote only these brands. Yes, they are excellent brands, but outfitting the entire world of ballet on just Freed, Grishko, Russian Pointe, Suffolk, Bloch, and Capezio is a tad boring, no?

Watching A Pointe Shoe Manufacturer Downsize Is Heartbreaking

Of course my opinion stems from the vantage point of writing and researching about brands. If there were only 6 brands to write about, this blog would have shriveled up years ago. Because of the Internet, dance supplies are always in flux. The next generation of ballet dancers expect to see innovative changes with every new catalog.

Pointe Shoe Brands That Are Now In Danger

I think I mentioned that from time to time I do a thorough “link visit” on the sidebar. I look for new shoe models and for broken links. It was during my latest visit that I noticed the following changes:

The Reart TRS Model Is Hanging On By A Ribbon

The Reart TRS model is the last surviving one of the Reart brand collection. In this post from 2010, you can see that there were six models to choose from at the time. Now there is one lonely only.

What happened? Did more and more customers come in asking for the mainstream brands? Perhaps the company lost their precious cobbler. Did they want to have the ability to supply theaters and schools? We may never know.

What we do know is that one Reart model has survived; the TRS. Why? I decided to re-check the specs on this model for clues. It was created for dancers that have strong feet. It comes with hard shanks and long vamps.

The Etirel Cygne Has Flown Away

Etirel Cygne

On a recent visit to the Etirel-Intersport website, I found that the Cygne model has vanished like a Swan in flight. Truthfully, I am not surprised. I haven’t checked the website for a very log time.

However, it is disappointing to have to remove the brand from the side bar and add it to the discontinued models link. You can read the original post about Intersport of France here.

Freddy Of Italy Has Gone Soft

Freddy pointe shoes 908

I was absolutely captivated by this brand when I found them way back in 2o10. I thought they were beautifully shaped and had the earmark of Italian quality.

It was a shocker to see that all 9 models are gone from the collection. Although Freddy stills offers a few soft slipper models, they seem to be more focused on athletic clothing and shoes. You can revisit the old Freddy Pointe Shoes post from 2010 to see the 9 models they used to have.

The Stanlowa Etude Is In Danger

Stanlowa Etude

I can still remember the thrill of finding this beautiful brand of pointe shoes. In my original post, there were two models; the Etude and the Soliste.

Now down to just the Etude, the Stanlowa website is featuring, yes, you guessed it, Bloch, Freed, Grishko, and Russian Pointe. However, on a positive note, I give credit to Stanlowa for featuring their Etude model upfront and first in the lineup. Ttrès bon. The Stanlowa pointes page.

The Bloch-Leo Disappeared From The Bloch Website

Leo's Split Sole Pointe Shoes

Back in the days, Leo was its own brand and company. Then, Leo merged with Bloch. This merger created an interesting confusion in my mind about what to call the merged brand.

The Leo was featured on Bloch’s website for some time. Now, it appears to have done a flying Jeté to places unknown. Simply put, Bloch has so many of its own models, the poor Leo couldn’t compete. Read about the Bloch-Leo-Mirella merger.

The Curtain Went Down On The Theatre Ballet Brand

Theatre Ballet

I was absolutely fascinated when I discovered this brand back in 2012. It was thrilling to see beautiful Russian-inspired construction from a dancer-owned company based in New Jersey.

It was highly disappointing to check the link and learn that the domain was up for sale. How fickle and challenging the world of pointe shoe brands is. Even though I had gripes about my previous attempts at contacting the company, it didn’t make the brand any less fascinating. See the post about Theatre Ballet Pointe Shoes from 2012.

So, Who Or What Is To Blame?

Unfortunately, the disappearing brands are something I will always have to deal with. Even though ballet itself is a longstanding tradition, changing needs call for changing products. It is expensive to run a factory and hire workers, so profits are a must.

Profits come from stocking and selling the type of brands and models that are in demand and popular. However, nobody said we can’t complain about it. Pointe work has been around for hundreds of years now and it survived without all of this inventory.

Easy online access and international trade brings mainstream brands to the furthest corners of the world.For some, change is inevitable. For others, change is a bit of a mini-trauma. It is a stark reminder that even good things come to an end. And in my heart of hearts, I always want to see these brands succeed. It is a sad thing when they don’t.

BBM Danza Pointe Shoes From Italy-Bellissime Scarpe Da Punta

Do you know what I really love? Finding a brand so lovely that it makes me happy I created this blog.  I absolutely love learning about new brands and this one is no exception. Another  gorgeous Italian pointe shoe brand can now be added to the sidebar. Italy is so full of beautiful brands that you can probably smell the bolts of satin as you arrive from overseas.

The BBM Danza Company Offers A   Few Mysteries To Solve

According to their official website, the company address appears to be located in an industrial park in Naples, Italy. After a long diligent search, I located a  storefront/ warehouse image at this address on Google Maps:

27 Viale Balzano Francesco, Torre Del Greco, NA 80059, Italy

BBM Location Naples Italy Now for the most mysterious parts:  Who is Bianca Buonandi? It makes sense that these pretty pointe shoes have BB in the title, but what does the M stand for in BBM? Was she a former dancer?

After a long and diligent search, I finally found the name BIANCA BUONANDI MORVILLO listed on a Dance Shoe Directory in Naples.  On an interesting note, Triunfo is included in the description as well. Below is the Google translate version of the directory description:

Teatro San Carlo, Naples, Italy

Teatro San Carlo, Naples, Italy, Viva-Verdi / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

NAPLES DANCE SHOE –B.B.M. di Bianca Buonandia: professional line of shoes, tights BBM, B.B.M., DANCE, DANCE, BALLET, TORRE DEL GRECO, NAPLES, BIANCA, BUONANDI, MORVILLO, PRODUCTION factory, triunfo dance shoes factory, dance shoes, dance shoe.

Hopefully we are correct to assume that B.B.M. stands for Bianca Buonandi Morvillo.  However, the only reference to a  Bianca Morvillo based in Italy is a Triathlete. Is it her? I don’t know. I have decided to let it be for awhile.

The Lovely BBM Danza Models

Are you ready for this list? I hope you have a comfortable chair because it is quite lengthy. Along with my own observations, any detailed descriptions were acquired using Google Translate. All of the models are constructed with non-toxic glue.

BBM Pre PointePre Pointe- Pre-pointes are always interesting because they are controversial. Some ballet teachers put their students in Pre-pointes, some do not. Even so, many brands offer a Pre-pointe model; including BBM Danza. They are described as a soft-sole training shoe for developing the instep during barre exercises.

Studio Basic-This one is a beauty, don’t you think? I love the colors of the Italian flag on the heel seam.  The Studio Basic comes with a wide range of options that lets you chose the width of the shoe as well as the reinforcement level of the sole.  This one would be a treasure to add to my collection.

Aurora 08-The Aurora 08 appears to be created for dancers that need a wider metatarsal area in their shoes. From the photo, you can see that this model appears to have a higher profile, slightly smaller platform, and a more tapered box. Like the Studio Basic, the heel liner area has the colors of the Bandiera d’Italia .

BBM Contempora-AContempora A- What do you think? Have you ever danced or trained in 3/4 pointe shoes before? Typically, 3/4 soles or shanks are for dancers that have strong feet. These are beautifully shaped.

What I find interesting about these types of pointe shoes is that they didn’t exist in my area of the East coast U.S.A. back in the olden days.


BBM Contempora BContempora B- Here is the lovely split-sole model for maximum arch enhancement. Unlike the A version, this model gives you a bit of traction in the heel area. That patch of leather can help keep that part of the shoe from wearing out too fast.

Like the other Contempora model, it offers less bulk in the arch area so your feet can pointe beautifully. Pointe shoes that are designed this way are chosen for both their aesthetics as well as their function.



BBM FF ArcuateFF Arcuate- The FF Arcuate is their pretty pre-arched model. Not only are they beautiful, they are a pointe shoe collector’s dream.

Nowhere in the realm of pointe shoe land will you find another model with the name FF Arcuate. I love it !

BBM KitriKitri- The Kitri is one of those ready-for-dance pointe shoes. Not only do the suede-covered toe boxes provide a bit of extra traction, they prevent  that “shredded toe box” look.

The best part about these shoes is the insole. Described as a Flexy insole with maximum bend capacity, the chances of hearing that dreaded snap sound are greatly reduced.

BBM Symphony 1Symphony 1- Can you hear the ballet music? You might if you are wearing beautiful pointe shoes with the inspiring name of Symphony 1.

Looking at the photo, the shoes appear to be low-profile tapered models. What do you think?

BBM Pointe Shoe For MenBBM Men’s Pointe

Men doing pointe work is a controversial topic, but whether we agree or disagree, many dancewear companies offer a male version in their collection.

The BBM men’s model is described as being made just for the masculine foot. It is a wider, reinforced shoe with leather soles and made of  black satin.

Now that we have come to the end of the collection, we can celebrate adding another beautiful Italian brand to the sidebar. Hopefully with time and luck we can learn more about Bianca Buonandi and what inspired the creation of this brand.

For more, visit the BBM Danza pointe shoe page. You can also find BBM Danza on Facebook.

B.B.M. di Bianca Buonandi
Viale F. Balzano, 27 – 80059 Torre del Greco, Naples,  Italy

Allegro Pointe Shoes From The Netherlands

What happens when a few dancers from the Netherlands get together to create their own pointe shoe brand? A fascinating, yet very mysterious product for ballet aficionados in other parts of the world. Namely, my neck of the woods in The United States.

Allegro Pointe shoesThese pretty shoes have taken me on a very, very long research journey. Because  they are distributed as wholesale items, I can only guess about their original source.

With little luck trying to find any information about the innovative dancers who created them, I decided to share what I do know.

How They Are Sold And Distributed

What is most intriguing about these lovely shoes is that they  are part of the international wholesale market for dance supplies.

From whatever factory they come from , they end up at the DJazz Trading Company in Holland for distribution.

It was quite underwhelming to only find a warehouse door to see, but such is the life of those who try to solve international pointe shoe puzzles. Sometimes you strike it rich, sometimes you end up with a photo of a door.

Pointe Shoe Specifications

According to the description on Ballet Wholesale, these shoes come with the following details:

  • Described as a ready-to-dance shoe for beginners through advanced dancers.
  • Created with supportive pre-arched shanks.
  • Pre-attached ribbons and fishnet elastics.
  • Leather sole and platform cover.
  • Poron® 4000 cushioning for shock absorption.
  • EU Sizes 34 – 42, Width C: normal to mid-wide feet.

What Makes This Brand A Mystery ?

Have you formed your list of questions yet?  I certainly have. There are a few reasons why this brand has hit the mystery list. I want to know:

  1. Who are the dancers that got together to create this brand?
  2. Are these shoes made in The Netherlands, or elsewhere?
  3. Why are they only sold as bulk wholesale items and where do they end up? Schools? Theaters? Overseas?

One thing is certain, trying to cover such a wide topic as pointe shoe brands from  around the world will never get dull or boring. If anything, I am even more inspired to put on my hunting slippers and keep searching for more.

Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party.”

–  Jimmy Buffett



Bart van Slobbestraat 25A
6471WV Eygelshoven, Holland
VAT: NL850681601B01
Chamber of Commerce: 52953378


New Pointe Shoe Brands & Models-Coming Soon Or Already Here

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by today’s product choice overload? Although I can only speak for myself, sometimes it feels like I need to stay hovered over the sidebar links or a new pointe model will appear overnight on one of these sites like a stealthy magician.

Bloch- No Sooner Did Grace Arrive, Than Here Comes Balance Lisse

Bloch Balance Lisse pointe shoes

Balance Lisse

Bloch of Australia, you are one busy bee of a company.

Just when we were recuperating from the shank jargon of the Grace model, you introduce the Balance Lisse.

This sturdy looking shoe was added to Bloch’s Balance Collection.  It is described as a full-sole model made with   reinforced satin to stay new looking longer. According to Bloch, the Balance Lisse also features:

  • Wide platforms on the outside, but tapered toe boxes on the inside.
  • Heels that are low cut with less padding to hug the contours and create less wrinkling.
  • Low profile boxes, u-shaped vamp, and medium strength shanks.

At the time of this post, the Balance Lisse is a Coming Soon model. You can read more about it on this Blochworld Blog announcement.

 The Alpha And Omega  By Wear Moi

The last time I mentioned something about Wear Moi pointe shoes, was way back in 2012.  I was intrigued about their La Pointe model and the expansion of their range beyond leotards and accessories.

With all humility, I confess that I am over 2 years late to post about these new models. They were new back in 2018. It’s true everyone….I can barely keep up with the speed at which pointe brands and models are ever changing.


According to Wear Moi, both the Alpha and Omega have the following specifications:

  • Pre-arched with higher wings for support.
  • Inner gel pad made of coated silicone to cushion toes.
  • Absorbent microfiber liner for moisture control.

They are both the same shoe, but the Omega has elastic instead of drawstrings.

Cecilia Kerche Tries Again With Her New Pas Classique Performance Model

Pas Classique Pointe Shoes

Pas Classique Performance

I really, really admire Cecilia Kerche. Although devastated to see that her last website of gorgeous shoes didn’t stay up too long, I am happy to learn that she hasn’t given up on her shoe designing dreams.

Thanks to a reader comment, I was alerted to her new brand of dance products, Pas Classique.

The pointe model is named Performance. This  shoe is made in collaboration with her husband, a pointe shoe maker with years of experience.  That sounds like a fascinating partnership, doesn’t it? This is only a guess, but after so many years of being connected to So Danca, having a brand just between spouses must feel like absolute freedom.

The Pas Classique Performance Is A Multi-Option Model That Comes With Your Choice Of :

  • 2 Box Widths– B, for narrower toes, and C, for normal to wide toes.
  • 6 Shank Strengths-Pre-tip, Intermediate, Soft, Normal, Reinforced, Super Reinforced.
  • 2 Shades– Rose or Salmon

Pas Classique on Facebook

 Nikolay Announces Their Upcoming Model;  Kátya

Nikolay Katya Canvas Pointe ShoeThe Nikolay brand is simply Grishko, but separated for the U.S. market. It was quite a stir when the 3007 model was introduced.

At the end of February, Nikolay announced an upcoming model : The Kátya. How gorgeously Russian this name is. Luckily, some of the specifications were posted on Facebook.

The Kátya Has A Beautiful Name With Functional Characteristics :

  • It is strictly a canvas pointe shoe with a matte finish ( I don’t know what shades will be available)
  • Has a leather platform to absorb sound.
  • Created for easy roll through, aesthetics, and flexibility through the use of elastic paste.
  • Perfect as a rehearsal and practice shoe for serious training.

⠀⠀The Nikolay World Website can only be browsed by registering log-in credentials, but it appears well worth the extra step. You can also learn more by visiting Nikolay on Facebook.


The Bloch Grace Model- Scientific Shanky Panky

As a person who embraces tradition and old-school ways, nothing baffles my mind more than the idea of my ballet shoes being smarter than I am . During the course of making my link-checking rounds through the brands list, I found that Bloch of Australia has gone beyond Stretch Pointes to Smart Pointes.  Enter the model Grace.

 Grace Acknowledges The  Athleticism Of Pointe Work

Bloch GraceSomewhere along the ballet line, we stopped simply breaking in our pointe shoes, sewing on the ribbons, and allowing the molding-to-the-foot process to unfold with our own sweat and body heat. Now, pointe shoes have to do something. They are not allowed to just sit there and look pretty.

 Grace Is Really A Sneaker With Brains Cleverly Disguised As A Pointe Shoe

Inside the Grace model toe boxes are sneaker-like cushion linings. The heels and liners are padded for comfort as well.

Where do the brains come in? Apparently, the central nervous system and command center is located in the shank.

This isn’t any shank, mind you,  but something called a Relevease shank that collects data from the spine.

A Review Video Of The Grace Model

Pointe Shoe Marketing Is Approaching The Outer Galaxies

In all seriousness, these types of claims need to be examined further.  Below is a word-for-word description of the shank.

“ The shoe’s Relevease shank uses biomimicry to echo the function of the human spine and allow an easy roll through demi to en pointe.”


What does biomimicry mean? According to the Oxford Dictionary it means The design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes.

The shank echos the function of the human spine. What does the human spine do? It supports, twists, and bends. In other words, the Grace model has a flexible shank. Oh my ….





Gökçe Aykut Pointe Shoes- The Turkish Gaynor Mindens?

Gökçe Aykut Pointe Shoes

Gökçe Aykut Pointe Shoes, Izmir

Gökçe Aykut  (pronounced Goke-chay Ay-cut ) pointe shoes are an interesting brand that I stumbled upon one day while browsing through Facebook.

The first thing that caught my eye was the sleek, smooth aesthetics reminiscent of the Gaynor Minden brand. The second thing that I found captivating was the unique spin on promotion and photography this company uses. Visit the gallery page on the company website to see their contemporary  photo montage. * Other parts of the website are very glitchy*

Gökçe Aykut Pointe Shoes Gökçe Aykut Is The Woman Behind The Brand

From the very best I can decipher using Google translate, the founder is described as a 1999 graduate of a prominent University in Turkey, who then went on to create her own line of pointe shoes.

I wish I had more to share with you, but unfortunately, there is little information about her that I could find online.

Pointe Shoe Specifications

This brand is made in Izmir, Turkey making them a genuine Turkish pointe shoe brand.  Because the official website is very image based, the specifications were better listed in detail on a retailer site. Gökçe Aykut has two models that are simply called :

  • Pointe Shoe No. 1 – Medium vamp, high heel, 3 shank strengths of Hard, Medium, or Flexible.
  • Pointe Shoe No. 2 – Deep vamp, high heel, 3 shank strengths of Hard, Medium, or Flexible.

To see the full list of specifications for both models, you can visit the sales page on Parazitka.com.

A Side By Side Comparison Of Gökçe Aykut On The Left Vs. Gaynor Minden On The Right – What Do You Think? Close, No?

Similarities- Constructed of non-traditional materials, seamless appearance, lack of pleating under the toe box, inner hidden drawstring on the side, no-slip platform.

Differences– Gökçe Aykut pointe shoes come with leather board shanks and are handmade. G.M. pointe shoes have polymer shanks. Another huge difference is price. Listed as 60,000 Euros, that makes them approximately 64.00 U.S. dollars. Gaynor Minden’s are usually twice that much.

I would like to say that I am thrilled to be adding a Turkish brand to the sidebar. I wish the Gökçe Aykut  Company good success and happy dancing for its customers.

Gökçe Aykut on Facebook