Antares Dance Line Pointe Shoe From Italy, Italian Flag by Ed Yourdon, no modifications, are many people the world over that admire the craftsmanship of Italian shoes. Italy dominates the world of high fashion designer footwear. Some people actually travel to Italy once a year to attend fashion shows and purchase Italian-made shoes.

As far as cobblers pride and striving for quality first, Italian-made footwear products are at the top of the list; that includes pointe shoes. Speaking of Italian brands,  we can now add a model by Antares of Italy to our list!

 The Antares Dance Line Company

The Antares Company has its headquarters in Monza, Italy, not far from the border of Switzerland. They own and operate an ultra-trendy dance shop and have been in business since the 1980’s . Antares has a wide selection of professional dance shoes, costumes and accessories. Their shoe designs are beautiful; especially the metallic embellished styles in their VIP Collection.

Antares pointe shoe

Italian model Antares

After making an inquiry about their pointe model through their Facebook page, they were gracious enough to respond to me.

Grazie, Antares.

According to Andrea Antares, the model is manufactured by them  in Italy.

It can be custom designed for either a beginner or a professional. 

The model featured here appears to have high sides, a u-shaped vamp, a low profile and a wide, but narrow platform. It has beautiful aesthetics.

A Real Passion For Dance

One of the first things I noticed about this company is that you can feel their high energy and passion for all things dance. You can see it in the company photos. You can feel it through the decor of their shop in Monza.

This Italian shoe-business listing site has wonderful photos of the Antares shop, some products and company members; Negozi de Scarpa Italy.

You can learn more about their dance products by visiting their official website,  Click on Scarpe Donna, then go to Classica under the Non Solo Latina category to see the pointe shoe and ballet slipper.

Visiting the Antares Dance Line page on Facebook gives you a great idea of the exciting apparel they offer the dance world.


Flag photo:, Italian Flag by Ed Yourdon, no modifications,

Evidence Pointe Shoes From Brazil

If you need hard proof about something, you expect to see some evidence to convince you that a thing is true. This post is proof that I have discovered another Brazilian pointe shoe brand; Evidence.

Evidence pointe shoes

The Evidence Ballet Company has been in business since 2008 as a supplier and manufacturer of dance wear products in and around Camapanha, Brazil. I was very, very pleased to discover this company by accident while surfing You-tube.

Depending on which route you take, Camapanha is approximately a 6 hour drive inland from Rio de Janeiro and the coast. It’s exciting to see how many brands are popping up from Brazil. Pointe shoe factories must be busy down there.

Brazil mapIt’s intriguing to find yet another manufacturer in a non-English speaking country that has products with names that we recognize and can pronounce.

Even the name Evidence Ballet wouldn’t give you a clue that we were talking about a Brazilian maker, would it?

Evidence Ballet Offers 3 Models: The Lisse, Essential And Box Soleil

The Lisse is their professional model. It has a u-shaped vamp and is constructed with a nylon insole for flexibility. 

The Essential  is their beginner model. The toe platform has a flat base and softer toe box to help students gain strength for releve onto pointe. The toe box is covered with a suede cap for traction.

The Box Soleil is advertised as a pre-arched shoe made with specially blended materials that adapt quickly to foot shape and make the shoe more durable.

All  of the models are advertised as heat moldable shoes and come with ribbons and elastic attached. All three come with a choice of two widths; medium or large and three shank strengths; normal, reinforced or super-reinforced.

As I mention above, I discovered this company browsing through You-tube. I thought I would share that same video with you.

A Dancer Reviews The Evidence Lisse Pointe Shoe ( In Portugese)


Sadly, without Google Translate, I can’t tell if the Lisse received a good review. I hope it did. From my vantage point, they all look well-made and have a nice balanced aesthetic. I think they are pretty.

If you want to see the models up close and see more photos, you can visit their official website, Evidence Ballet. Click on Sapatilhas, then choose Sapatilhas de ponta.  Warning; the shoe images are beyond HUGE!

They also have a very active Facebook page where you can see more of their dance apparel and accessories, including some lovely ballet slippers.

Evidence Ballet on Facebook




Capezio Brazil Creates A Division For Cecilia Kerche Pointe Shoes

CK31-La Sylphide

CK31-La Sylphide

Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart….remember that song? That is exactly how I felt when I clicked on the Cecilia Kerche website link on the sidebar only to find a big notice that says: ACCOUNT SUSPENDED. Please say it isn’t so, Cecilia!

Her beautiful website was years in the making. It was filled with eye-catching videos and most of all, pointe shoes that were HER own brand. Back in 2012, I made a post announcing that her site was finally up and running. Her pointe model Cinderella captivated me.

Capezio Of Brazil Now Has A Cecilia Kerche Division

After finding her website down, I discovered that Capezio of Brazil has added a Cecilia Kerche section in their footer navigation bars.  When you click on the link, a pop-up announces that is has a new model to offer. Can you guess what the model is called? Yes, it’s the CK40- Cinderella.

 CK40 Cinderella  Announcement As New ( Nova) on Capezio Brazil

This is the SAME model that made its debut on her site in 2012. If Capezio is announcing the CK40 Cinderella as “new”, then perhaps the business collaboration is quite recent.

What is very unusual is that Capezio Brazil has published links to the now-suspended Cecilia Kerche domain on the sales pages of her shoes. I’ve never seen a major dancewear company sending traffic out to another website this way. Isn’t pointe shoe world fascinating?

Her Video Archives Continue To Inspire

 Was This A Coerced Takeover , Or A Smart Business Move?

Imagine if you were to launch your own brand of pointe shoes. You would have to either build your own private factory, or commission an established manufacturer to do it for you.

For this work, the manufacturer would expect a cut of the sales profits. If the company is large enough, they might offer to give you a lump sum plus a small percentage of sales to buy your brand name and sell it under theirs.

In fact, if they are the only large-scale operation in town, they could refuse to make products for a competitor.  That is the unromantic reality of the pointe shoe business.

Will The Purity Of The Cecilia Kerche Brand Remain Intact?

Cecilia Kerche

Cecilia Kerche in serene repose.

After so much confusion with the blended SoDanca-CK label, it was refreshing to see such a popular and well-loved dancer break away to do her own thing. Now that Capezio is selling her models, we have to wait and see how the shoes are going to be stamped and marketed.

If they are imprinted CK on the inside, but Capezio Brazil on the sole, dancer’s will now refer to them as Capezio CK’s.

Sadly, with much regret, I now go to do that which I must do; delete Cecilia’s website link from the sidebar :(


Out of respect for her personal privacy, I will not be trying to contact Cecilia Kerche to find out why her lovely website is no more.




Sogei Pointe Shoes; As Beautiful As A Japanese Garden

Sogei Pointe Shoe Sole

Sogei Pointe Shoe Sole

As much I love discovering any kind of new pointe shoe brand, I love it even more when they take my breath away because of  their sheer loveliness.

I always thought that Ballerina and Sylvia of Japan had some pretty models, but now we have another Japanese brand to drool over; Sogei.

A Little Bit About Sogei

The Sogei Dancewear Company is based in Tokyo, Japan with its headquarters in Nerima-ku. It was founded by Endo Quing in 1950. He  had a passionate quest to create hand-cobbled pointe shoes that wouldn’t kill a dancer’s feet with poor fit, no support and ugly aesthetics.

Translating Japanese To English Is A Challenge


The peaceful serenity of a Japanese garden

As this website grows and grows, so does my interest in ballet “jargon” in other languages.  Because Google Translate is just a basic tool, sometimes it simply doesn’t translate certain words from one language to the next. Japanese into English is one of those examples.

However, some are easy enough to guess. Take for instance, the Sogei models named Borishoi and Ohrora. In ballet lingo, we can assume that this is how Bolshoi and Aurora are spelled or pronounced in Japanese.

Sogei Specializes In Pointe Shoe Making 

When I found the Sogei website, I browsed through the navigation just taking a wild guess at what category I was clicking on. Without using Google translate, it took me a few minutes to realize that Sogei of Japan is a 100% dance shoe manufacturer.

Not having to hunt through dozens of leotard and accessory pages makes it easier when you are a “tourist” who doesn’t speak the language. With this company, it’s all about the shoes. The Sogei Collection encompasses six models plus one pre-pointe; Toe Balance, Royal, Borishoi, Ohrora, Cerrito, Elisabeth and Pre-Toe.

Exploring The Pretty Sogei Pointe Shoe Models

Sogei Toe Balance pointe shoes

Toe Balance by Sogei

The Toe Balance Specifications:

The Toe Balance is one of the newest models to the Sogei collection. It made its debut in April of 2014.

  • Created with a wide center of balance for extra stability
  • Available in 4 widths and 3 shank strengths
  • Choose from v-vamp or u-shape throat


Sogei Borishoi pointe shoes

Borishoi by Sogei

 The Borishoi Specifications:

  • A V-vamp Russian-style shoe with low-cut sides to enhance the arch.
  • Tapered toe box suitable for narrow feet.



Sogei Ohrora pointe shoes

Sogei Ohrora

 The Ohrora Specifications:

  • A customized model where you can choose heel depth, shank strength, width, sides and profile preferences.


Sogei Royal

Sogei Royal

 The Royal Specifications:

  • European-cut shoe suitable for many foot types.
  • Comes in v-vamp or u-shape with several choices of shank strengths.



Sogei Pre-Toe pointe shoes

Pre-Toe by Sogei

The Pre-Toe

  • A pre-pointe model to condition the feet for real pointe shoes.
  • All of the Sogei models are made of the finest texture of  satin. They photograph beautifully.


Pointe Shoes Made To Fit Dancer Specifications On Order 

Navigating the website looks scary if you can’t read Japanese. If you visit the official website of Sogei,  click on the 3rd category button down on the left side to see the shoes. The 4th button also shows more variations.

The Pre-Toe is featured with the soft slippers here:

My personal favorite is the elegant Borishoi. I also find it admirable that a company like Sogei of Japan chooses to focus all of their energy and skills on creating one thing and one thing only; shoes for dancers. That probably makes them very, very good at what they do.

Getting To The Pointe Of La Pointes ; Sansha Vs Wear Moi

How many La Pointes does it take to dance on your toes? Apparently, it takes several manufacturers and many varieties to keep us en pointe La Pointe style. In one of my previous posts, I spoke about discovering the new model La Pointe by Wear Moi back in February of 2012.

Because it was so new at that time, there were few pictures other than the images found on their website. Hunting around,  I recently discovered that Sansha also makes their own La Pointe models. Seven to be exact.

La Pointe Models From Wear Moi Are Made To Order

Wear Moi La PointeWear Moi offers this model as one that can be tweaked to a dancer’s specifications.

According to the order page, La Pointes can be chosen  with either a tapered or a square toe box.  You can then choose from a large variety of specs:

  1. Shanks-Extra soft, soft, medium, hard, reinforced hard, reinforced extra-hard.
  2. Soles– Full, 3/4 or 1/2
  3. Sizes and widths– 13 through 9, narrow, medium, wide, extra-wide, x extra-wide
  4. Options- V-shaped vamps and different ribbon choices

La Pointe Models From Sansha- Another Collection Of Specialized Shoes

Sansha La Pointe Number 1

Sansha La Pointe Number 1

Sansha has continued to grow its pointe shoe collection into a vast array of models. They seem to branch out faster than I can keep up.

Besides the classic Sansha collection, dancers can choose from the F.R. Duvall collection and now the La Pointe collection.

Sansha La Pointes Are 7 Individual Shoe Types

Isn't this a unique vamp style? I have seen dancers insert elastic into their vamps, but have never seen a pre-made elasticized vamp on a new pointe shoe. Interesting!

Sansha La Pointe 7. Isn’t this a unique vamp style? I have seen dancers insert elastic into their vamps, but have never seen a pre-made elasticized vamp on a new pointe shoe. Interesting!

Instead of having one shoe created much like a custom order, Sansha’s La Pointes are ready to go. Each one of the seven models is uniquely different:

  1. La Pointe One– A professional lightweight shoe with low sides, a split sole, soft shank, u-vamp and pre-darned platform.
  2. La Pointe Two- This one has a v-vamp, strong shank and almost a square-shaped box.
  3. La Pointe Three– Rounded v-vamp, 3/4 strong pre-arched shank and full sole.
  4. La Pointe Four– This one is a Russian-styled model for strong feet. It comes with a strong 3/4 shank and is constructed with elastic inserts. The toe box platform comes fully darned.
  5. La Pointe Five– A professional shoe with a soft shank, short vamp and wide, square platforms.
  6. La Pointe Six– Short vamp, square box designed for narrow feet. A light shoe with very low sides.
  7. La Pointe Seven-High sides and heel construction. Short v-vamp and the hardest shank of the collection.
I am intrigued by the Sansha company; a French founder making Russian-style shoes, yet naming them Numero 1 which is Spanish for "number".

I am intrigued by the Sansha company; a French founder making Russian-style shoes, yet naming them Numero 1 which is Spanish for “number”.

It appears that Sansha La Pointes are faster to receive from a customer’s perspective. Wear Moi La Pointes take 4 to 6 weeks  to receive because they are made to order.

There are lots of ballet shoe manufacturers that name their models the same names. Both the Wear Moi and the Sansha La Pointes are very, very different types of shoes, however.

HatchingWho came first, the chicken, the egg, the Sansha La Pointe or the Wear Moi version? I don’t recall seeing this collection from Sansha in the winter of 2012, but they may have already been on the market at that time.

I’ll guess I’ll have to “get cracking” on solving this one.