Mituri Miniature Pointe Shoes From South Korea

One of the things that I love about pointe shoe companies around the world is stumbling upon their versions of miniatures. Ballet themed tchotchkes not only make pretty collectibles, but some have truly impressive attention to detail. Although many brands have their own mini pointe shoes, I especially love those from the other side of the globe.

Mituri miniature pointe shoes KoreaIt is even more impressive when the shape of these little shoes have such balanced aesthetics.

It is obvious that they were constructed with care. Unlike some miniatures that have wide and bulky band finishes, Mituri mini’s are distinctively realistic.

After doing my official visit to Google Translate, I was able to decipher the size and price from Korean to English. They cost approximately $8.50 a pair and are about 3.5 inches long.

As precious as they are, a big question remains. Do they ship outside of South Korea? ? When I click the Delivery button I get an error message of 404 Not Found. Anyone who can read Korean is welcome to chime in.

See The Mituri Miniatures Here

Now that Mituri appears to have discontinued their regular pointe models, there is a good chance that these precious miniatures will disappear as well. What do you think? Do you find them as intriguing as I do?


The Pleat-Free Sansha Pointissima & Mysterious Cendrillon

Sansha Pointissima


To pleat or not to pleat?  That seems to be the newest decision for pointe shoe designers these days. It is also a decision that dancers make when choosing the right shoe for their needs. For some, pleats are no bother. For others, they feel bulky and get in the way of feeling the floor.

Thinking about these pleat-free designs takes me way back to the days when all pointe shoes had pleats. After all, Ballerinas have been wearing pleated slippers for centuries. Back then, what you didn’t have you didn’t miss. In all fairness, some brands create models based on customer feedback. One of those brands is Sansha. Yes, keeping up with Sansha is still a full-time job.

Sansha Is Now Offering A Pleat-Free Model

Now that dancers can enjoy multitudes of design varieties, manufacturers have to race to keep up and compete. They might have young and savvy designers that are closely aware of what today’s pointe students are looking for. Shoes that are smooth and flat at the sole have gained interest and popularity.

I searched high and low for more in-depth reviews on the Pointissima but could only find website specs that leave us with a small list of details.

Sansha Pointissima Specifications

  • 5 shank choices.
  • Available in American sizes 2.5 to 7.5
  • Made in 5 widths
  • Featured as only available in the Pink shade shown here.

The Cendrillon Is A Fascinating Mystery

Cendrillon by Sansha

Because the specifications of the Cendrillon model appear to be a Sansha secret, all I can go by is this image.

It has traditional pleating at the toes. That’s all folks. In French,the name Cendrillon translates to Cinderella. Here, it looks like Cinderella is a bit shy to tell us about herself.

When I stumble upon models that only offer a photo to go by, I have to decide how long I am going to hunt for more information. For now this will have to do.

See the Cendrillon on

DeVallet Pointe Shoes – A New Brand From Spain

DeVallet Shoe BoxIn a post written many moons ago, I spoke about the fascinating, yet nontraditional fact that some pointe shoes are made using ultra-modern technology and concepts like 3-D printing. Now, one of those brands happens to belong to a new start up company based in Spain named DeVallet.

Unlike the far-out P-rouette pointe shoe idea,  DeVallet appears to use this method just for shaping and symmetry from shoe to shoe.

This brand is an interesting find for several reasons:

  • Unless A dancer sends an inquiry about alternative addresses, they are only available to be shipped to Mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. *
  • After ordering, you receive three pairs to try on at home.
  • * They might work with you if you email them and are close to their location. Few companies would risk sending extra pairs outside their comfort zone.

Specifications Available From Their Website

DeVallet Pointe ShoesAt the time of this post, dancers can order this model by email with their choice of color and size. Because you are sent three pairs, it is my guess that each has differences in width. Customers keep the pair that fits the best and send back the other two.

This system requires that a dancer already knows her feet, has pointe experience, and is knowledgeable about what works for her.

About The Founders Of DeVallet

DeVallet Pointe Shoes

DeVallet of Spain

Whenever a new pointe shoe brand company appears, learning about the people who created it is so much more rewarding than picturing a factory in Narnia with nameless faces sweating over a quota.

DeVallet is a beautiful collaboration of two talented people; Silvia Garcia, a former Ballet dancer and Miguel Moratilla, an Aeronautical Engineer. If this doesn’t sound like a combination of brains, talent, and innovative thinking, I don’t know what does.  See the founders of DeVallet here.

DeVallet Pointe Shoes Come In A Variety Of Shades-Classic To Theatrical

DeVallet Pointe Shoe Colors

Racy red. Vivid purple. Bold black. Cream, Caramel, Salmon, and Chocolate. Other than the shade choices mentioned here is the ability to specify a custom shade. What do you think about these colors?  The only shade that was not featured is your traditional Ballerina pink.

Located In A Marina In Valencia, Spain

One of the most fascinating aspects about this brand is the fact that they are located somewhere in the Marina buildings in Valencia. I spent quite a while trying to find a storefront image, but was unsuccessful. There is a good reason why.

According to their LinkedIn profile, the business address is listed as Carrer Ribera Nº1, Piso 1 Valencia 46002 Valencia ES. So, off to Google maps we go. This address corresponds to Demium Startups, a company that helps new businesses get off the ground. DeVallet can be found on Page 2 on the Left if you scroll down a bit. Eureka!

I wish DeVallet molt èxit i prosperitat ( much success and prosperity) with their brand. To learn more about this fascinating start-up, visit their pointe shoe page on their official website or see DeVallet on Facebook.


Glory Pointe Shoes-High Tech Smart Pointes From Brazil

Glory Pointe ShoesAs we travel along the dancewear highways, we can’t help but notice the interesting category of pointe shoe brands and models that are now labeled as smart. These type of pointe shoes are designed to offer maximum mileage and a less painful experience en pointe.

Far from the ideal choice of the paste traditionalist, the smart pointe shoe appeals to dancers with modern taste. They also appeal to dancers that are looking for shoes that last longer and don’t hurt as much as traditional models.

Specifications Of The Glory Pointe Shoe

Pre-Arched One Piece InsoleHow smart is the Glory shoe? It appears that the smart part is the shank or sole which is constructed as one solid piece from toe to heel.  They look a bit like rubber house slippers, no?

According to the sales page, Glory is available in:
  • 3 color variations-Pink, Peach, Tan
  • Size 4 to 12.5 (US)
  • 2 box sizes- Average or Wide
  • 4 choices of insole hardness
  • 3 different widths
  • 2 sizes of upper
  • 2 heel heights

Glory Pointe ShoesBecause they go up to such a large size, one can only assume they are trying to provide male dancers with options. This topic opens up quite a few debates, so I will leave it at that.

About The Glory Company

Learning about new pointe shoe manufacturers is always a thrill and this is no different. It appears that the Glory brand is a collaboration between a lovely Brazilian Ballet dancer named Marot Badr and CEO-Founder Osnei Stalt de Oliveira.  Other than the About page, there was nothing I could find online to learn more about Osnei Stalt de Oliveira.

  Marot Badr and Cristhyan Pimentel in the Snow Queen Pas de Deux

 Glory  Becomes Another Alternative For The Anti-Paste Crowd

The Glory pointe shoe is constructed along the same principles as those models that are trying to provide the anti-paste crowd with a longer lasting shoe. Glory will also join the likes of models that are created for dancers that love new technology and yearn for less pain on pointe.


 You can learn more about Glory pointe shoes by visiting The website is in Portuguese, but entering the url into Google Translate really helps. I would also like to thank Reader Ann for providing a link to the Marot Badr Ballet Shop and  Instagram page.

Principal Brand Pointe Shoes From Canada

With all of the mass discontinuations that occur in pointe shoe world, I love finding those that are still alive and on the market. When the brand is the conception of a beautiful and talented former dancer like Chan Hon Goh, it captures a double dream for many; recognition and entrepreneurship.

Principal Diamond, J and D models

I was fortunate enough to find  online descriptions in several Canadian dancewear shops. Why not email Principal directly? Doing that has always been a hit or miss proposition with manufacturers, but I may attempt it later. At the time of this post these were the only models I found online.

Principal Diamond Pointe Shoes

Diamond- Has a hard shank, tapered box, and is better for narrow feet.

One of the most challenging aspects about Principal pointe shoes is that they are strictly what I call email only brands. If you want a pair directly from the company, you have to request them by email. If my memory serves me well, I believe this is the standard way these models have been available.

However, although they are advertised as mail order models, I found them for sale at a dance/ sport shoe distributor in Canada called Dance Spectrum of St. John’s, Newfoundland. What do you think about the sole design on the Diamond? I love the Canadian stamp icon on all of them.

Principal J Pointe Shoes

J Model-Has a very hard shank, slightly tapered box, and long vamp.

Principal D pointe shoes

D ModelModerately hard shank, long vamp, and suitable for a medium width foot.

When I look at the soles of the J model, I immediately want to know what the J stands for. Juice? I don’t think so. Junior? Probably not. Jeté? A possibility.

After visiting the website mentioned above I noticed that the J model is only available in three widths. As a matter of fact, all three only offer three widths.

You might be wondering what took me so long to write about these models. After all, the brand has had a spot on the Brands Without Websites page for some time now. Although Principal does have a domain, you still cannot click and buy with an add-to-cart feature.

 Chan Hon Goh And Her Students

I love when a pointe shoe brand is affiliated with a career dancer and not just a mystery factory in the caves of Narnia. The only mystery here is that a 4th model was mentioned under the Principal brand, but searching for it online netted no results. There is no 4th model to choose from on the dance supply site in Newfoundland, so for now, these will have to do.

For the ballet traditionalist, Principal pointe shoes remain high-tech free. There are no computerized sensors in the toe box that send you an email when you need to cut your toenails. You can’t pull on a ribbon in class to start your car out in the parking lot. There is no alarm in the heel seam warning you away from that extra cookie.

Yes, it does sound a bit farfetched and funny. And so the traditional vs. high-tech pointe shoe comparisons carry on.

You can learn more by visiting Goh Ballet on Facebook.


Triunfo Premiere-Bellissime Scarpe De Punta Per Principianti

Triunfo Premiere pointe shoesWhen it comes to Italian pointe shoe manufacturers, Triunfo has been one of the most fascinating brands to discover and write about. Popping in for a visit to the Triunfo website I noticed a new-to-me model called the Premiere.

According to the product description page, this model was created as a transition shoe from demi-pointe to pointe. It also allows for a choice of sole strengths from normal to extra hard. It is a higher profile model made to suit the dancer with longer toes.

Triunfo offers this model in 8 different shades, including orange. Orange satin pointe shoes sound racy and exciting, don’t they?  The shoe is also available in a choice of satin, canvas, and a Materiale Fantasia or Fantasy Material.

Heading straight to Google Translate, I was immediately curious about the color Tela Cipria that translates as Powder Canvas. What shade is Powder Canvas? After a thorough hunt and Triunfo Premiereseveral other translation attempts, the clues came from Google Images. It appears to be a very pretty shade of pink. Mama Mia !  I certainly over complicated that one.

What I love about the Triunfo pointe shoe collection is that they look just as beautiful on the inside as they do on the outside. Premiere is a wonderful name choice for a first pointe shoe.

From Wikipedia : A premiere or première is the debut (first public presentation) of a play, film, dance, or musical composition.

See the entire pointe collection @ Triunfo Dance Italy.


The Low Vamp En L’air Collection By Russian Pointe

Chenxin LiuRecently, Russian Pointe added a series of three new models to their inventory; the Échappé, Sauté, and Brisé. All three are part of the  En L’air collection.  What a perfectly fitting and clever name for a pointe shoe series. They all come with low vamps, however, each model is designed to address a specific foot shape.

The Brisé was created for narrow, tapered feet. The Sauté has an extrawide platform and box with a full heel. The Échappé has a slightly tapered box, narrow heel, and wider metatarsal design.  Just the fact that these are low vamp choices will make a lot of dancers very happy.

Just One Mystery-The Plume Shank

Other than the fact that there are new models to admire with this collection, there is also an interesting shank incorporated into these pretty shoes. It is called a plume shank. Plume? Because I have never heard of a plume-shanked pointe shoe, I had several options:

  1. Send Russian Pointe an inquiry and wait 500 years for KGB clearance and a response.

    2. Dig around online dictionaries until I find something that makes sense.

Plume or featherAt my age, I opted for number 2. With a bit of sleuthing, I came to my own conclusion about these mysterious plume shanks. What is a plume shaped like? Like a feather. It has a wide end and a very tapered end.

We can only come to the conclusion that the “stem” section of the shank sits beneath the heel.


The En L’air Collection can be seen in the Russian Pointe 2021 Catalog pages 20-21. They will be available in Summer 2021.

Image Credits : 1. Chenxin Liu, Don Quixote, Kitri – Prix de Lausanne 2010 by Fanny Schertzerderivative work: Maedin\talk, CC BY-SA 3.0  2. Baby Blue Feather Pixabay Free

Sylvia Of Japan-New Choices, Old Intruders

Sylvia of Japan has always produced some of the prettiest pointe shoe models I have ever seen. All of them are well-balanced and beautifully constructed. My most recent visit to their website brought good news and bad news. First, the good news.  Four new models have popped up on their site since my last post about the company.

The Latest Additions To The Sylvia Website

Some of the newest models have more than one version. The new models are the Fioretto, Reine, Vega II, Vega III and Ellis. I am happy to see that production and inventiveness continue on with this fascinating company. Here are the new models I found since my last Sylvia post:

Fioretto pointe shoe by Sylvia of JapanFioretto-The name Fioretto sounds quite Italian, doesn’t it? It can be summed up as meaning little flower which is quite lovely. As with most of the other models, dancers can choose from three shades of pink.

This is a narrow, low-profile shoe with shock-absorbing shanks. There are two shank length choices; full or 3/4.  The liners in the entire collection are different from one another.

Offering Different Shades Of Pink For Dancers

With tights and leotards coming in many shades and variations of pink, giving dancers their choice of hues can create a more cohesive and professional look. Some of the pointe models offer two shades of pink, but most come with your choice of three.

Not only are the shade choices dance-friendly, but the artistic quality and attention to detail on the Reine sole is impressive. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any images of the sole design on the other models.

Bad News For Brand Purists And Categorizing Bloggers

I was very disappointed to see that Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are now featured on their website. Here is another glaring announcement that dancers crave elastomeric shoes and that the company wanted to expand their range for business reasons. After searching through the shoes, I also found the Elektra by SoDanca and the Grishko Pro Flex. No As they say in Japanese, 残念だ, or It’s a shame. It is sad from a blogging, new-pointe-brand-searching perspective.

New Models Are Made, Old Ones Disappear

In a post that was published way back in July of 2010, Sylvia had a different range of models than what you see today. Although some survive, many are no longer featured on their website. You can see some of those models in this older post, Sylvia Pointe Shoes.

I was surprised to see that the models featured on Sylvia’s website don’t include many details. They feature the price, sizes and color only. To view the latest Sylvia pointe shoe models you need to scroll down a bit on this page: Shop Sylvia Ballet


Virtisse Pointe Shoes-A New Brand With Exciting Possibilities

Just when I thought the brands list would shrink away to nothing, it’s wonderful to see that manufacturing is still alive and well. The show goes on even though it can be a long wait in between performances.

The Virtisse Company is a female-run organization with innovative new ideas on what dancers are looking for. One of the first things that I noticed about the model descriptions is that some come with built-in toe padding. As a matter of fact, many of the models are created both with a built-in pad and room in the toe box to add your own.

Virtisse Has Seven Different Pointe Models In Their Collection

Apoge Pointe ShoesThe Apogee is described as a lightweight, noise absorbing shoe that is good for a medium to high arch. This is a pre-arched model with long wings. What I find interesting about this collection are the model names. I am immediately curious to find out what they mean.

According to Google, Apogee is the highest point in the development of something. What a fitting and fantastic name for a pointe shoe, don’t you agree?

Medora Pointe ShoesMedora -This model was made for the dancer that has a low to medium arch and has a preference for drawstrings on the side. From the photo, it appears to have a wide platform, but very shallow profile.

This brings back some humorous memories when I tried a few shallow shoes in my collection. I literally could not walk, only waddle like a duck. However, the dancer with shallow feet would swim around in higher profile shoes. Medora means Mother’s Gift and is of Greek Origin. Fascinating!

Enigma pointe shoesEnigma- The Enigma is another model suitable for the dancer with a low to medium arch. The shoe  also has long wings for extra support. This is another model created for low to medium arches.

It must have been very interesting to have a company meeting and brainstorm the shoe names. What is an Enigma? The word is used to describe things that are seen as mysterious puzzles.

Perhaps to a non-dancing audience, the way a dancer can balance on the tips of her toes without killing herself is an enigma of epic proportions.

Enigma-FXEnigma-FX- This is the ready-to-wear version with a flexible 3/4 shank that allows for easier rise to full pointe. Again, it is described as a shoe for low to medium arches.

One of the most difficult things for the low-arched dancer is fighting with too-stiff pointe shoes that create a battle getting over the box. It completely ruins aesthetics and throws off balance. Having a shoe you don’t have to fight with is going make pointe work a lot less frustrating.

Prodigy Prodigy-It is a given that someone who is a prodigy is gifted beyond their years. It is a lovely name for a pointe shoe and has a lot of positive connotations. This particular model solves a very frustrating problem for dancers with short toes and low arches.

It was made for the square-shaped foot which is yet another fitting challenge. As you can see by the photo, it appears to have a low profile so those short toes aren’t swimming around in loose boxes. My goodness, there is so much to consider when designing a pointe shoe, isn’t there?

FloraFlora- This is the only V-vamp shoe in the entire collection. It is described as a model suited for strong feet with medium to high arches.  I find it intriguing that the name Flora means all the plant life that exists in a region.

Of course dancers on pointe are not plants, but have similarities in the way they need to be nurtured to grow. Fertile soil and sunshine is to flora what daily barre exercises and floor routines are to a ballet dancer.

ViaVia-I think it is very fitting to name a student shoe Via. The word Via means the way, the path to, or the direction to take. This shankless model has a low U-shaped vamp with wide platforms.

Shankless student shoes are another subject that can get a few tutus in an uproar. I have read many debates about whether a ballet student should go directly from a slipper into a pointe shoe, or transition gently into a shankless pointe to get used to hard toe boxes.

Inspirational Names For Beautiful Pointe Shoes

Don’t you love the names of the shoes in this interesting new collection? Virtisse has elegantly celebrated foot shape diversity with models that solve dance challenges. Another more positive fact is the power of collaboration when like-minded people get together to offer input and experience to benefit others.

On a personal note, I am so, so relieved that the beautiful art of pointe shoe design and construction hasn’t completely died. The ballet world took quite a hit during this pandemic, but it appears there might be a bit of hope as manufacturing dance products resumes.

The Vamps Of The Virtisse Collection :

  • Apogee– Medium to high
  • Flora– Medium to high
  • Medora- Low to medium
  • Enigma– Low to medium
  • Enigma-FX– Low to medium
  • Prodigy– Low to medium

You can visit Virtisse on Facebook , see their latest Tweets on Twitter, or head directly to their official website,

Elvira Pointe Shoes By Chacott, Spanish Dancewear And Sansha

Today I just wanted to do a fun and interesting comparison on two pointe shoe models and one demi-pointe with the same name; Elvira. They might have the same name, but they come from completely opposite sides of the globe. I am always interested to see how same-name-shoes with different manufacturers are stamped inside and on the sole.

The Elvira By Chacott Is Now A Collectors Item

Chacott Elvira pointe shoesElvira by Chacott JapanYears ago, the Elvira model by Chacott was considered a good choice for beginners.It had the lovely aesthetics and balance of construction that Chacott does so beautifully.

Little did I know that it would become a collectors item at rapid speed. Because so much time has passed since the Elvira was a featured shoe, I can imagine the hunt ( and the price) of trying to add them to a personal collection.

Olé ! , The Elvira By Spanish Dancewear Still Survives

The most exciting thing about the Elvira by Spanish Dancewear is that it is alive and well and still featured on their website. I will try to remain positive and picture them having a long and prosperous future.

 Watch Spanish Dancewear Pointe Shoes Being Made

This photo of the Elvira appears to mark them as a long-vamped shoe with a u-cut throat. The shocker is that these pretty shoes are still with us. Over 10 years ago, all the models were mentioned in the post En Pointe In The Mountains Of Spain. I am thrilled that this one has survived the test of time.

Sansha’s Elvira Demi-Pointe

Sansha Elvira Demi PointeVisiting the Sansha website under the Demi-Pointe category is like diving into a smorgasbord of satin and soles that goes on for miles and miles. Sansha is one of the busiest model makers I have ever seen.

With all of their different divisions spread out all over the Internet, world dominance may soon lead to an Intergalactic series for students in outer space. The Elvira Demi-Pointe by Sansha has a Vegan sole with memory shank and is designed for the first 3 years of pointe training.