Colombo Pointe Shoes From Italy-A Family Legacy

Colombo pointe shoes

The 455 Carbon Sole Model

Do you know what is just as interesting as finding a new brand of pointe shoe? Learning that manufacturers have been alive and well making ballet shoes for decades and decades without any knowledge on our part. I have so much admiration for the craft of handmade  ballet shoes. I love finding those hidden gems of makers that have passed on the tradition to their children and grandchildren.

Making Pointe Shoes In Milan, Italy For 100 Years

It all started in the small town of Gorgonzola, Italy, a small area of Milan. The company was established in 1915 by a craftsman named Agostino Beretta. You can see a picture of him at age 70 here. The company was known as Beretta at that time.

During World War II, Mr. Beretta was reduced to repairing shoes until better times could come along. Between 1960 and 1967, the company grew to export ballet shoes to many countries like England, Holland and Africa.

In 1967, Mr. Beretta’s daughter Tina joined the business. From there, her son Colombo Fabio took the reins in 1989.

Agostino died in 1977. He left a lasting legacy with his contribution to the performing arts. His dedication to crafting quality dancing shoes by hand is something every ballet lover can admire and respect.

The Making Of Colombo Pointe Shoes


Colombo Offers 7 Different Models:

  • 449-For beginners as a first pointe shoe. Made with a softer box, reinforced wings and more flexible soles.
  • 450-For professionals with a hard toe box and medium-strength shank.
  • 451-For professionals with a hard toe box and hard shanks.
  • 452-For professionals with extra-hard shanks.
  • 453-For professionals with a softer shank and more flexibility.
  • 454-An intermediate model created as a transition shoe between demi-pointe and pointe. ( Interesting!)
  • 455-Professional model with carbon sole insert for strength and flexibility. This is their newest model.

They come in six colors; pink, salmon pink, white, black, red and blue. You can view the sales and specifications page here. It is in Italian, but that is molto bene if you enjoy looking at belle scarpe da punta.

Sadly, I couldn’t locate the company on any social media sites. There are no company Facebook or Twitter accounts that I know of.

Their official website link is

Roden Pointe Shoes From Israel

This post falls both under the category of mystery brands and the discovery of a new country that I so wanted to add to the list. Are you as fascinated as I am that there was a pointe shoe brand from Israel?

What I Can Tell You About Roden Dance Wear

The name Roden is the brand name of the products created or imported by The Dance Style Company of Israel. Their main shop is located about 30 minutes from Tel Aviv in the Rishon Lezion Center. This is a fairly new company; founded in 2013.

The Trademark Mystery Of Roden Dancewear

If you look at the company logo trademark page, you will notice that it was filed in Riverside, California. I find it very interesting that this shoe brand is ( or was) only available in Israel.

I say was because the shoe is not featured on their website or in the photo albums of their products on Facebook. I tried contacting Dance Style directly through their website and through Facebook for information about the shoes, but I was ignored. Twice ignored.

תתבייש לך                    Shame on you in Hebrew


Roden ballet slippersI used both English and Google-translated Hebrew to make contact with the company, but with no success.

Dance Style offers soft slippers with the Roden label, but the pointe shoes are nowhere to be found. Somehow, it appears that these pointe shoes were born and died all within a span of two years.

Another mystery; on their Facebook page, they spell Roden as Rodan.

Their official website, is in Hebrew, but if you enter the url into Google Translate, you can navigate through it much faster.




Merlet’s Newest Model; The Diva

Merlet DivaWhen you hear the word Diva, you can either imagine something negative or something positive. You may imagine a high maintenance woman who is very difficult to please. In the artistic realm, the definition of a diva is one of outstanding theatrical talent.

This past June, Merlet of France decided to name the latest addition to their pointe shoe collection Diva. The Diva is an aesthetically balanced shoe with several high-tech components.

The Diva Is Supposed To Be A Ready-To-Dance-In Model

Besides the non-slip platform, it comes with removable gel toe pads inside. This is a 3/4 shank shoe where the shank is made of polycarbonate materials; a tough, flexible substance similar to acrylic.

No matter how you view photographs of the model, it is obvious that a lot of care went into creating sleek lines for the shoe. So what is so Diva-like about it?

Did you notice those purple linings? Purple is the color of royalty. Ballet comes from royal lineage. A Diva, or a dancer of outstanding talent, may feel right at home in pointe shoes with a little hidden ” royal secret”.

Isn’t it interesting to find relevant innuendos in the world of pointe shoe marketing?

You can learn more about the Diva on the UK MerletDance website. The Diva isn’t featured on the Merlet USA website.

Pointe Relevé by Domyos Of France

In one of my earlier posts from 2010, I spoke about the French Domyos pointe shoe model Renaissance. After visiting the website, I noticed that the Renaissance model is sadly no more. However, there is another interesting shoe in its place; the Relevé.

According to Domyos, this model was created to alleviate pain on pointe. The inner toe is lined with an award-winning elastomer insert material for shock absorption and comfort. You can also see the traction tip on the platforms.

The wide metatarsal area reminds me of the Capezio Aerial. It isn’t going to work for every foot shape, but pointe shoes constructed with extra width in this area are a blessing for dancers that need the room.

With all the other athletic products and shoes that this gargantuan company manufactures, it’s wonderful to see a highly promoted specialized pointe model in their collection.

Another feature of this model is a 2-year guarantee. (!) Only time will tell if that is true. This model has only been on the market since Spring. If there is no paste to break down, a reinforced tip and strong polyester fabric used, it may outlast a traditional pointe shoe.

You can read details about the Relevé in English here.

Can This Model Survive?


The built-in elastomer padding

As I was writing this, I couldn’t help but remember the demise of a similar silicone-pad-built-in idea; the Capulet Juliet D30. After the novelty wore off and the negative reviews started spreading online, both the shoe and eventually the Capulet brand bit the dust.

It appears that Sansha bought them out. You can see that the poor shoe lives permanently in the clearance department. Here are the biggest dancer complaints about built-in padding:

  1. With frequent use, pads shred, break into pieces or move round inside the toe box.
  2. Odor. With the heat and sweat that builds up during class, pads that you can’t take out and replace with fresh ones turn pointe shoes into stink bombs.
  3. Feeling bulky, can’t feel the floor as well, no room to add additional toe protection.

On a positive note, I wish Domyos the very best success with the Relevé. I would love to hear your opinion about pointe shoes with built-in padding.

The Domyos official website offers a choice of many languages, but you can choose the UK link for English. You can find many more photos of their products on their Facebook page.

Mice Fiestas Pointe Shoes From Spain

Mice Fiestas Pointe Shoes

Mice Fiestas are handmade in Spain

From the land of clicking castanets and Flamenco dancing comes another  pointe shoe brand discovery, Mice Fiestas of Spain.

Mice Fiestas means My Parties in Spanish. Although the company logo is a cute little mouse, the word Mice is pronounced meese in Spanish. The play on word pronunciation between the two languages via a mouse logo is quite clever.

Mice Fiestas was established in Madrid, Spain in 1995. They sell many different types of dance garments, shoes and accessories. The most I can share about the pointe shoe model is that it is a genuine made-in-Spain brand.

MouseI am muy triste ( very sad) that their online catalog page loads as a blank when I click the ballet-pointe shoe category image. Although they have Twitter and Facebook accounts, there is no activity on either site to do more sleuthing.

Mice Fiestas Official Website- Click on the bottom image that says Haga click to enter the website.