Evidence Pointe Shoes From Brazil

If you need hard proof about something, you expect to see some evidence to convince you that a thing is true. This post is proof that I have discovered another Brazilian pointe shoe brand; Evidence.

Evidence pointe shoes

The Evidence Ballet Company has been in business since 2008 as a supplier and manufacturer of dance wear products in and around Camapanha, Brazil. I was very, very pleased to discover this company by accident while surfing You-tube.

Depending on which route you take, Camapanha is approximately a 6 hour drive inland from Rio de Janeiro and the coast. It’s exciting to see how many brands are popping up from Brazil. Pointe shoe factories must be busy down there.

Brazil mapIt’s intriguing to find yet another manufacturer in a non-English speaking country that has products with names that we recognize and can pronounce.

Even the name Evidence Ballet wouldn’t give you a clue that we were talking about a Brazilian maker, would it?

Evidence Ballet Offers 3 Models: The Lisse, Essential And Box Soleil

The Lisse is their professional model. It has a u-shaped vamp and is constructed with a nylon insole for flexibility. 

The Essential  is their beginner model. The toe platform has a flat base and softer toe box to help students gain strength for releve onto pointe. The toe box is covered with a suede cap for traction.

The Box Soleil is advertised as a pre-arched shoe made with specially blended materials that adapt quickly to foot shape and make the shoe more durable.

All  of the models are advertised as heat moldable shoes and come with ribbons and elastic attached. All three come with a choice of two widths; medium or large and three shank strengths; normal, reinforced or super-reinforced.

As I mention above, I discovered this company browsing through You-tube. I thought I would share that same video with you.

A Dancer Reviews The Evidence Lisse Pointe Shoe ( In Portugese)


Sadly, without Google Translate, I can’t tell if the Lisse received a good review. I hope it did. From my vantage point, they all look well-made and have a nice balanced aesthetic. I think they are pretty.

If you want to see the models up close and see more photos, you can visit their official website, Evidence Ballet. Click on Sapatilhas, then choose Sapatilhas de ponta.  Warning; the shoe images are beyond HUGE!

They also have a very active Facebook page where you can see more of their dance apparel and accessories, including some lovely ballet slippers.

Evidence Ballet on Facebook




One response to “Evidence Pointe Shoes From Brazil

  1. I tried to order a pair of the Lisse pointe shoes; unfortunately they won’t deliver to the US!

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