Brands Without Websites

Although my goal for this blog is to collect pointe shoe brands from all over the world and post their links on the sidebar here, some manufacturers do not have websites.  Sadly, some of the companies here may have had websites, but let them go for whatever reason.

This list contains contact information for those companies that do business in person, by social media, email, fax or phone only:

aloart alinaAloart of Italy
 Phone +393286136499
Email at


buffeL-2Büffel of Germany
Lortzingstr. 16
40724 Hilden
Atelierhaus Duesseldorf
Stephanstrasse 10
40599 Duesseldorf
Contact: Yeyun Zhang


Rommel E Halpe Ltda of BrazilRommel & Halpe Cerrito
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Phone: 1132729010


Chaoqun Pointe Shoes

Chaoqun Shoes Co.,Ltd
QIZHANG Yantai Shandong China
Phone: 86 – 535 – 6393828
Fax: 86 – 535 – 6393828


Fiorina of VenezuelaFiorina Attitude

6 responses to “Brands Without Websites

  1. What a fabulous idea to have a blog such as this. I’m currently writing a series of books on dance and have found your blog to be very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to write! 🙂

  2. I’m glad you enjoy it. Best wishes with your dance book series.

  3. Do you know about the French brand “Stefanov” ? They have a website ( but so ugly it’s not worth mentioning. They do however make nice pointe shoes named Svetlana and Yeva.

  4. Hello Sabine. A long while ago a reader mentioned the Stefanov brand to me and I plan to add them to the French brands soon.

  5. Do you know the Russian pointe shoe brand “Siberian Swan”? They started their website in August 2016:
    BTW, you have a great website. One can see you have put a lot of effort into creating it!

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