In Memoriam

All of the brands listed here were once on the brands list with working domains and products to offer. The company either announced a merger,  an out-of-business announcement, or simply faded off into the sunset.

Some we never got to know. Some might still be out there, but are missing in action. Some manufacturers may still exist, but have laid their pointe shoe models to rest permanently.

  Go gently to that big rosin box in the sky.


CK31-La Sylphide

Cecilia Kerche-Her lovely website and shoe models were online for a very short time. I was in love with the Ballerina model.


jowy-queen-pink-pointe-shoesJowy Queen-A brand from Argentina that simply disappeared from sight.


Meiguan Dance Wear LogoMeiguan-They used to have a genuine domain, but no more. Even the company branding has vanished.


Concept 9 Pointe ShoesMeMe Dance-Created by former Gamba cobblers, we were rooting for their success. Alas, it appears success was fleeting for this brand.


Roden- An exciting brand from Israel, they came and Roden Pointe Shoeswent faster than a runaway locomotive.


Rumpf– Rumpf of Germany is still in business, however, they have stopped pointe shoe production and discontinued their models Anna and Maria.


Salvio Pointe ShoeSalvio-Closed doors after decades of business. A very sad and poignant tale of a dedicated family business .


Tripudio pointe shoesTripudio- An interesting brand that originated in Malta, but quickly vanished from the market.