Balletto Pointe Shoes

Another Brazilian Pointe Shoe Brand

The Balletto Company is located in Londrina, Brazil, which is a large, metropolitan city in the northern part of the country. The story of the Balletto brand goes back to 1969 when a dancer by the name of Yeda Russo founded the Centro de Dancas e artes Adanac, or the Adanac Center of Dance Arts in Londrina.

In 1974, the brand Mon Ballet was created to supply the dancers of the Adanac Center with some of their dance wear needs. In 1986, soft ballet slippers were added to the Mon Ballet collection.

In 1986, the Balletto name brand was created and the company continued to increase their inventory introducing the Balletto pointe shoe collection in 1988. The Balletto Company became the official supplier to Teatro do Rio De Janeiro E Ballet Guaira.

Currently, Balletto has 5 pointe shoes in their collection. I will describe them as best I can because the Balletto website doesn’t go into great detail about their design specifications. The Balletto models include:

  • Russo-This shoe is made to be suitable for many different foot types
  • Ines-Balletto describes this model as being for “delicate” feet. Perhaps this a softer pointe shoe.
  • Julie-This model is for a normal, standard width foot
  • Luise-The Luise model is for wider feet
  • Italiano– This pointe shoe is for narrower feet

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The Balletto website is in Portugese, the official language of Brazil. If you can read Spanish, some of the words may look familiar.

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