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Master Klass Pointe Shoes-Another Cold Case Mystery

Master Klass Comfort

Master Klass Comfort

Pointe shoe detectives, are you ready for another cold case mystery that needs to be solved?

Up for your examination is this gorgeous pair of Russian-made pointes with the beautiful aesthetics the country is known for.

As you will be able to see in the pictures below, they are made in Russia, but the product information tag uses English. The brand name is Master Klass, which can be translated as Master Class. The model name is Comfort.


Master Klass Pointe Shoes

The heel imprint says сделано в россии, made in Russia

I find this brand absolutely fascinating! Searching online and asking for information in social media dance communities baffled others as well.

It would be a shame if this mystery brand had to remain that way.

I am very, very curious to know more about the company who made or still makes this model.

What do you say detectives? Does anyone have any clues?


The Mysterious Mayol Of Argentina

It’s been a long, long time since a pointe shoe discovery has left me with barely enough information to make a post. This is one of those times. I have sleuthed and surfed and searched for information about the Mayol brand for months, but haven’t been successful.

The only clue obvious from these photos is the manufacturer’s mark on the sole that says Industria Argentina. This simply means it is a product of or produced in Argentina.

Mayol Pointe Shoes

The toe box pleating is quite wide and the shoe appears to be tapered with a wide metatarsal area. The logo looks to be ink-stamped and not imprinted into the sole material.

Perhaps, this brand is a “contract shoe” for a particular dance theater or school in Argentina, I don’t know. For now,  the Mayol brand remains a complete mystery.

Roden Pointe Shoes From Israel

This post falls both under the category of mystery brands and the discovery of a new country that I so wanted to add to the list. Are you as fascinated as I am that there was a pointe shoe brand from Israel?

What I Can Tell You About Roden Dance Wear

The name Roden is the brand name of the products created or imported by The Dance Style Company of Israel. Their main shop is located about 30 minutes from Tel Aviv in the Rishon Lezion Center. This is a fairly new company; founded in 2013.

The Trademark Mystery Of Roden Dancewear

If you look at the company logo trademark page, you will notice that it was filed in Riverside, California. I find it very interesting that this shoe brand is ( or was) only available in Israel.

I say was because the shoe is not featured on their website or in the photo albums of their products on Facebook. I tried contacting Dance Style directly through their website and through Facebook for information about the shoes, but I was ignored. Twice ignored.

תתבייש לך                    Shame on you in Hebrew


Roden ballet slippersI used both English and Google-translated Hebrew to make contact with the company, but with no success.

Dance Style offers soft slippers with the Roden label, but the pointe shoes are nowhere to be found. Somehow, it appears that these pointe shoes were born and died all within a span of two years.

Another mystery; on their Facebook page, they spell Roden as Rodan.

Their official website, is in Hebrew, but if you enter the url into Google Translate, you can navigate through it much faster.




Sutorio De Maserejian-The End Of A Cobbler’s Legacy?

Sutorio de Maserejian-Ballet SlipperA while ago, I had discovered another pointe shoe brand based in Argentina. Because I post in random order, I took it for granted that the brand, its products and its website would still be up and running when I got around to writing about it.

The brand name of the company was called Sutorio De Maserejian. The word sutorio means belonging to or related to the art of making shoes. When I first discovered the brand, I had an interesting time learning about the company and its founder, Stephan Artin Maserejian.

Sadly, when I revisited the old company website, the domain was no longer viable. There were wonderful family photos and pictures of the workshop where the dance shoes were made by hand in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After doing some online searching, I found the obituary of Stephan Maserejian. His legacy and life story are really inspiring. There is a memorial slide show that includes a photograph of a cobblers bench from his company workshop.

Leotard by Sutorio de MaserejianI have tried to contact his wife and son through their Facebook pages to find out what happened to the company brand name. I am hopeful that I will get a response although they don’t appear very active on the site.

Searching the company name brings up the old Argentina address and there are references online to a location in El Salvador, but it leads nowhere. I will have to put this brand under the mystery category.

Sutorio de Maserejian dance garments and shoes can still be found for sale on eBay-type sites in South America. Unless I can contact the Maserejian family and find out otherwise, this brand name may have sadly disappeared into the pages of pointe shoe history with the passing of its founder.

Deciphering The Brand Name Of These Estonian Pointe Shoes

Annette Pointe ShoeAs we leave summer behind and get ready for fall, I look forward to the cooler, frostier weather of my region. Cold air wakes me up and makes me feel energetic and alive.

Energy is a great thing to have when you are trying to solve numerous shoe puzzles and figure out mysterious pointe shoe brands like the one on this page.

The model is called Annette. The manufacturers stamp under the toe box says Made In Estonia Tallinn*. It’s clearly visible and easy to read because of the block lettering.

* If you want to know more about this part of the world, see : Tallinn, Estonia.

Asking For Fresh Eyes And Reader Opinions-What Does It Spell Out To You?

Sole Mark Annette

This imprint is the brand name needed to do further research on this manufacturer.

Although the imprint under the toe box is easy to make out, the writing under the heel portion has driven me to distraction. I zoomed and zoomed in, but I cannot make out the full name. Can you?

I see an O, a K and a possible A, but cannot decipher the rest. Does it appear to you that the first O shape is part of the swirly K? I could definitely use a set of fresh eyes ( and younger ones) to help make this out and get the puzzle solved.

I am looking forward to your thoughts and opinions!

Update: Thanks to some effective Facebook sharing, I learned that the brand is Kamilla of Estonia. It appears that the Annette might be discontinued because it isn’t featured on their website,

I sent an inquiry to Kamilla about the Annette and hope to learn more. I am a bit disappointed that this brand cannot be added to the sidebar, but so happy to finally know what the brand is.

Kevin Pointe Shoes- A Cold Case Exclusive

Kevin Balletto pointe shoes

If the bag were flipped the other way we might have a better clue about these shoes.

When it comes to researching brands, there comes a point ( no pun intended) when the shoes need to be filed away and put into the cold case files.

After hours and hours and days of hunting the web for information about a new find, you need to relax and hope that one day the puzzle will be solved.

Up For Today’s Mystery Review Is  One Pair Of Kevin Pointe Shoes

Kevin Balletto pointe shoes

The sole appears stamped with the words KEVIN BALLETTO when I zoom in. If the word appears to read differently to you, please feel free to comment.

The shoes appear to have low profile boxes, a brushed suede sole and are made of the prettiest pale pink satin.

These shoes were being offered for sale on eBay Germany.  The name Balletto is often referenced in the German and Italian languages with dance products and websites from those countries.

However, because Kevin is neither German or Italian, I find it interesting, yet baffling. Having languages that are mixed like this and then stamped on a pointe shoe only adds to the intrigue. When pointe shoes are lightly stamped and not deeply embossed with a manufacturer’s name, they can appear middleman-ish  as far as distribution and sales.

This Is All We Have For Our Kevin Pointe Shoe Cold Case File:

  • The shoes were being sold in Germany, but they may be manufactured somewhere else.
  • The shoes might be another well-known brand, but the dance shop owner, Kevin,  just stamps them with his logo and puts them in a company bag for the customer.
  • The bottom name is very fuzzy and unclear. It might say something other than Balletto.

If you know anything about this company, please contact your local Sheriff’s department. If they aren’t interested, leave the information here instead. 🙂

 Update 10/10/14: According to this comment, Kevin pointe shoes are made in Shanghai by the brother-in-law of the Büffel pointe shoe manufacturer.

Angel Dance Pointe Shoes From Russia

Russian-made pointe shoes are considered to be some of the best-quality shoes on the market. Their rich theatrical history and remarkable high-standards of excellence in ballet training make their country one of the masters of pointe shoe construction.

Finding another potential source for beautiful Russian construction techniques was the first thing on my mind when I discovered a Russian pointe shoe supplier by the name of Angel Dance.

About The Angel Dance Company


With a little luck and a lot of Google Translate, I can decipher that Angel Dance offers discounted apparel and shoes for different types of dance genres for both individuals and groups. I wasn’t able to locate any history on the founding of the business or who owns it.

The only clues I have to its location or possible locations are on the contact page. There is a toll-free number listed for calls within Russia. There are two separate representatives listed; one that covers Chelyabinsk and the other Orenburg. The contact email is

The Pointe Shoe Models From Angel Dance

Angel Dance offers two models on their website; Model H and Model MH.

Of course my romantic ballet heart would have preferred gorgeous Russian names instead of letters. Don’t you hate factory jargon initials instead of ballerina-esque names that make you want to whirl and twirl in your pink tights?

Model H by Angel Dance

Model H by Angel Dance

Model MH by Angel Dance

Model MH by Angel Dance

Model MH Specifications:

  • Exactly the same specs as the Model H, but comes with a medium-hard shank.

Model H Specifications:

  • Constructed with a u-shaped vamp
  • Created for “springing” onto pointe
  • Comes in three widths; narrow, average and full
  • Has a hard shank
  • The inner liner is soft and fleecy for comfort
  • Ribbons are included with purchase

Why I Chose To Categorize Angel Dance As A Mystery Brand


As excited as I am to discover a new brand like Angel Dance of Russia, I am also disappointed when I can’t be 100% sure that they are, indeed, made in Russia. Here are a few reasons why I don’t put them under the category of Russian-made pointe shoes:

  • No response email from Angel Dance when I  asked them directly by email if the shoes are made in Russia. I also asked for any  information they could share about their specifications. Nothing. Zilch.
  • “Angel Dance” , their contact email addresses and the corresponding model names are in English, yet the company website is completely in Russian.
  • The company mentions being a discounter of  dance products. Put that together with the bulky-stiff sole design and off-edge stitching shown above and one thing comes to my mind; a potential made in China alert.

If I am wrong, Angel Dance, please forgive me. I only care because I group brands into country categories for my readers. If you want to offer a low-cost alternative for Russian dance students, bless your heart.

If you want to see these models, visit their official website You can find them by clicking on the 4th category down on the left sidebar, Балетная обувь. ( Ballet shoes in English).


Gamba Versus Vozrozhedenie; The Double Intrigue Of Zeta Pointe Shoes

The best part about being a blogger is not only becoming well-versed about the topics you love, but also having the complete freedom to make a post just because. Sometimes this happens when I find two models of the same name, but made by different manufacturers.

I like to compare them visually and “pretend” that I get to choose only one as a favorite. Below, are two different Zeta pointe shoe models. One is or was made by Gamba and the other by Vozrozhedenie of St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Gamba Zeta or Zeta by Gamba

I was very intrigued when I found this shoe. This is the first time I became aware that Gamba made a model called Zeta. As you can see by the photo, Gamba placed the name Zeta in larger lettering on the liner.

The shoes appear to have long, tapered toe boxes, but the profile is hard to decipher.  What I am hoping is that a reader may have more insight and information to share about these shoes.

  The Vozrozhedenie Zeta 

Gorgeous Russian-made pointe shoes are always a joy to find. The first thing I did was to visit the official Vozrozhedenie website located on the sidebar here. However, there is no Zeta model advertised. I have no clue as to whether this model is old stock or a special order. Mysteries! Double mysteries.

This Zeta model has the tell-tale Russian design that is so aesthetically pleasing. The gold-tone imprinted logo on the liner is quite elegant, in my opinion.

Given a choice between the two, the St. Petersburg version is much more exotic and unusual to my American mind. However, the Gamba model could be just as rare and collectible. Neither model has ever crossed my path before.

Reader input is welcome.

Chadova Pointe Shoes- Russian Name, French Description

Chadova  Pointe ShoesI am amazed by the sheer amount of pointe shoe brands that I have been finding lately without even doing intensive hunting. They spring up as if by magic like this mysterious brand of Chadova pointe shoes I found.

Whenever I find a new shoe brand, I spend quite a bit of time trying to find out something to share with you. However, these shoes have left a big blank in the information department when it comes to the production location, buyer source and origin of manufacturer.



The name Chadova sounds decidedly Russian to my ears. The shoes were advertised in French as a design made for les enfants (children) . The only logical French-Russian connection for these shoes may be on a French website dedicated to  professionals in the dance community around Paris, France.

Go to L’équipe pédagogique and scroll way down until you find the paragraph heading Formateurs & Artistes intervenants invités : Classique.  You will find a Mme Chadova mentioned in the first sentence as a dance instructor of Russian technique.

A patent for chaussons de danse (dance shoes)  was registered in 1976 by a Michelline Chadova which you can see here.

It is my best guess that Michelline Chadova was a Russian ballet instructor who designed her own brand for dancers in France where she taught classical ballet. Whether she is still alive or whether Chadova pointe shoes are still being made is a mystery. Intriguing stuff, isn’t it?


Cracking The Case Of Casca Nueces-The Nutcracker Pointe Shoe From Argentina

When it comes to researching and writing about different brands, there are two things that drive me nuts more than anything else. The first one is dealing with pointe shoe manufacturers that refuse to answer inquiries no matter how innocent the question I pose. Information that could be so easily obtained straight from the horses mouth is a huge challenge when the horse is afraid to talk to me because I mention this blog. It’s amazing, but true.

Casca Nueces Pointe Shoes

Finding the maker of the long-vamped, low profile Casca Nueces has been a tough case to crack.

The second  challenge is seeing lots of images and/or  sellers of a particular pointe shoe in decent quantities with no trace or mention of the original origins of that shoe. This is my frustrating dilemma with the Argentinian pointe shoe Casca Nueces or  Nutcracker as it translates into English. You can read my first post about discovering this shoe  here.

cascanueces-2Here I am at post number two about Casca Nueces pointe shoes, yet no closer to finding out where dancers in Argentina happen to purchase these shoes. With the specialized shape of the toe box, this particular model is definitely not a style for the average foot.


Notice the logo on the makers stamp that includes a star shape and what appears to be a bird in flight. The name Casca Nueces is written as two separate words and is printed horizontally across the center seam of the shoe.

As you can see by the photo, the makers stamp includes the words Industria Argentina, or simply a product of that country.

cascanueces-7At the very bottom of the shoe bag on the left side we see the name Raul. Unfortunately, the name after that is obscured by the fold in the plastic. Who could Raul be? In the dance supply trade of apparel and shoes for people in Argentina, one name appears that could be the name on the bag; Raúl Jorge Cecconi.

I found one connection that makes sense between the name Raúl Jorge Cecconi, Argentina, dance supplies and pointe shoes. is a website that lets you view the pages of magazines online. On page 75 of the following Spanish publication of Balletin Dance Magazine, you will see an advertisement for a company named Teletone Tap RJC on the bottom right side.

If you click on the ad it will enlarge so you can read it better. Raúl Jorge Cecconi operates a company that has been selling dance shoes in Argentina since 1940. According to the ad, he offers 30 different models of tap and pointe shoes.

There is only a phone number listed for contact. Since I am not planning on making a long distance call to South America, this is as close of a guess as I can make right now. Unfortunately, just because a dance shop puts a pair of pointe shoes into a bag imprinted with their logo doesn’t mean that they manufactured the shoe. However, the shoe stamp and the bag logo showing the legs of a ballerina  match.


The sole stamp includes the image of a ballerina on pointe and the name Cascanueces as one word. The name is now vertical instead of lining up with the center seam.

This black pair is technically the same brand, yet one can notice that the way the manufacturer stamped this sole is completely different to the third image above.  Here, the spelling of Casca Nueces is all one word.This model also includes Industria Argentina as part of the makers stamp.


The ballerina image is clearly seen here and matches the same logo used for the product bag above.

These shoes are immensely interesting to me and I cannot wait to get some of my questions answered!. Just their name alone makes them incredibly unique. Right now, I have a lot of questions about this brand:

  • Why are so many of these shoes available online, yet have no source that can be easily found online?
  • Why are there two different designs for the maker stamp?
  • Is one style an older version that was discontinued?
  • Was the original brand bought out which would explain a new logo and name image redesign?
  • Is Casca Nueces a brand name or a model name?
  • Is the original  Raúl Jorge Cecconi still alive? If the business was founded in 1940 and it is now 2013; the chances are good that the company is now 2nd or 3rd generation.

The wide pleating techniques are clearly visible where the satin gathers to the sole

If it was as easy as entering the ””  into my computer search bar to find any company anywhere in the world, this website would just be a series of links. Many dance wear manufacturers have completely different names for their official websites other than the name of their makers stamp.


Where the heck can I buy a pair of Nutcracker pointe shoes?

Some cases are harder to crack than others. It is still surprising that in this day and age of easy access to the Internet and cheap hosting plans that some businesses appear to operate locally instead of globally.

Who knows, there may be a website out there for this brand of mysterious nutcracker pointe shoes from Argentina. Hopefully, we can crack this case soon.