Roden Pointe Shoes From Israel

This post falls both under the category of mystery brands and the discovery of a new country that I so wanted to add to the list. Are you as fascinated as I am that there was a pointe shoe brand from Israel?

What I Can Tell You About Roden Dance Wear

The name Roden is the brand name of the products created or imported by The Dance Style Company of Israel. Their main shop is located about 30 minutes from Tel Aviv in the Rishon Lezion Center. This is a fairly new company; founded in 2013.

The Trademark Mystery Of Roden Dancewear

If you look at the company logo trademark page, you will notice that it was filed in Riverside, California. I find it very interesting that this shoe brand is ( or was) only available in Israel.

I say was because the shoe is not featured on their website or in the photo albums of their products on Facebook. I tried contacting Dance Style directly through their website and through Facebook for information about the shoes, but I was ignored. Twice ignored.

תתבייש לך                    Shame on you in Hebrew


Roden ballet slippersI used both English and Google-translated Hebrew to make contact with the company, but with no success.

Dance Style offers soft slippers with the Roden label, but the pointe shoes are nowhere to be found. Somehow, it appears that these pointe shoes were born and died all within a span of two years.

Another mystery; on their Facebook page, they spell Roden as Rodan.

Their official website, is in Hebrew, but if you enter the url into Google Translate, you can navigate through it much faster.




One response to “Roden Pointe Shoes From Israel

  1. the pointe shoes look nice and the soft split soles look fabulously made.

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