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L’Art Pirouette Pointe Shoe- Le Modèle Mystérieux

” The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible” – Oscar Wilde

How true is the above quote! Seeing how many pointe shoe models are on this  site as mystery brands makes the whole ballet shoe world even more interesting. As you spend time checking back on old mystery brands, poof, here comes another one fresh from the shoe galaxy out there.

Whether they are discontinued or still on the market, their appearance  offers the opportunity to at least give them a little attention and appreciation. These pretty shoes were tools of the trade for some lovely dancer somewhere. It would be wonderful  to know their source.

The Pirouette Model By L’Art



It is no exaggeration to say I searched and searched and searched for some information about this brand, but had no success.

How could a pointe shoe model with the lovely name of L’Art Pirouette be so unheard of and mystérieux? The name L’Art, as well as Pirouette are decidedly French, but the only reference to these shoes online come from Mexico, Argentina and Catalonia, Spain.

One pair looks new and the other well-worn. Are they still in production somewhere? Where? By Whom? And the most important question of all:

Could  they make a collector’s heart flutter? Yes!