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Perros Louis Vintage Pointe Shoes From France

Am I a collector’s item? Oui! Oui!

Long ago and far away in the romantic city of Paris, there was a dance shop named Perros.

It was located in a busy section of the city that to this day is still a major  thoroughfare for pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

One day, the shop closed its doors and the precious inventory of dance shoes would become a part of ballet history instead.

French Ballet Shoe Memorabilia With A Bit Of Provenance

vintage Perros pointe shoes

Its unusual to see a pointe shoe sole imprinted with an address.

If you have an eye for dance shoe collectibles, it’s always wonderful when you can get a full, interesting “provenance” with your purchase.

One very obvious place to start digging for some provenance is the address imprinted on the sole.

It was thrilling to discover that the storefront of 61 Rue Monge still exists today.

It is now an upscale beauty spa called Mani Kua.  Okay, I admit that I went through the picture gallery of the salon trying to imagine it filled with cobbler benches and tools and glue and satin fabric. Unfortunately, time  ( and an interior redo) has erased all traces of ballet-coated  D.N.A..

Surely I am not so far gone as to think there could have been an old, dusty  pointe ribbon hanging from the rafters in a back room? Maybe I  thought I would see the faint outline of a pink toe box peeking out from a cobweb under a lobby chair.

Coming Back To Reality And The Findings Of My Research:

  1. There is nothing available online about the closing date of the business.
  2.  The only page  on the web that mentions Perros,  shoe making and Paris altogether is located on this outdated business listing @ https://www.societe.com/societe/perros-louis-bottier-784247983.html
  3. It is unknown whether Perros is his first name or last name. The Bottier name may be a title of occupation.   Translated from French to English, bottier means boot maker.

How lucky is the person that may own a pair of this rare brand! If I had a pair of these pointe shoes, would I sell them? As they say in French…… non, jamais!