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Announcing Capulet's Newest Pointe Shoe

The Capulet Pre-Pointe Shoe

The Capulet Company just introduced a new pre-pointe shoe at the DRN Expo this month.
The new shoe is lined with the same D3o material but with a softer, more pliable shank enabling the pre-pointe student to roll easily through demi-pointe while still offering the protection of the D3o. The other new feature is a built-in elastic drawstring, allowing easy entry.

Pre-Pointe And Beginner Pointe Shoes

Capezio Demi Soft
The Capezio Demi-Soft is a shankless pre-pointe shoe that is designed for the beginner who needs to build strength. The shoe has DRYZ cushioning for moisture control and longer life. The Demi-Soft has a u- shaped vamp with elastic drawstrings.

Bloch RAD Demi pointe
This pointe shoe is endorsed by the Royal Academy of Dance as an exam shoe for pre-pointe students.
Bloch Amelie Soft
The Amelie Soft is a pointe shoe designed for beginners just starting pointe work. It has a flexible shank and sole to help the student become accustomed to wearing pointe shoes.
Bloch Aspiration
This pointe shoe is designed for beginners and has a harder box and a wide balancing platform.

Cameo Demi-Pointe
The Cameo Demi-Pointe is a transitional shoe easing students from soft slippers to regular pointe shoes. The shoe has a hard box and comes without a shank.

Freed Classic Demi Standard
This is a transitional shoe designed for demi-pointe work and to assist students going from soft to pointe.
The shoe comes in standard widths with a light weight block, deep vamp, and no insole.
Freed Classic Demi
Identical to the Classic Demi Standard in design, but comes in larger widths.

Fuzi Pre-Pointe
This shoe comes with a full sole and is designed to prepare students for the feel of a real pointe shoe.

Grishko Elite Pre-Pointe
This shoe has a wide box and no shank. It is designed as a transitional shoe.

Miguelito Criselle Student
This is a shoe for beginners and comes with a hard shank for better support.

Principal Princess
The Princess is a lightweight beginner shoe with a wider box and softer wing blocks.

Sansha Soft Toe UK
This is a very soft pointe shoe in the box and sole area. The shoes are shankless and have slightly tapered boxes.
Sansha Soft Toe USA
Identical characteristics to the Soft Toe UK, but with a squarer toe box.

Salvio Demi pointe
This is a transitional student shoe.

So Danca Prima SD 30
This shoe is designed to assist students in foot development before starting pointe work. The shoe has a hard box and is shankless.

Suffolk Solo Light
This is a beginner shoe designed with the same features as the regular Suffolk Solo but lighter and more flexible.

Demi-Pointe and Pre-Pointe shoes are not designed for pointe work.
Beginner or student pointe shoes are for pointe work.