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Mituri Pointe Shoes From South Korea

Mituri Pointe Shoes from South KoreaAmazing isn’t it? There are pointe shoes being made in South Korea. When I think how far away that sounds from the good old U.S.A, I get a chill or two.

Mituri is located in Jongno, Seoul Korea, a large metropolitan area on the western side of South Korea. Take a look at this amazing city from the vantage point of  The Jongno Tower in Seoul. This is a vibrant, cultural city and the chances are extremely good that there are many more pointe shoe manufacturers here that we haven’t learned about yet.

Information About The Mituri Company

What have I been able to find out about the history and background of the Mituri Company? Not too much. As a matter of fact, I poured over their website looking for a company profile, but couldn’t find anything but a location.

However, Mituri seems to offer excellent customer service to their online shoppers and sells a nice variety of trendy dance wear apparel like leotards, slippers, legwarmers and other beautiful dance clothing for both male and female dancers.

Mituri Pointe Shoes For PracTice And Stage

Mituri pointe shoe sole design

Mituri Pointe Shoes Sole Design

From what I can translate, Mituri has two models of pointe shoes. One is advertised as a practice pointe shoe. The other pointe model is for stage. Both come in normal or wider versions.

One of the most interesting features about these models is the sole. If you click on the photo, you will see that Mituri stamps them with an image of a foot wearing a pointe shoe. I find that very, very interesting and unique.

Coming from so far away, the Mituri pointe shoe is surprisingly affordable for American customers. I found them on an online  global marketplace for only $23.41 or they can be ordered directly through the official website; Mituri.com.

Many thanks to the reader, Monicaca, who provided me with the link to this company and directions on navigating the Mituri website. The pointe shoes can be located by clicking on the shop tab, choosing the 5th bar down and going to the 2nd page.