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TKS Pointe Shoes From Germany

TKS pointe shoes

TKS Pointe Shoes

Imagine starting a business in the Black Forest area of Germany 100 years ago making circus shoes. The business then evolves over the decades into a manufacturer of different types of dance shoes and accessories. Such is the case of the TKS brand name of dance shoes from Germany.

The initials stand for TanzKunstSchuhe.

Deep In Heart Of The Black Forest TKS Creates Pointe Shoes

mapTKS is a family owned company located in St. Georgen, Germany, in the southern BadenWürttemberg region where the gorgeous Black Forest landscape attracts visitors from all over the world.

TKS makes one pointe shoe model, several varieties of soft slippers and a soft Jazz shoe. They also manufacture tights and toe protectors. TKS has over 25 shades of leotards in vibrant, amazing colors. I was very impressed by the variety they offer.

Visiting a Black Forest sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Model Specifications For The S20 TKS

TKS German Pointe Shoe

Made in Germany by the Schullerer family

According to the product page, the model is labeled with the number S20 and is created in a medium width with a cotton liner. The sales page mentions that the shoe is designed to fit tightly. Ribbons are included with purchase. The model appears to have a long vamp and slightly tapered toe boxes.

Hand-Cobbled Pointe Shoes Still Exist

TKS pointe shoes

Hübsche Spitzenschuhe means pretty pointe shoes in German

I love the TKS website because it has some charming photos of the Schullerer family and its employees hard at work making dance shoes and garments. This is so refreshing from other manufacturers that hide what goes on behind their factory doors.

Although this brand is one I have never heard of before, I am pleased to share my discovery with you. This is a real German pointe shoe, made in Germany by Germans.

Smaller, regional pointe shoe makers are just as important as mega-brand name factories in keeping the cobbler traditions alive and well in the ballet world.

Sadly, I couldn’t locate TKS on Facebook or Twitter, although they may be there. However, you can learn more about this interesting German brand on their official website, Tanzkunstschuhe.de.

* Click on Schuhe, then choose Spitzenschuhe to see the S20 model.




Beautiful Bleyer Pointe Shoes From Germany

Although the Bleyer pointe shoe model has been around for a while, it can be a challenge to find pretty images of them that do not include the shoe on a wooden form which you can see here on Forever-dance.de. 

This wooden-form-inside-a-pointe-shoe thing is just a personal peeve of mine. Merlet does the same thing. I just find it detracting from the beauty of the shoe.

With their tapered toe boxes, I find them to have a sleek aesthetic that would look beautiful on the right dancer. They also appear to have substantial sturdy-looking platforms.

I checked the Bleyer website on the sidebar here to see if the company has introduced any new models. It appears that Bleyer of Germany still only produces this one model, the 4101. I have picked up enough German to understand that this model is often referred to as a professional pointe shoe.

Even though Bleyer only has one model, seeing them in different colors is very interesting. Seeing them without the wooden form is even better!

Fraulein Finds Spitzenschuhe Marken Dancin’

A little more than a year ago, I made a post under the Miniature Pointe Shoes category about a cute little pair of mini-pointes with the brand name Dancin’. You can see the post here.  I mentioned the fact that if a company makes a miniature shoe, there is a great possibility that they make a standard size too. Almost 13 months later, the adult-size Dancin’ model has been  discovered!

The Dancin’ Pointe Shoe Model Is Sold Throughout Germany

Dancin pointe shoes

Dancin’ pointe shoes come with suede toes and wide platforms. They are a beautiful pale pink satin and very pretty to look at. They are advertised as suitable for beginners with an easy-to-break-in sole construction.

Dancin pointe shoes

Compared to the soft ballet slipper, the pointe shoe models are imprinted with the image of a dancer’s head, torso and upper thighs. I should have turned the photo upside down for easier viewing. There is no clue by the photo whether these shoes are hand-crafted or machine-made.

Although I am very pleased to see that Dancin’ makes a standard shoe, there are a lot of mysteries yet to solve with this brand name. A Lot. In fact, the Dancin’ brand has me spending extra time online trying to dig up detailed information about the company origins and history. I am so eager to learn more about Dancin’, that I don’t even care if the information is detailed. Just give me something, please.

Dancin’ Ballet Products Appear To Be Sold Only Through Distributors

I found the pretty pink satin Dancin’ model advertised on a German-based dance supply website.  The company, Danskult of Germany, was gracious enough to reply to my inquiry about the pointe shoes quickly. The problem? They themselves do not know where they are manufactured. If you want to see the website where Dancin’ pointes are sold, visit Danskult.de.

German Distribution Does Not Guarantee This Is A German Pointe Shoe Brand

Why does this global distribution of pointe shoe brands make categorizing origin of brand a bit crazy? Distributors simply do just that;  sell another company’s shoe from their store. Dancin’ products could be made in Japan, making them a Japanese brand distributed in Germany. They could be Chinese, Mongolian, Swiss or Icelandic.

The Dancin’ Manufacturing Company Is Alive And Well… Somewhere

Somewhere in the world, there is a factory making Dancin’ dance shoes. These lovely white ballet slippers are now being sold on Germany’s version of Amazon.com. The mystery deepens as this brand cannot be found on any American or U.K. sites like other European pointe shoe brands.

Dancin Ballet Slipper in white

These white ballet slippers by Dancin’ are available on Germany’s Amazon.com. I could not find them on American dance supply websites.

For now, I will assume that Dancin’ is a German product made in Germany and mostly sold in that area of the world. I will add it to the sidebar as a German brand and a mystery brand, unless I learn otherwise.  This Fraulein would love more info about these pretty spitzenschuhe marken Dancin’.

Woessner Pointe Shoes

I am always amazed how pointe shoe companies can seem to disappear from the face of the planet. I can spend hours researching and hunting for information about pointe shoe makers that were, at one time, in business during the last 50 years and come up with no proof of their former existence.

Woessner Pointe Shoes

Made In West Germany

Where Did The History Of The Woessner Dancewear Company Go?

I could find no proof during my internet hunt that anyone named Woessner actually made pointe shoes in West Germany. The photos of these pretty shoes say otherwise. These are not old photos, either. I just found them several days ago.

Woessner Pointe Shoes

Woessner Pointe Shoes

When I get to an information roadblock like this, I start hoping that a reader will contact me with the missing puzzle pieces.  I also wish I was able to travel all over Europe solving some of these mysterious shoe puzzles.

Surely, if I showed up in West Germany somebody would know something about the maker of these beautiful pointe shoes. I find it more than sad when those responsible for creating beautifully hand-crafted pointe shoes such as these don’t have a special page of dedication or even a small acknowledgment of their contribution to the performing arts. The Woessner brand is very, very intriguing..

Pauls Pointe Shoes

The Paul’s company in Koln, Germany has a very long and interesting history when it comes to making pointe shoes by hand.According to the about page on the Pauls website, it all began way back in 1919.

Theo Paul was an established cobbler working for the Cologne (Koln) Opera in Germany. Anna Pavlova was performing in the city at that time. Pavlova came in to Theo Paul’s shop to get a broken shoe repaired. Theo Paul not only repaired Pavlova’s shoe, but created a special pointe shoe model named after her, the Pawlowa.

Almost 100 years later, Pauls still makes this model by hand. Fascinating, isn’t it? I love the history of pointe shoe making in Europe. Instead of the photos from the official Pauls.co website, I found another photo of the Pauls Pawlowa model.

Pauls Pawlowa -pointe shoes made in Germany


The Pawlowa comes in two different choices; satin or leather. Unfortunately, the website offers no information about the design features of these shoes. My German translating needs a lot of help, but I did notice different options for shanks and widths on the Pawlowa.  This is definitely a pointe shoe I would love to add to my collection!

Amber Pointe Shoes

The Amber Dancewear Company is based in Germany and has been in business since 1995. Currently, the Amber company has four different pointe shoe models available; the Classical Standard, Classical Training, Performance, and  Demi-Pointe.

The Classical Standard is created with 5 layers of canvas padding and moldable paste for comfort and durability. This model is available in a hard shank. The toe box shape on the Classical Standard model is described as rounded and suitable for those who have more of a square shape to their toes.

Amber’s beginner pointe shoe, the Classical Training, has a more flexible, medium strength shank for easier roll through. This model has leather toe caps for safety and long wear. Other than the shank, the Classical Training model has the same shape and characteristics as the Classical Standard.

The Performance model is a split-sole pointe shoe that is designed to be a foot-to-stage pointe shoe with no break in necessary. The fit is sleeker on the foot than the other models.

The Amber Demi-Pointe is a lighter, softer pointe shoe made with only 3 layers of canvas padding. This is a pre-pointe shoe. The Demi-Pointe model also has the same shape as the Classical Standard.

This company gives you six different choices of shank shape and strength. The Amber Company is one of the few pointe shoe manufacturers that offer pointe shoe models in leather. The leather models come in black, white, and nude.

Canvas pointe shoes are also available in black, white, nude, and pink. Currently the satin pointe shoes are only available in pink.

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