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Capezio Nicolini

Capezio Nicolini

These pointe shoes have been discontinued for more than 10 years. They were one of the narrowest pointe shoe models in the Capezio line. I do see Nicolini’s for sale at various dance supply companies even today. I can only guess that more shoes were made than could be sold. The Nicolini fits a small majority of dancers who need a very narrow pointe shoe. The shanks are medium strength. Soon these pointe shoes will become a collectors item, along with the Capezio Ultimo and the Dura-Toe. I definitely want a pair to add to my collection…….


R-Class Nika

R-Class Nika

I found another beautiful pointe shoe model from the R-Class brand today. This model, the Nika, is being sold through an Italian website. The shoe is described as a Russian style shoe with a medium strength shank. Very pretty!

Rumpf of Germany


When I first saw this photo, I was really impressed with the lovely shade of pink satin these shoes come in. The photo itself has a creative flair. The shoes are displayed as though they were a gift, a beautiful present to open.

Researching this particular model led nowhere. I searched for any kind of commentary or review, but didn’t find anything.

The shape of the Maria is quite square and angular. For anyone who really loves  baby pink, this pointe shoe would be ideal.


The Anna model looks extremely square in an odd kind of way. There is a box like quality to the shape of this shoe that is very unique. This model must be ideal for those who have a square shaped toe area and can’t tolerate any type of tapered box.

This design is the exact opposite of the Traditional Russian style tapered box.The Anna model is also very different from the Maria in color.

Again, I was unable to find any comments, reviews, or specifications about this shoe.

Sansha Demi-Pointe

Sansha makes this pretty demi-pointe for students transitioning from a soft slipper to a regular pointe shoe. This shoe doesn’t have a shank. I don’t know how a young student overcomes the temptation of trying to stand on pointe with a shoe like this. I’m sure many have tried. If I was given a shankless pointe shoe with a hard box, I would not have been able to resist trying to go on pointe. I can only speak from experience when at 10 years old I stuffed my ballet slippers with toilet paper and proceeded  to go on pointe. Ouch………

Merlet Dedicace

Merlet Dedicace

I love the box shape on these Merlet pointe shoes. They are a peachy-pink color which I find lovely. The great thing about the Dedicace is it comes with many different shank options. You can order them with a full shank, a 3/4 shank, or even a 1/2 shank.