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Ekaterina Ballerina-What Is She Up To Now?

Persian Dancers Are Choosy About Fit

In one of my earlier posts dated August of 2010, the very young  Ekaterina the ballerina was experimenting with  different brands of pointe shoes. Just like any other pointe student, she had to try a lot of different models to find the purrr-fect pair. You can see a photo of her first fitting here; Ekaterina Tries Freeds of London.

Ekaterina Newell

Backstage During Intermission

Like many ballet dancers, she is also choosy about her appearance on stage. As you can see in this photo, Ekaterina knows she looks fabulous in her custom-made tutu.  How does Ekaterina ballerina keep up with the physical demands of ballet? From what I understand, plenty of catnapping in between performances and rehearsals.

What brand is Ekaterina wearing now? I think she is now wearing Russian Pointe miniatures in white satin.  The shanks are soft and flexible so she can jump from one pillow to the next with ease.

Tutu made by Ekaterina’s mum in England : owner/ head designer of Costume Creations UK.

Dancin’ In Miniature Pointe Shoes

Miniature Pointe Shoes by Dancin

Miniature Pointe Shoes by Dancin

Not only are these cute, tiny pink pointe shoes fit for a doll, they are mysterious as well. I just stumbled upon this photo among the hundreds of images I have stored on my computer.

I had intended on finding out something about this company brand name, Dancin’. When I see a mini pointe shoe with a brand name, I become hopeful that the company makes a regular pointe shoe model as well.  Most do. I will have to let you know what I find after I do some research about this shoe company.

Miniature Pointe Shoe Fun

Freed Mini Pointe Shoes

Miniature Pointe Shoes by Freed

What Is It About Mini Pointe Shoes That Are So Irresistible?

I guess pointe shoe makers caught on to a great idea when they decided to make tiny replicas of the real thing.

I personally find mini pointe shoes so incredibly cute, as probably many other pointe shoe lovers do as well. I think they make wonderful gifts and decorations.

There are now quite a few dance supply companies that offer mini pointe shoes. Some are much more realistic looking than others, but all of them are still adorable and unique items for dancers.

The Freed Company seems to have their mini’s down to an art form. When makers offer their miniature versions in several colors, it can be hard to choose which shade to buy.

If you could only choose one, which Freed mini would you prefer? The traditional pink or the racier red?

Multi-Colored Spanish Pointe Shoe Miniatures

Pink Miniature Pointe ShoesSilver Miniature Pointe ShoesHot Pink Miniature Pointe ShoesGold Miniature Pointe ShoesBlack Miniature Pointe ShoesThese pointe shoe miniatures are from The Spanish Dancewear Company in Grenada, Spain. The website doesn’t give a size on them so it is unclear if they are really tiny or if they are the larger 3″ size. If I was going to buy a pair of these pretty miniature pointe shoes, I would have a hard time choosing what color. Looking at the photos I notice that the black pair appear pre-arched and the silver pair have the same toe box shape as the Rumpf Maria which I find interesting.  What color do you prefer?

Miniature Pointe Shoes-Pocket Sized Works Of Art

Freed Miniature Pointe ShoesHow beautiful miniature pointe shoes are! Just think, someone made these tiny little works of art using the same construction techniques that are used for life-sized pointe shoes. I have seen miniature pointe shoes made into purses, pencil cases, and wall art. The pointe shoe manufacturers have been clever enough to create these versions using the leftover materials from the factory so very little goes to waste. At the same time, miniature pointe shoes make wonderful gifts for ballet lovers of all ages.