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Akces Pointe Shoes-Handmade In Kraków, Poland

Made in Poland-Akces pointe shoes


Can anything be more exciting than finding a unique pointe shoe brand on the other side of the globe? For me, the answer is no.

Not only does a new brand gain a spot on the list here, it provides a real education on design and perspective from country to country.

The shoes are manufactured in Kraków and list the address of their main headquarters as 8a Gościnna street 30-698 Krakow

The company makes many different types of shoes, including the Classic Pointe, Model V, and Elastic Vamp.


What Makes Akces Pointe Shoes Interesting And Unique

One of the things that caught my eye about this brand is the model with the elastic vamp. Not many ( if any) ready-to-wear pointe shoes come with an elasticated insert in the vamp.

Akces Classic Pointe Shoes

After reading the specifications of each model, it appears that all the shoes have one basic construction form, then are named based on the type of vamp they offer. The Classic has a u-shaped vamp, and the V has the obvious v-shaped vamp.

According to Google-translated specifications on each model, they come in five colors: White, Black, Pink, Nude, and Ecru. Other colors can be custom ordered. Shanks are available in 0-4 levels of hardness, and are constructed in narrow to very wide widths.

Akces Unisex Pointe Shoes

Akces Unisex Pointe Shoe

They are one of the rare companies that offer a male version, although it could be the V model, but in Black.

I found this model featured under the unisex category of pointe shoes on Tanecznysklep.pl.


Who would like to try and pronounce that website name?

The Company History Reads Like A Saga Of Heroism And Survival

Akces began in 1940 by a 12-year-old boy named Marian Proficz and his brother. From a humble family farmhouse, the company grew and expanded into many different brands that are well-known for their range of dance shoes and accessories. You can read this inspiring story in English on their About Us page.

Akces Has Many Different Websites And Divisions

Akces has multiple websites that are linked together and they also have a Facebook page. I give kudos to them for having an English version! Their main website is Akces.biz. From there, the company lists all their various brand names and corresponding websites.

The beauty of this company is that they still operate on the same property where it all began so many decades ago. It is now in the hands of the founders son.

To go straight to their pointe shoe sales page, visit Akcesdance.pl/pointy.

or visit Akces Dance on Facebook.