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Will So Danca’s New Elektra Model Be A Hit Or Miss?

So Danca Elektra

So Danca Elektra

It must be difficult to invent new pointe shoe models. You have to come up with a design that is 100% performance-friendly and functional, yet offers some unique feature that makes them stand out from the hundreds already on the market. The brand new Elektra model by So Danca has taken the idea of sleek aesthetics to a very serious level. However, the design can make you wonder if a pointe shoe can be too sleek to work.

The Elektra:   Constructed With A Minimalist Approach

The Elektra is a pointe shoe design that is taking a gamble in the ballet world. The adjustment and shaping components that many pointe students are used to have been removed to give the shoe a smooth, unbroken line from the outside. There are :

  1. No seams anywhere on the shoe.
  2.  No drawstrings in casings with reinforced stitching around the top.

This Video Gives You A Great Idea Of The Minimalist Edges Of The Upper Shoe

To their credit, So Danca has constructed the Elektra with a unique elastic casing inside the shoe. This leaves the outer edges flat and bulk-free. According to the details mentioned on the Elektra debut page, the model also offers interchangeable shanks, heat molding capabilities, and ready-to-wear flexibility.

If you are familiar with the So Danca pointe shoe collection, this is a very different shoe idea compared to their traditional models.

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