Gökçe Aykut Pointe Shoes- The Turkish Gaynor Mindens?

Gökçe Aykut Pointe Shoes

Gökçe Aykut Pointe Shoes, Izmir

Gökçe Aykut  (pronounced Goke-chay Ay-cut ) pointe shoes are an interesting brand that I stumbled upon one day while browsing through Facebook.

The first thing that caught my eye was the sleek, smooth aesthetics reminiscent of the Gaynor Minden brand. The second thing that I found captivating was the unique spin on promotion and photography this company uses. Visit the gallery page on the company website to see their contemporary  photo montage. * Other parts of the website are very glitchy*

Gökçe Aykut Pointe Shoes Gökçe Aykut Is The Woman Behind The Brand

From the very best I can decipher using Google translate, the founder is described as a 1999 graduate of a prominent University in Turkey, who then went on to create her own line of pointe shoes.

I wish I had more to share with you, but unfortunately, there is little information about her that I could find online.

Pointe Shoe Specifications

This brand is made in Izmir, Turkey making them a genuine Turkish pointe shoe brand.  Because the official website is very image based, the specifications were better listed in detail on a retailer site. Gökçe Aykut has two models that are simply called :

  • Pointe Shoe No. 1 – Medium vamp, high heel, 3 shank strengths of Hard, Medium, or Flexible.
  • Pointe Shoe No. 2 – Deep vamp, high heel, 3 shank strengths of Hard, Medium, or Flexible.

To see the full list of specifications for both models, you can visit the sales page on Parazitka.com.

A Side By Side Comparison Of Gökçe Aykut On The Left Vs. Gaynor Minden On The Right – What Do You Think? Close, No?

Similarities- Constructed of non-traditional materials, seamless appearance, lack of pleating under the toe box, inner hidden drawstring on the side, no-slip platform.

Differences– Gökçe Aykut pointe shoes come with leather board shanks and are handmade. G.M. pointe shoes have polymer shanks. Another huge difference is price. Listed as 60,000 Euros, that makes them approximately 64.00 U.S. dollars. Gaynor Minden’s are usually twice that much.

I would like to say that I am thrilled to be adding a Turkish brand to the sidebar. I wish the Gökçe Aykut  Company good success and happy dancing for its customers.

Gökçe Aykut on Facebook

7 responses to “Gökçe Aykut Pointe Shoes- The Turkish Gaynor Mindens?

  1. Turkish-Delight.

    Interesting new shoe that looks like a total replication of the Gaynor Minden complete with drawstring positioned on the side.

    Judging by the shoes name I would say this pointe shoe is strictly for the Turkish dance market.

    Shame they don’t come with polymer shanks.

    How would you describe the color of the satin?

  2. The shoes come in an incredible array of colors. Similar to the Gaynor Minden shade range, they have various ” skin tone” colors. Some are flat or matte for dancers that don’t want shine.

    • I tried to tell you about this one last year when I ran across it on instagram in a comment, also evidence ballet is now making pointe shoes in leather in skin tone called pirouette misty after the dancer from abt, but they only seem to sell their shoes down in brazil, they are skin tone one darker more mooca colored and one a bit lighter and they come with elastic for quick off and on though some dancers dont like that and prefer the traditional satin ribbon.

  3. These shoes have been all over my instagram lately. Their black shoes with pink and green trim are so fun. If I ever visit Turkey, I hope to visit their shop and have a fitting!

  4. Hello from Turkey, Istanbul. I am the founder of the company named Parazitka (parazitka.com) First of all we are super thankful to creator of this article and for very detailed true information that you provide the dancers both professional and amateurs. We are the authorized dealer of GA Pointe shoes since the 2018 and this year we finally finding chance to sell them online to EU countries. I would like to give you some more tips that would help you to choose best shoes for your biscuits. Our pointe shoes are best for beginners because of the soft box(silicone) which provides the young dancers less pain, less blistering, long life and many side benefits. BUT! if you have very deep arch, our shank system might not support you strongly. Please keep in mind GA Pointe shank is softer than Grishko, or Freed if u want to compare… Another good feature about GA shoes is that they are cleanable with wet cloth and you can customize shoe color by +12 EUR additional cost. Hope you will like our shoes and please fell free to ask your questions via mail ( info@parazitka.com )
    May the balance be with you…

  5. Thank you for visiting and for the detailed information.

  6. I have a few pairs of Gokceaykut pointe shoes. In general they’re like Gaynors with Box 4 but I would say it is in between a Gaynor Box 3+ and 4. As a difference between the two brands I realized the place of the bend on the prearched shank. It is a bit more foreward. I have a very low arche and with Gaynors I struggled to get over the Box. With Gokceaykut pointe shoes I get over the Box without problems and they feel more supportive for me. Also Gokceaykut has more different shanks than Gaynor. But I’m wearing the one similar to my Gaynors. And not to forget Gokceaykut pointe shoes are available in so much beautiful colors 🙂

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