Dansez-Vous Pointe Shoes From Troyes, France

Dansez-Vous MARGOT pointe shoes

Margot by Dansez-Vous

It’s wonderful to discover another brand from the beautiful country of France. I have this thing about Europe in general, so you can imagine how happy I was to find a brand named Dansez-Vous. Translated to English, I believe that means Do You Dance?

Dansez-Vous has a collection of soft slippers with names like Vanie, Nevis, Ana, Nina, and Lili.

They also manufacture two pointe  models at the moment; the Margot and the Elene.

Don”t you love it when pointe shoes  have girly names?

The two models are almost identical in specifications, but are made for different levels of pointe work. Both have u-shaped vamps with elastic drawstrings and  2 widths to choose from. The platforms are generous on both models.

Dansez-Vous Margot Pointe Shoes

MARGOT : Soft flexible sole for beginners

Dansez-Vous Elene Pointe Shoes

Elene : Soft 3/4 Sole Pre-Pointe






Dansez-Vous has an interesting way of doing business. Instead of having their own storefront for the public, they have a Plateforme Logistique ,  also known as a Logistics Headquarters in English.

The address of their Logistics Headquarters is 154, Rue de Preize, 10000 Troyes, France. This address comes back to a dance shop named Coppelia. Très intéressant, no?

This Video Gives A Great Idea Of How Large The Platforms Are

According to their website, they manufacture products in *several factories, so I am guessing that inventory is moved from the factory to the Coppelia shop for main distribution to registered retailers.

* When a company mentions several outside factories without providing a factory location, my Alarm Bell Possibly-made- in- China warning bell goes ding, ding, ding!

I placed an email inquiry on the Dansez-Vous Website about where the Margot and Elene are made to be sure they are a genuine French brand. I won’t hold my breath, but I look forward to an answer.

Dansez-Vous on Facebook


Update 11/29/2019 – No response from the company. I will take a guess and say that these shoes are not made in France.

2 responses to “Dansez-Vous Pointe Shoes From Troyes, France

  1. You’re right, both models have some of the most robust platforms I have seen on pointe shoes.

    Please keep your readers updated as to whether the Margot and Elene are indeed authentic French pointes.

    I strongly suspect they are manufactured in Asia. But I’m hoping for a surprise!

  2. Hello Nutkraker,
    I check my inbox daily for a reply, but so far the company has not responded. I sent them another inquiry through messenger on Facebook a few moments ago.

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