Categorizing Pointe Shoe Brands From China

When I started this blog 8 years ago, I knew that I wanted to document and list any and all brands of pointe shoes that I could find.  Over the years, the discoveries have been both thrilling and frustrating.

On the frustrating side, no sooner do I add a new brand to the list, than two brands become discontinued. Domains expire and we never hear from these manufacturers  again. This is a big challenge when it comes to the wholesale  market and what I am doing on this blog.

The International Wholesale Market Coming From China Can Be Overwhelming

I am not heartlessly criticizing the right of a country to have free trade with another country.  China has the right to offer whatever version of a pointe shoe their factories want to offer to the public. I find that these brands can be classified into 3 different categories:

1 .    Pointe Shoe Manufacturers With A Professional Reputation

  • Shoe models that are created under the guidance and/ or experience of a former dancer, choreographer, or instructor.
  • A real place to go and get fitted if you live in the area.
  • A reputation for working with both beginners and professional ballet dancers in the community.
  • Well-known for their quality and fit. Fuzi is a good example.

2. Have A Dance-Based Website Focusing On Ballet Products

  • The company maintains its own website and domain.
  • You can purchase what you need on an individual basis.
  • They may or may not have a brick and mortar store you can visit.

3. Factory-Produced Pointe Shoes  Sold By Wholesale Quantities

  • You can find them on Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, or some other international market site where they only have a single product page.
  • They may or may not have a makers stamp.
  • There is no “shop” for a dancer to get a professional fitting.
  • Many require a minimum order of many pairs.

What Makes A Legitimate Pointe Shoe Brand To Add To The List Here?

That is the question of the day. All of the above categories are sold under some type of brand name, even if we have never heard of it. From a business standpoint, they are all brands.

However, some factories make pointe shoes under multiple brand names which is an incredible feat to keep up with when their product pages come and go. Keeping information fresh and checking links is a full-time job when you have this many posts. In particular, researching factory wholesale brands in a vast country like China can be a huge undertaking.

I have decided to separate brands by type to keep information orderly and to prevent link-checking burnout.

  1. The Sidebar Links– Regular company domains.
  2. Brands Without Websites Page-Manufacturers that are not known for wholesale  minimum orders, and advertise a contact email or telephone number only.
  3. International Wholesale Page-A list of brands discovered on international trade sites that typically sell in bulk.

Two Brands From China That Can Be Added To The Sidebar

Although not well-known ( if at all), both of these brands qualify for the sidebar list because they are sold on websites that focus on  dance products.

Bezoiner pointe shoes


Bezioner was trademarked in Australia in 2017 by the Shenzhens Trade Company of ShenZhen, China.

There is no About Us page, but the actual trade company is quite a large conglomerate online. As far as the pointe shoe model, detailed specifications are not featured on the product page.


Day Dance Pointe Shoes

Day Dance

Day Dance pointe shoes are manufactured by Shenzhen DanceBeauty Clothing Company, also known as China DayDance Cultural Industry Co., L.T.D based in ShenZhen.

This brand can also be found on wholesale marketing sites with minimum order amounts. The manufacturer gives color, size, and materials, but no details of design.


One thing that is certain about pointe shoe brands is that the market will always be an ever-changing dynamic;  shoes coming in and shoes going outBusiness opens, business closes. New model is introduced, model is quickly discontinued.

What does all of this really mean? It means I can never retire. I will be the 100-year-old nursing home patient pushing the nurse button for a laptop to check my links.

4 responses to “Categorizing Pointe Shoe Brands From China

  1. I dont know about the chinese but there is a new custom pointe shoe maker in Turkey, and they make shoes in all colors and even leather many of the colors are quite beautiful

  2. Thank you for sharing the new brand.

    • gokceaykutpointe that is the name of the brand from izmir turkey, they look kind of like gaynor mindens in texture and construction but really neat colors

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