Siberian Swan Pointe Shoes-From Russia With Love

Ballerina wearing Siberian Swan pointe shoesI can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am to learn about another brand of Russian-made pointe shoes, the Siberian Swan brand.  I would like to thank one of my  readers for sharing the information with me.

Siberian Swan. What an amazing name. I can almost imagine the dancer floating gracefully across the stage appearing to walk on air by the very tips of her toes.

There is a mystique and a certain expectation of quality when we hear that a ballet shoe is handmade in Russia. After all, Russian ballet training produces some of the finest dancers in the world. Grace and elegance epitomizes the flowing movements of both the Russian ballerina and the swan. The comparison is perfect.

The Siberian Swan Pipeline From Russia To The U.S.A.

The company debuted in the fall of 2016 as a collaboration between a former Bolshoi dancer and the Artistic Director of The Russian State Ballet Of Siberia. Because one of the founders lives in The United States, there is an immediate opportunity for American dancers to get their hands on ( and feet into) these shoes.

Pavlova, Karsavina And Spessivtseva


Siberian Swan has named their three models in tribute of  some of the most unforgettable Russian ballerinas the world has ever known; Anna Pavlova, Tamara Karsavina and Olga Spessivtseva.

I was able to get an answer from Siberian Swan to my inquiry about the differences between the Pavlova and Karsavina. The Karsavina has a slightly wider platform than the Pavlova. They also mentioned that the Spessivtseva model is for future development, although no mention of how far in the future this will be.

Vintage Footage Of  Spessivtseva

What Makes Them Unique And Innovative

These models have some unique qualities that make them different from other pointe shoes on the market:

  • Heel Construction-The inner heel portion has a little gripper flap Siberian Swan Pointe Shoesto help hold the shoe in place. There is also an elasticized drawstring that centers at the side of the heel for extra tightening.
  • Matte Or Traditional Fabric-You can order your pointes traditionally shiny, or go for the matte pancake look.
  • Standard Or Plus Platforms-Models are constructed with either a regular platform, or a slightly larger one based on personal preference.
  • Toe Covers-You can choose to add handmade toe covers as part of your custom order.
  • Cedar Oil Protection-The models contain Siberian cedar oil extract which has healing properties to protect irritated skin.
Siberian Swan Pavlova Plus

Pavlova Plus by Siberian Swan

It’s incredible how many choices they offer so you can get exactly what you need in a pointe shoe. Another fascinating quality about this brand is that they create a traditional handmade product with a lot of  innovative tweaks.

They offer many more choices with custom colors, four widths and three shank strengths.  Learn more about the custom model options on their official website, Siberian

Russian Flag

Боже, благослови Россию

What’s also inspiring is that all these custom choices don’t cost extra. It’s obvious that a lot of thought went into creating these choices; most likely from gathering information from dancers and because the founders are/ were dancers themselves.

What I love about Siberian Swan is that it is all about the shoe. No hundreds of categories of fluffy dance stuff, just gorgeous Russian-made pointe shoes.

Siberian Swan continues to innovate the design and construction of their brand. As quoted below from co-founder Alex Kedrov when speaking about their vision, they intend to perfect their design for the benefit of every dancer who needs the ultimate pointe shoe.

Taking quite a lot of experiments, and engineering to ensure support, durability, and the elegance at the same time. Another important thing, as you know, is ability to roll through the demi-pointe, so the pointe shoes are flexible enough while rolling through the demi-pointe, and strong enough to provide sufficient support while on pointe. Our shank is made of special plastic, so the shoes don’t need to be broken in. Active arch support on top of the plastic shank is our technology patented in Russia to provide support for ballerina underneath the heel while on pointe, so the weight is not on the toes only. It is incredibly interesting process.”


You can visit Siberian Swan on Facebook where they have more photos and updates of their shoe debuts/ fittings across the country. What do you think? Should we get excited?  I wish Siberian Swan much success with their company.


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8 responses to “Siberian Swan Pointe Shoes-From Russia With Love

  1. OMG – these shoes are so exciting and innovative. First the names after 3 of my idols – but also the shoes are so beautiful. I really would like to see a pair – I will be looking out for these in the ballet world

  2. I agree. I love the names!

  3. Hello, I log on to your blogs regularly. Your story-telling style is awesome, keep
    up the good work!

  4. Hard to believe all of the options don’t cost extra. Would love to try them in person.

  5. After much back and forth with the company, we finally got a pair. Unfortunately they sent the wrong size, and they are canvas (we asked for satin and were only told after the fact that satin in this size was not available). We had wanted to do a custom shoe; my daughter has been wearing pointe shoes long enough to know what she needs. The owner assured us that from the measurements we sent that she would fit a particular model and size that was available. She’ll be back from her intensive next week and will try them on then. I’m not holding my breath!

  6. Unfortunately they did not fit. Always hard when you can’t try them on before buying. Hopefully they will become more widely available at dance stores.

  7. I recently order a pair for my daughter. She absolutely loves them. We did need to do an exchange for size through the mail but it was super easy to arrange and didn’t cost us a thing.

  8. As an older dancer with arthritis in my left big toe, I can happily say I really like these pointe shoes. They are super comfortable for my beat up feat through my years of dancing, as well as not having to go through that break-in process for a film project or performance I may have coming up. I like to be ready in case there is a last minute phone call for a gig. I have the Pavlova model and my feet are very tapered. I really enjoy how quiet and again, how comfortable these pointe shoes are because my feet do not fit properly in Gaynor Mindens, I am in between box sizes and will not spend anymore money taking chances on more and more customizations. Even though they were very comfortable for my feet as well as shock absorbent, they just aren’t right fit. I don’t feet stable in the size that is technically supposed to fit me, and I don’t like how they don’t break in (or break down). My feet don’t look good in them either, and I have had enough of trying to make them work for me. I have been saddened by the GM experience altogether since I thought they had shoes and customizations to fit literally ANY one. Well, I am the lucky one lol (sarcasm). So, I have been using BLOCH Axioms for the past few years and they seemed to be the best fit for me in the meantime. When Alex contacted me from Siberian Swan, it was a long awaited blessing in disguise. He sent me a pair of shoes, after going back and forth with sizing a bit. And now I can still feel the floor, not have pain, and though I realize they will probably break down much faster, they give me the correct amount of support and flexibility. They compliment my feet very well/mold to my feet, and I feel very aligned in them. To me, they are the next best thing to Gaynor Mindens. I am just at that point in my life where I don’t want to go through the break in process anymore (as it is very distressing on my arthritic toe joint) and just need a shoe that is comfortable, and performance-ready. I love how much easier it is to articulate my foot, really feel the floor, be able to jump better, and do certain movements without worrying about the shoes.

    I do have a couple of suggestions for the company. One would be to make a definite difference between the matte and satin finish of the pointe shoes. I can barely tell the finishes apart from each other right now. I also think they should make the shanks available in Hard, since I believe these shoes are going to break down very fast (I have them in Medium). I would hope to see these shoes in more dance stores, since it’s a budding pointe shoe company, and nothing can replace the proper in-person pointe shoe fitting. I look forward to seeing Siberian Swan climb up in popularity and join in the competition among the bigger names of the pointe shoe world.