Aux Fleurons De La Danse Of Paris

aux fleurons de la danse shop paris

Aux Fleurons De La Danse Paris shop front

In my world, few things ballet-related tug at my heartstrings more than the image of a solitary cobbler working quietly at his bench constructing a pointe shoe. Even though many reputable manufacturers employ large numbers of cobblers, there is something really beautiful about the lone pointe shoe maker who runs his own little shop servicing the individual needs of one dancer at a time.

Somewhere in the heart of downtown Paris, France is ( or was) such a shop. Here, a dancer could come in and have her pointe shoes made especially for her by Monsieur Dimitri Angelakov .

Who Is Dimitri Angelakov ?

From my hours researching the background of Monsieur Angelakov, I found only  bits and pieces of  his legacy online. There is a patent for the business name from the 1970’s. He is mentioned fondly on a French dance forum and on Facebook.

I don’t know his nationality or the journey he took to learn the craft of pointe shoe making. What I do know is that he was a very special man to the dancers who relied on him for their custom-made pointe shoes in that section of Paris.

Aux Fleurons De La Danse Translated Means:  The Jewels Of The Dance

There is something so beautifully personal about the relationship between a pointe shoe maker and his client. The care and love that goes into making each shoe is obvious in the video.

Each layer, each pleat, every brush of glue and turn of satin is gently and patiently tended with the delicate touch of an artist.

 These precious artisans are tucked away in obscure places, yet mean so much to the traditions of ballet.

As I write this, I am not 100% sure that Monsieur Angelakov is still here.  The last activity noted for Aux Fleurons De La Danse on Facebook was in 2011.  The web domain for his business,, expired last month.

Monsieur Angelakov in his shop

Although custom-made pointe shoes are available online, nothing can compare to knowing and talking to the person who makes your shoes. If Monsieur Angelakov has indeed gone to that big cobbler shop in the sky, somewhere on the streets of Paris walks many a broken-hearted dancer.


5 responses to “Aux Fleurons De La Danse Of Paris

  1. I loved your post about Mr Angelakov of “Aux Fleurons de la Danse” in Paris.
    I’ve been there yesterday to order a pair of pointe shoes to my daughter.
    It takes 10 days to the first try and costs 70 €.
    Mr Angelakov learned his job from his father. I think he must be up to 70 years old and I’ve asked him when he’ll stop working, he said “Until my death”…
    There no website only a page at Facebook “Aux fleurons de la Danse”.

  2. I confirm he’s still open and I think he will until his death. Strange but nice guy but gosh he knows a lot and recognize feet just by looking on flat and know what you need. 70€ for a made to measure shoes. If you have had shoes from him and your feet changes he can lengthen them a bit (mainly kids whose shoes aren’t dead just a tiny bit short) for 20€. If the shoe he made you is only dead in the shank but good otherwise he can also just change the shank for 20€. If you’re a n adult regular he can also shipp your shoes to your place. I came with my actual shoes he was almost horrified !! And these are the best I can find on the market for me. He told me to break them in a bit a when I come to grab he’s pair he will modified these too to make them work better. Cannot wait

  3. As a Man taking ballet and pointe lessons I am, unfortunately, used to choose “big size and width” pointe shoes, not the best for me, but those who will fit me … Fingers kept crossed not to be way too uncomfortable …
    I went to Aux fleurons de la danse des weeks ago and asked Monsieur for pointe shoes “for me”. First thing he did was to ask me to show him my shoes of the moment and wear them. Not saying a word, I could see him taking notes on a sheet of paper. After a few minutes, he came to me and said “being a man does not mean you need to suffer. The one who sold you those shoes just want to make you suffer. Please let me work on your shoes, come back in 2 days, it will cost you much less than those shoes did”. So I did, came back 2 days later. Monsieur showed me my shoes he had transformed, cut the shank, sewn ribbon, … To make them be MY shoes, made to MY feet, without the funny look I usually get from ladies in traditional dancewear stores.

    I will definitely call again to meet Monsieur, he is a great man, a great professional and an intelligent human being.

  4. On Google, it said the shop is permanently closed. A year ago, someone on that YouTube video you added asked and the owner of the channel said he’s still open. Can someone please confirm if he and his shop are OK?

  5. Hello Kitty,
    I searched for quite a while online, but could find no recent information about Mr. Angelakov. Hopefully he is happily retired, not deceased. The Facebook page hasn’t had activity for 9 years.

    My guess is that this brand is now a wonderful collectors item ( if you can find a pair). Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

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