Capezio’s New Pointe Shoe Model-The Cambré

As a person who has followed Capezio products for a long time, there was always a long waiting game before Capezio would add a new pointe shoe model to their collection.  However, they seem to be picking up steam at the factory these days. As you recall, the Tiffany, Bella and Airess made their debuts in rapid succession. Now,  another one has  popped off the cobblers bench this month: the Cambré.

Here a few of the specifications of the Cambré:
  • Dancer’s can choose from two toe box shapes; tapered or broad.
  • The 3/4 standard shank comes in medium or hard.
  • Capezio emphasizes the sole design of this model as being thinner,  shorter and scored for traction.
  • Cambré  is a low profile shoe with a long vamp.
Capezio Cambré Pointe Shoe

The Cambré tapered toe box version

What is interesting about the Cambré is the lack of pleating that is typical on most toe boxes. It is made smooth not unlike the Gaynor Minden toe style. It also has a diagonal or bias side seam in the same fashion as the Mikhail Baryshnikov pointe shoe collection of the 1990’s.

This model reminds me of the Bloch Axiom in concept. It’s all about toe box and platform, less about heel support and shanks to lean on. This is a specialty pointe shoe that is not going to be for the masses.  Perhaps this is a purposeful move away from the idea that Capezio pointe shoes are popular with beginners, not professionals.

Of course, when a new pointe model comes out, I must do my name and image critique ( so much fun!) . Did Capezio give this shoe a good name? In fairness, Capezio always takes professional photographs.

Cambré definition : to arch or bend

Yes indeed, the marketing photo shows a dancer with a high arch trying to bend its way out of those shoes but for the pink satin restraints. The name Cambré works perfectly for a pointe shoe with thin outsoles and 3/4 shanks.

So, what do you think about Capezio’s latest model? Fantastic? So so? Do you think Capezio is making  too many new models too quickly?


6 responses to “Capezio’s New Pointe Shoe Model-The Cambré

  1. I think Cambre will be very popular – the name will encourage people to think the shoe will bend with the foot and give a desired appearance. I dont think they are producing too many styles. With the demand of today and dancers being aware of the choices available to them. Far more choice than in our day.

  2. another topic–In the 1960’s, there was a well-known English maker-Anello and David. Dancers from Europe often wore them. I don’t see the name on your list. I wonder if they still exist.
    In the 1960’s in NY, we had Selva and Capezio, and eventually, and Freed. Leo’s were for students only. Any other shoe was a cause for excitement!!!

  3. Anello and Davide still have a company website offering made-to-order shoes, but I don’t know if they make pointe shoes anymore. According to conversations on dance forums, they stopped making them years ago.

    Even finding a vintage pair to buy is very difficult.

    Anello and Davide @

  4. I am looking forward to these! Light, flexible shoes are where it’s at!

    I have a pair of Anello & Davide in my collection, a very lucky find.

  5. Wish they would make a cambre for those of us requiring shorter vamps!

  6. This shoes is amazing. My daughter tried Every shoe out there and the Capezio Cambre was a marriage of every part of different shoes she liked, making her perfect shoe. The box and wings and 1/2 shank are really supportive while the upper sole melts right into her arch like butter. Really flat wide platform. Her feet look and perform amazing in this shoe. Low profile, good platform, she got the broad platform, high supportive wings with flexible enough vamp that she could dance right away with no breaking in of box, long lasting even in hot humid summer intensive, quiet on stage, low sides, elasticized binding not just elasticized drawstring, fits like a glove….She seriously has no pain while dancing and a ton of support in the lower part of foot so is well lifted yet still somehow she can articulate really well… miracle shoe for her

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