D’Mauro Pointe Shoes From Cali, Columbia

D'mauro Ballet pointe shoes

D’mauro pointe shoes with interesting curly-cue drawstrings

Are you ready for another pointe shoe brand from South America? In one of my earlier posts, I featured a model from Colombia made by Calidance. It looks like I discovered a possible competitor in the same beautiful city of Cali, Colombia.

D’mauro Ballet  Is All About Dance Shoes

D’mauro Ballet manufactures professional dance shoes for companies in and around the Cali area. They offer both ready-to-wear and custom-made ballet slippers and pointe shoes.  They also make jazz and salsa shoes.

The D’mauro Pointe Model

D'mauro Ballet pointe shoesThere are two things that caught my eye about the D’mauro model:

  1. The drawstrings appear thicker than many I’ve seen on other brands.
  2. The beautiful workmanship of the D’mauro logo imprint on the sole. It has an elegant look because the lettering is applied so precisely.

D'mauro Ballet pointe shoes

Sadly, thanks to my trusted translator friend ( Mr. Google) , there is 100% certainty that the official D’mauro website offers zero specifications about their pointe model. There is no name or number to the shoes. As a matter of fact, the page where they are featured pictures them in a very unusual way.

They are dyed in red-pink with blue bindings and yellow ribbons. At first, my eyes were in shock. What are they thinking? Oh dear, oh my…

Then I thought perhaps this is a representation of the colors of the Colombian flag. Yes, of course. It makes sense.

If you want to see some Colombian- flag-colored pointe shoes, visit Dmauroballet, chose Zapatillas, then click on De Punta to see what I mean. The D’mauro pointe model is photographed in its plainly pretty state on their Facebook page.

A Little Intriguing Note For You:

In Spanish and Italian, a name like D’mauro means of or by Mauro. Could it be that this brand was created by the seasoned dance choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti?  I sent an inquiry to D’mauro and will update this post if they choose to bless me with an answer.

Is it me or do those drawstrings look like little lamb tails?

One response to “D’Mauro Pointe Shoes From Cali, Columbia

  1. interesting – so many South American Brands – it makes sense – there are a lot of high level dance schools and companies in SA.

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