The Grishko 1737 Collection

Have you ever wondered why the same pointe shoe manufacturer creates subdivisions or separate collections within their main product group? You can really see this concept with Russian Pointe and Sansha. Now, Grishko has added another side brand to their company.

Grishko Creates The 1737 Dancewear Line

I hadn’t checked on the Grishko line since the Miracle model debuted some time ago. It appears that Grishko has created a special collection of garments and  dance shoes based on collaboration with dancers at The Bolshoi and Mariinsky Theatres. If you want to know what dancers crave, you can’t get any smarter  than asking them directly.

What Do Bolshoi And Mariinsky Dancers Suggest For Pointe Shoes?

The 1737 collection has three pointe shoe models; Katya, Dream and The Legend. First of all, naming a pointe model with “The” in the title is very rare. It isn’t Grishko Legend, but Grishko The Legend.

According to online descriptions, The Legend is classified as a classic Russian pointe shoe. It has a u-shaped medium vamp and a low profile.

The Katya has a V-shaped medium vamp and platform and is a very flexible and lightweight shoe. I love the name Katya. It’s so Russian, so exotic and so ballerina-like.

The Dream is the professional-level model.  It encompasses all of the positive aspects of the 2007 model, but incorporates high-tech thermoplastic materials. Grishko, a world leader known for only  producing the finest traditional Russian hand-pasted shoes has made a plastic model!

In this 2011 article, Grishko And The Threat Of Plastic,  Grishko staunchly defends the tradition of paste and has a few choice words to say about Gaynor Minden-like pointe shoes.

So What Happened? Why This Change?

In defense of Grishko, the Dream is branded under the 1737 division. They have  separated these three models from the home collection because of the collaboration with Bolshoi and Mariinsky dancers.

That leads me to the second point. If you are Grishko and you ask professional Russian dancers what their “dream” shoe is all about, you are planning to give them what they want, no? From these three models you can see that they wanted a pointe shoe with these features :

  • Light and flexible, medium U or V-shaped vamps, low profile.
  • High impact protection and longer lasting; hence the replacement of paste to orthopedic thermoplastic.

The Dancers Themselves Asked For A High Tech Option

What really gets me curious is why this collection is called 1737. It has a specific meaning for Nicolai Grishko, but what?


I left an inquiry on Grishko”s Facebook page to learn more about the 1737 name.

3 responses to “The Grishko 1737 Collection

  1. Grishko really are producing some fantastic shoes – I think if I was dancing now I would choose Grishko

  2. LOL 1737 is the year Bolshoi Theatre was started, so none of the above answers.
    And I can tell you why Grishko named this line 1737, besides it being the year Bolshoi started…
    Basically in the USA a company I.M. Wilson owns Grishko brand name and trade mark, they are also the distributer of Grishko products in the US.
    The company didn’t want to bring in the new Dream Pointe, because it it a copy of Gaynor Minden. So Nikolai Grishko got in contact with Discount Dance and through his contact there, they created 1737. This way Grishko can sell to the US market without paying the distributer anything, and since I.M. Wilson company doesn’t own 1737 trademark.. They easily get away with it.
    Discount Dance is the biggest dancewear retailer, so they only sell to them. Outside Discount Dance, 1737 does not exist. Oh and it is absolutely not created by anyone from Bolshoi or Mariinsky.

  3. I am curious about if the Katya is similar to the 2007 or nova? I wanted to try it but I can’t find details on the box shape…it appears tapered but it is hard to tell just from pics.

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