Ellis Bella Pointe Shoes From Australia

Australia is an amazing country surrounded by beautiful beaches, interesting wildlife and the most entertaining, energetic people. It makes those of us who have never visited the country yearn to experience some genuine Aussie culture.

As it relates to pointe shoe brands from Australia, Bloch is usually the first name that we think of. However, there is another Australian brand out there; Ellis Bella of Maroubra, South Wales, Australia.

Ellis Bella: Trade Name Of Dancewear Products By TWC Network 

Ellis Bella Dancewear Shop

Look closely. Can you see the Ellis Bella sign?

This company has a few fun/quirky features that make it stand out:

  • The shop is located in very close proximity to the beaches of Sydney. You can swim, surf and get fitted for pointe shoes all in the same day.
  • They share commercial space with a computer store. This review on Yelp gives us an idea of what is behind those doors.
  • If you notice, both the computer store and the brand name Ellis Bella are owned and operated by TWC. Computers and ballet shoes? Perhaps this is a marriage of interests from a couple who decided to share everything, however odd the mix.
  • Get your laptop fixed and pick up a new set of toe pads while you wait. Even Grishko and Capezio can’t compete with that.

The Ellis Bella Pointe Shoe Models

Ellis Bella offers 3 different models; a demi-pointe version and 2 full pointe models. The Swanilda has a full shank and the Coppelia comes with 3/4 shanks. Both the Swanilda and Coppelia are photographed as the same shoe.

You can visit the official Ellis Bella website to see everything they have to offer. The company also has an eBay store.

Unfortunately, Ellis Bella could use some professional tweaking with their photography as the ribbon placement on the Demi Pointe photo is askew. A thorough grammatical overhaul of English is needed on the website and eBay store.

On a positive note, I find it touching and heartwarming that as stated on their History page, they believe in love and sharing the passion of dance. The Swanilda and Coppelia are quite lovely. I wish there were reviews to read online, but I couldn’t locate any.

It would also be nice to learn more about the unique name choice; Ellis Bella.


One response to “Ellis Bella Pointe Shoes From Australia

  1. Although the shop is in Maroubra, I believe the range is made in China. I have bought jazz shoes by Ellis Bella before, a few years ago, and I ordered them from Hong Kong at the time. That might explain why the English is a bit strange – we do speak English in Australia!

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