Capezio’s Latest Pointe Shoe Model-The Airess

Capezio AiressPronounced like the rich-girl-sounding name of heiress, Capezio has cleverly named their latest pointe shoe model Airess. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but clever nonetheless!

This model looks a bit different from many of the others in their collection. The first thing that stands out is the rosy-pink colored liner. The stamp pattern on the sole is also different.

The Airess reminds me a little of the Aerial with its wide metatarsal area and sharp taper down to the platform.

Capezio Airess sole

The sole is unique on the Airess

What makes the Airess special? According to Capezio, the model offers:

  • 2 different toe box options and 3 shank options
  • Gripping no-bunch liner for traction
  • A rounded platform edge for rolling onto pointe easier
  • Smooth heel aesthetics

Read Capezio’s detailed specifications on the Airess

I wish all pointe shoe models had a video  showing them in action on a real dancer’s feet.  As with any new model, time ( and dancer reviews)  will tell  if the Airess passes muster with many or flops into pointe shoe oblivion.

One response to “Capezio’s Latest Pointe Shoe Model-The Airess

  1. I just got a pair of the half-shanked tapered toe. And they are going back–Capezio said order your shoe size, but these are too small! They remind me of the fit of Gaynor Minden, where for some reason you buy a size larger than street!

    Otherwise, these are nice shoes. Made in Thailand. That makes me sad. Whatever happened to Dance Makers Made in USA? The new features are nice, the cut down sides very flattering. Since these don’t fit, I didn’t do anything fancy to them.

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