Sogei Pointe Shoes; As Beautiful As A Japanese Garden

Sogei Pointe Shoe Sole

Sogei Pointe Shoe Sole

As much I love discovering any kind of new pointe shoe brand, I love it even more when they take my breath away because of  their sheer loveliness.

I always thought that Ballerina and Sylvia of Japan had some pretty models, but now we have another Japanese brand to drool over; Sogei.

A Little Bit About Sogei

The Sogei Dancewear Company is based in Tokyo, Japan with its headquarters in Nerima-ku. It was founded by Endo Quing in 1950. He  had a passionate quest to create hand-cobbled pointe shoes that wouldn’t kill a dancer’s feet with poor fit, no support and ugly aesthetics.

Translating Japanese To English Is A Challenge


The peaceful serenity of a Japanese garden

As this website grows and grows, so does my interest in ballet “jargon” in other languages.  Because Google Translate is just a basic tool, sometimes it simply doesn’t translate certain words from one language to the next. Japanese into English is one of those examples.

However, some are easy enough to guess. Take for instance, the Sogei models named Borishoi and Ohrora. In ballet lingo, we can assume that this is how Bolshoi and Aurora are spelled or pronounced in Japanese.

Sogei Specializes In Pointe Shoe Making 

When I found the Sogei website, I browsed through the navigation just taking a wild guess at what category I was clicking on. Without using Google translate, it took me a few minutes to realize that Sogei of Japan is a 100% dance shoe manufacturer.

Not having to hunt through dozens of leotard and accessory pages makes it easier when you are a “tourist” who doesn’t speak the language. With this company, it’s all about the shoes. The Sogei Collection encompasses six models plus one pre-pointe; Toe Balance, Royal, Borishoi, Ohrora, Cerrito, Elisabeth and Pre-Toe.

Exploring The Pretty Sogei Pointe Shoe Models

Sogei Toe Balance pointe shoes

Toe Balance by Sogei

The Toe Balance Specifications:

The Toe Balance is one of the newest models to the Sogei collection. It made its debut in April of 2014.

  • Created with a wide center of balance for extra stability
  • Available in 4 widths and 3 shank strengths
  • Choose from v-vamp or u-shape throat


Sogei Borishoi pointe shoes

Borishoi by Sogei

 The Borishoi Specifications:

  • A V-vamp Russian-style shoe with low-cut sides to enhance the arch.
  • Tapered toe box suitable for narrow feet.



Sogei Ohrora pointe shoes

Sogei Ohrora

 The Ohrora Specifications:

  • A customized model where you can choose heel depth, shank strength, width, sides and profile preferences.


Sogei Royal

Sogei Royal

 The Royal Specifications:

  • European-cut shoe suitable for many foot types.
  • Comes in v-vamp or u-shape with several choices of shank strengths.



Sogei Pre-Toe pointe shoes

Pre-Toe by Sogei

The Pre-Toe

  • A pre-pointe model to condition the feet for real pointe shoes.
  • All of the Sogei models are made of the finest texture of  satin. They photograph beautifully.


Pointe Shoes Made To Fit Dancer Specifications On Order 

Navigating the website looks scary if you can’t read Japanese. If you visit the official website of Sogei,  click on the 3rd category button down on the left side to see the shoes. The 4th button also shows more variations.

The Pre-Toe is featured with the soft slippers here:

My personal favorite is the elegant Borishoi. I also find it admirable that a company like Sogei of Japan chooses to focus all of their energy and skills on creating one thing and one thing only; shoes for dancers. That probably makes them very, very good at what they do.

One response to “Sogei Pointe Shoes; As Beautiful As A Japanese Garden

  1. these look really beautiful but also I think they would be lovely to dance in, they look a lovely shape with nice long vamps. The Japanese produce some of todays best dancers – so maybe producing best shoes also.

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