The Menkes Liceo: Sturdy Looking Spanish Pointe Shoes

Menkes storefront, Madrid, Spain

A Menkes storefront in Madrid, Spain

When you think of dancing in Spain, you naturally think about the passionate art of Flamenco performances. Nobody expresses the excitement of this genre more than the people of Spain.

Spain is an incredibly beautiful country. It has so many cultural and historic gemstones to be proud of; amazing food, scenic landscapes, vibrant music and good-looking people, of course.

What Spain also has is a well-established dance wear company that I have been thrilled to discover; Menkes. The hub of the company is located in beautiful Barcelona.

The Menkes Company Continues To Expand Globally

According to the company history page, Menkes has been in business for over 50 years creating top-quality costumes, theatrical supplies and many different types of dance shoes.  It was founded by  a passionate tailor/ costume maker, Marcos Menkes and has grown into a multinational supplier of dance goods. Menkes has shops all over Spain. They also have locations in Paris, Miami and in New York.

The Menkes Liceo Model- A Seriously Sturdy Looking Shoe

Liceo pointe shoes by Menkes

Liceo by Menkes

Liceo is an unusual name for a pointe shoe model, isn’t it? It wasn’t until I found the Spanish translation of this name that it made more sense.

According to the Spanish language translation, it means: A place where people gather to participate in cultural activities.

In this case, it’s a shoe where toes gather to participate in pointe work. Perfect. From the pictures, it appears that the Liceo is one of those work-horse type of pointe shoes that are made to last.

Menkes And Their Pointe Shoe Collection-Missing Facts

Menkes has a few company-related pages on Facebook. Because I didn’t see any pointe shoe models on their website for sale, I am highly curious to know how or if they can still be purchased. As usual, I am waiting for a reply from the Admin of one of those pages to learn more.

In the meantime, we have another Spanish pointe shoe brand that can be added to the sidebar. Olé !

Menkes Contact Information:

Menkes, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 646, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Menkes Facebook Fan Group

Website @

One response to “The Menkes Liceo: Sturdy Looking Spanish Pointe Shoes

  1. Ah funny you would bring it up, Paul D the toe tap maker mentioned it on his facebook ballerinas blacksmith page for a sturdy shoe that could take the pounding of tapping en pointe, but all the info out there is just a few pictures, but, Menkes are sure big on tap and spanish dance.

    I know you though like really classic nice looking pointes though, I on the other hand love seeing differant colors and leather or canvas pointes due to the rare nature, and dancers are strong why not their shoes for certain roles when it is time to practice or do a raw and gritty role.

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