Electronic Pointe Shoes? Shocking News For The Ballet Traditionalist

Pretty pink satin shoes with delicate ribbons, hand sewn with love and dedication.  Sugar plums and fairies, tutus and tiaras, electronic wires. Wait. What?

As a proud ballet traditionalist, I admire and adore the look, feel and performance of old-fashioned hand pasted pointe shoes. They don’t require silver toe taps, built-in padding, heat molding, anti-bacterial properties or any other bells and whistles as far as I am concerned.

Apparently, that makes me a ballet fuddy duddy when it comes to progress on pointe. Anything that veers too far away from classic pointe shoe design tends to disturb my traditional ballet heart.

Now that a Spanish dancer has invented electronic pointe shoes, the thought is both fascinating and off-putting at the same time. Why are they trying to kill the time-honored traditions of classical ballet? Can’t they fiddle with a space-age design concept for tap shoes instead?

Look Mommy, the ballerina has electric shoes!

E-TRACES, memories of dance from Lesia Trubat on Vimeo.

Clever or crazy? What are your thoughts about this new pointe shoe invention? Does this disturb your beliefs about traditional pointe shoe design or do you think they are a realistic product that could become a staple in dance theaters?

2 responses to “Electronic Pointe Shoes? Shocking News For The Ballet Traditionalist

  1. Meh. I find it distracting from her dancing

  2. Seems like something that could have immense potential from a teaching/technical perspective. If I had a nickle for every time I teacher told me to “imagine drawing an XYZ on the floor” with my feet, well we know how that joke ends! I’m sure there’s no real time feedback/output, but I could certainly imagine advances allowing it.

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