TKS Pointe Shoes From Germany

TKS pointe shoes

TKS Pointe Shoes

Imagine starting a business in the Black Forest area of Germany 100 years ago making circus shoes. The business then evolves over the decades into a manufacturer of different types of dance shoes and accessories. Such is the case of the TKS brand name of dance shoes from Germany.

The initials stand for TanzKunstSchuhe.

Deep In Heart Of The Black Forest TKS Creates Pointe Shoes

mapTKS is a family owned company located in St. Georgen, Germany, in the southern BadenWürttemberg region where the gorgeous Black Forest landscape attracts visitors from all over the world.

TKS makes one pointe shoe model, several varieties of soft slippers and a soft Jazz shoe. They also manufacture tights and toe protectors. TKS has over 25 shades of leotards in vibrant, amazing colors. I was very impressed by the variety they offer.

Visiting a Black Forest sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Model Specifications For The S20 TKS

TKS German Pointe Shoe

Made in Germany by the Schullerer family

According to the product page, the model is labeled with the number S20 and is created in a medium width with a cotton liner. The sales page mentions that the shoe is designed to fit tightly. Ribbons are included with purchase. The model appears to have a long vamp and slightly tapered toe boxes.

Hand-Cobbled Pointe Shoes Still Exist

TKS pointe shoes

Hübsche Spitzenschuhe means pretty pointe shoes in German

I love the TKS website because it has some charming photos of the Schullerer family and its employees hard at work making dance shoes and garments. This is so refreshing from other manufacturers that hide what goes on behind their factory doors.

Although this brand is one I have never heard of before, I am pleased to share my discovery with you. This is a real German pointe shoe, made in Germany by Germans.

Smaller, regional pointe shoe makers are just as important as mega-brand name factories in keeping the cobbler traditions alive and well in the ballet world.

Sadly, I couldn’t locate TKS on Facebook or Twitter, although they may be there. However, you can learn more about this interesting German brand on their official website,

* Click on Schuhe, then choose Spitzenschuhe to see the S20 model.

UPDATE 10/3/2019 : The company web url is no longer functional, so it has been removed from the sidebar.



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