Angel Dance Pointe Shoes From Russia

Russian-made pointe shoes are considered to be some of the best-quality shoes on the market. Their rich theatrical history and remarkable high-standards of excellence in ballet training make their country one of the masters of pointe shoe construction.

Finding another potential source for beautiful Russian construction techniques was the first thing on my mind when I discovered a Russian pointe shoe supplier by the name of Angel Dance.

About The Angel Dance Company


With a little luck and a lot of Google Translate, I can decipher that Angel Dance offers discounted apparel and shoes for different types of dance genres for both individuals and groups. I wasn’t able to locate any history on the founding of the business or who owns it.

The only clues I have to its location or possible locations are on the contact page. There is a toll-free number listed for calls within Russia. There are two separate representatives listed; one that covers Chelyabinsk and the other Orenburg. The contact email is

The Pointe Shoe Models From Angel Dance

Angel Dance offers two models on their website; Model H and Model MH.

Of course my romantic ballet heart would have preferred gorgeous Russian names instead of letters. Don’t you hate factory jargon initials instead of ballerina-esque names that make you want to whirl and twirl in your pink tights?

Model H by Angel Dance

Model H by Angel Dance

Model MH by Angel Dance

Model MH by Angel Dance

Model MH Specifications:

  • Exactly the same specs as the Model H, but comes with a medium-hard shank.

Model H Specifications:

  • Constructed with a u-shaped vamp
  • Created for “springing” onto pointe
  • Comes in three widths; narrow, average and full
  • Has a hard shank
  • The inner liner is soft and fleecy for comfort
  • Ribbons are included with purchase

Why I Chose To Categorize Angel Dance As A Mystery Brand


As excited as I am to discover a new brand like Angel Dance of Russia, I am also disappointed when I can’t be 100% sure that they are, indeed, made in Russia. Here are a few reasons why I don’t put them under the category of Russian-made pointe shoes:

  • No response email from Angel Dance when I  asked them directly by email if the shoes are made in Russia. I also asked for any  information they could share about their specifications. Nothing. Zilch.
  • “Angel Dance” , their contact email addresses and the corresponding model names are in English, yet the company website is completely in Russian.
  • The company mentions being a discounter of  dance products. Put that together with the bulky-stiff sole design and off-edge stitching shown above and one thing comes to my mind; a potential made in China alert.

If I am wrong, Angel Dance, please forgive me. I only care because I group brands into country categories for my readers. If you want to offer a low-cost alternative for Russian dance students, bless your heart.

If you want to see these models, visit their official website You can find them by clicking on the 4th category down on the left sidebar, Балетная обувь. ( Ballet shoes in English).


7 responses to “Angel Dance Pointe Shoes From Russia

  1. the shoes look very nice, the shape is very Russian isnt it and the name Angel Pointe Shoes is very endearing.

  2. They look very cheap looking and look like they were made in China I think personally! Especially that sole… Gross. They remind me of Danskin pointe shoes abit.

  3. Can’t get to the website of… the links seems broken.

  4. Hello Balletomanehk,
    I tried the link here and on the sidebar and both are working now.

  5. BTW, the vamp looks incredibly short–something that’s quite lacking in the pointe shoe market globally, except for Russian Pointe with its V1. This is good news for us Asians as many of us have short toes 😉

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