Gamba Versus Vozrozhedenie; The Double Intrigue Of Zeta Pointe Shoes

The best part about being a blogger is not only becoming well-versed about the topics you love, but also having the complete freedom to make a post just because. Sometimes this happens when I find two models of the same name, but made by different manufacturers.

I like to compare them visually and “pretend” that I get to choose only one as a favorite. Below, are two different Zeta pointe shoe models. One is or was made by Gamba and the other by Vozrozhedenie of St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Gamba Zeta or Zeta by Gamba

I was very intrigued when I found this shoe. This is the first time I became aware that Gamba made a model called Zeta. As you can see by the photo, Gamba placed the name Zeta in larger lettering on the liner.

The shoes appear to have long, tapered toe boxes, but the profile is hard to decipher.  What I am hoping is that a reader may have more insight and information to share about these shoes.

  The Vozrozhedenie Zeta 

Gorgeous Russian-made pointe shoes are always a joy to find. The first thing I did was to visit the official Vozrozhedenie website located on the sidebar here. However, there is no Zeta model advertised. I have no clue as to whether this model is old stock or a special order. Mysteries! Double mysteries.

This Zeta model has the tell-tale Russian design that is so aesthetically pleasing. The gold-tone imprinted logo on the liner is quite elegant, in my opinion.

Given a choice between the two, the St. Petersburg version is much more exotic and unusual to my American mind. However, the Gamba model could be just as rare and collectible. Neither model has ever crossed my path before.

Reader input is welcome.

9 responses to “Gamba Versus Vozrozhedenie; The Double Intrigue Of Zeta Pointe Shoes

  1. very interesting – loved the Vozrozhedenie

  2. There is a German company which provides ballett costumes, leotards and shoes with the name “Zeta” and the same logo as seen in the Russian shoes.
    It seems they don’t have a website but you can find the address and a picture with the logo here:

    Maybe the German Zeta imports the Russain shoes?

  3. P.S. Zeta Germany does have a homepage, but it says nothing about pointe shoes ;-(

  4. The Russian make is beautiful! I hope Gamba will make something similarly tapered like these in the future as its current models have such square boxes. Thanks for sharing this rare find!

  5. me again 😉 I talked to a very kind lady from schreck this morning and found out the solution. Please stop my comments from yesterday and take the concise answer:
    There was a German company called Zeta, which used the elegant logo and offered the Vozrozhedenie Zeta shoes.
    Sadly, it went out of business ten years ago and the shoes are no longer availaible.

  6. Thank you, Beate. I appreciate the information. It’s sad when such pretty pointe shoe models go out of production.Having a picture of the old logo is great.

  7. Hi!
    I’m a pointe shoe fitter and dancer plus run a YouTube channel and blog.
    Been a fan of your site for ages and wondered if you wished to trade links?
    Thanks 🙂

  8. Hello Leanne,
    I have been meaning to create a special page for links as my sidebar is quite full. Your wonderful website has been added here to the Pointe Shoe Websites Worth Visiting page.I believe my visitors will enjoy it and get a lot of value from it.

    Thank you!

  9. I am so glad I found this blog, I have looking for ballet related article and reading material. Kudos to you on this blog.

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