Calidance; The Colombian Pointe Shoe Brand


Martin St-Amant – Wikipedia – CC-BY-SA-3.0, Colombia flag from San Felipe de Barajas’ fortress, Colombia

The Gems Of  Colombia;  Emeralds, Coffee And Zapatillas de ballet Calidance.

Those of us who love the taste of rich, delicious coffee and enjoy wearing beautiful gemstones can agree that Colombia, South America is world-famous for both top-quality emeralds and for amazing coffee beans. Both are highly coveted and are exported all over the world.

Now, there is another delicious gem from Colombia to discover, a pointe shoe brand called Calidance. I was thrilled to discover this brand! I can now add another link to the sidebar.

About Calidance And Their Products

According to the company Quiénes Somos or about page, Calidance prides themselves on supplying dancers with the highest quality footwear products while maintaining total comfort and providing it all at a reasonable cost to their customers.


Calidance Colombian Pointe Shoes

The ballet shoes are designed by a former dancer of The National Ballet of Cuba, Mr. Luis Rodriguez.  Mr. Rodriguez studied under the tutelage of Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso.

With 30-plus years of  ballet teaching experience, he understands exactly what dancers need.

Calidance also offers other accessories, practice garments and supplies for ballet and other genres of dance.  They sell tutu skirts, leotards, ballet dresses and more. The red pointe models above have that spicy Latin look that only crimson satin can provide. I find the splashy way they display  painted and non-painted pointe  models on their Nueva Colección ( website link below) page very artistically creative.

Where Is Cali, Colombia?

Foto tomada por Augusto Ilian del Rio Cali, la Av Colombia y el Hotel Inter,,  (CC BY 2.0)

By Augusto Ilian del Rio Cali, la Av Colombia y el Hotel Inter,, (CC BY 2.0)

Cali is a huge, modern metropolis located on the western coast of Colombia, South America. Next to Bogota, it is one of the biggest cities in Colombia.

The weather is hot and the Colombian people are equally so for they are known for their passionate embrace of life, love, laughter and dance.

The Calidance Pointe Shoe Models Are Uniquely Displayed

calidance-1One of the most striking aspects of this brand is how unique the construction of their shoes are. Not only is the pointe shoe design unique to Calidance, their images and advertising are incredibly interesting as well.

They offer their online customers great close-up images of their shoe models from various angles. Few companies do this. Not only are the pointe shoes pretty, they are a genuine Spanish brand. The only disappointment is that Calidance doesn’t imprint their pointe shoe liners or soles with a company logo as they do with some of their soft slippers. The models are blank inside and out.

The soft curvature of the toe box design has a nice line that looks like it would hug the arches well. I don’t know how many different models of pointe shoes are available from Calidance, but the company gives many ways to contact them with inquiries; including a Skype address which is another rarity, but an incredibly trendy idea for the convenience of the customer.

If you want to see more about this intriguing Colombian point shoe manufacturer, visit their official website @

See more up-close shoe photos by visiting  Calidance on Facebook.


One response to “Calidance; The Colombian Pointe Shoe Brand

  1. WOW – these shoes are lovely – and of course the designer is such a BALLET THOROUGHBRED -love also the split soles and jazz shoes.

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