The Repetto Julietta-A Beautiful Shoe For Beginners

Repetto JuliettaIn a post I made way back in March of 2011, I  wrote about visiting the Repetto website and only finding one model in various forms for sale; the La Carlotta.

Today, I find another model for sale on the Repetto website; the Julietta. Not only does the name conjure up images of romantic pas de duex variations that could involve Shakespearean balcony love scenes, the design concept and advertising is interesting too.

According to Repetto, this lovely shoe is designed for beginners that need a low-vamped, flexible soft-sole style that allows for easier demi-pointe work. Repetto offers this model with either a large box or a medium box and the sides are cut higher to stay on better.

The online advertisement comes with a strong warning to potential buyers; they don’t want anyone to buy the shoe unless they have been fitted in person first. Did someone buy a pair of pointes without trying them on and end up in a French hospital in toe slings blaming Repetto?

Since getting fitted for pointe shoes is very important and taken for granted as law in the ballet world, this passionate message is very curious from a business view-point. Collectors like me neither care about  proper fit nor do we fly from country to country checking in with manufacturers and fitters. However, we have money to spend and all pointe shoe companies need profit.

In light of this requirement, how would you enforce this policy online? Alarm bells? Police sirens? A fitter  security guard that jumps out of the screen and grabs you by your tutu spewing French obscenities?

There is only one thing that my rebellious spirit wants to do; click the order button to see if I get a warning pop-up message from Repetto stating that my IP address is on file as belonging to unfitted, undesirable  feet.

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