Ms y J Pointe Shoes-A Beautiful Collection From Argentina

In one of my earlier posts, I speak about the pointe shoes from Chile sold under the Miguel Jorda name as the M&J pointe shoe brand.

ms y J company logo

I was extremely surprised to find this brand, Ms y J and its telltale leafy logo stamp because I thought this logo was for the M&J model. Confused? So was I. The shoe that I posted as an M&J model was, indeed an Ms y J model complete with that unique logo on the bottom of the shoe.

Maker Stamps Are Hard To Read When The Sole Is Worn Out

M&J Pointe Shoes

Maker stamp matches Ms y J logo

Many times, unique brands are found advertised on international versions of eBay or similar sites by private sellers. When the bottom of the shoe has most of the maker stamp danced off, even the seller has to take a guess at the brand or model.

Although the maker’s stamp is fuzzy in the center, the curved pattern of the logo is unmistakable. It is one of the images found on the Argentinian coat of arms and is representative of that country. See it here on this link by scrolling down a bit. Isn’t that interesting?

Comparing The M&J Brand To The Ms y J Brand

Both of these companies originate in South America. The most intriguing similarity are the names. The letter “y” means and in Spanish and is pronounced like the letter E in English. In other words, it translates to Ms&J. I am highly suspicious of why two companies would choose such similar names, but I have a theory.

There are two Miguel Jorda’s; a senior and a junior. Miguel senior ( or Ms ) has been in the dancewear business for decades and is well established in Argentina. Although Miguel Jr. was a popular dancer in Argentina, he now does business in Chile. It makes sense that the younger Jorda would break off and create his own model and his own separate website. The younger Jorda’s shoe only comes with a model number while the Ms&J collection has names for each one.

Getting To Know The Ms&J Company

According to the company history page on their official website, Ms&J has been manufacturing top-quality dance shoes in Argentina for over 30 years. As their business expands, they have endeared themselves to the ballerinas of professional theaters such as the world-famous Teatro Colon and Teatro Argentina. They now pride themselves as a manufacturer of pointe shoes made with advanced technology to meet the needs of the modern dancer. They have several retail locations in Argentina.

The Ms&J Pointe Shoe Collection From  Argentina Are Worth A Second Look 

I apologize that you had to come all the way to the end of this post to see these great models. Here they are:

Ms&J Elite


The Elite has a square-shaped platform for easier balancing and was made as a professional model for those who are in intense training.

The side seams are cut on the diagonal for a flattering fit and beautiful aesthetics. The shoe is reinforced to provide extra support throughout the metatarsal area.


Ms&J Attitude


Look at that shoe platform; surely a dancer has to have great balance for boxes that taper into such a delicate point.

The Attitude is the Russian-inspired model that comes with high v-shaped vamps for that elegant aesthetic that Russian-cut shoes bring to a dancer’s line.


Ms&J Brisee'


The Brisee’ not only has a unique name in the world of pointe shoe models, it was made for a purpose; quietness during jumps and landings.

The toe box is constructed to be supportive, yet silent. It is a professional shoe that comes with a 3/4 shank design. The shoe is made with strong, lightweight materials for advanced dancers that have developed arches and strong feet.


Ms&J Eleve'


This particular photo reminds me of the modern photography methods that you see on the Suffolk  website. The Eleve’ is described as a lightweight, flexible shoe for students.

The light construction is made for developing feet and potential dancers. From the picture, it appears to have square platforms, low profiles and a medium vamp with slightly tapered toes.


Ms&J Eleve' II

Eleve’ II

I love this photo because the maker stamp with the leafy logo is clearly visible here. The Eleve’ II is basically the same style as the Eleve’, but comes with a 1/2 shank to help foot flexibility.

Again, this model is described as a student pointe shoe for dancers that have underdeveloped arches. Of course, many will shudder at the thought of a weak-footed beginner on 1/2 shanks, but maybe risk taking is huge in Argentina, who knows?


Ms&J Arabesque


Arabesque is a wonderful name for a ballet shoe. This particular model is their American-style shoe. It has a wider platform for balancing.

The Arabesque also has u-shaped vamps that hug the instep in an anatomically correct way. Here is another modern photography image that tells me Ms&J are a trendy company and on top of their marketing game.

Writing about this company was a real pleasure and I am thrilled to discover this collection. From now on, when I see those curved plants on a pointe shoe sole, I know that I am looking at Ms&J from Argentina.

If you want to see more about Ms&J, you can visit their official website @ The site is in Spanish. To see the pointe shoes, click on Catalogo at the top, then choose Calzados.

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