Nike Pointe Shoes? Be Still My Heart!

When I hear the word Nike, I picture bulked-up athletes and jocks running back and forth on some basketball court sweating and panting. Never would I imagine anything by Nike having to do with the delicate, graceful art of ballet dancing. You can only imagine my shock when I found the Nike name in reference to a possible “concept” design called the Nike Arc Angel; a rubbery-looking, banded shoe that appears quite scary in the advertisements.

The Modernization Of Pointe Shoe Construction May Be Too Much For Traditionalists 

Nike Arc Angel

Nike Arc Angel

What would Pavlova, Fonteyn, Vaganova and Ulanova think about pointe shoes made by a company like Nike? Although the concept may be appealing to younger dancers who are used to the rapid changes of the high-tech world, this is going a bit far.

The End Of Ballerina Magic-Is It Near?

arc-angelsThe Arc Angel is advertised as a footwear solution for easing impact during pointe training. It has installed bands that are supposed to train the foot into position. Ballerinas have been enjoying ( okay, not exactly enjoying) impact for hundreds of years. One of the aspects of professional ballet training is to pull up and out of your shoes to ease the impact. Should Gellows, Ouch Pouches and lambs wool retailers be concerned?

A Ballet Dancer Is An Athlete, But In A Magical Sort Of Way 

Anyone who follows the world of professional ballet understands how advanced the choreography is these days. A ballerina has to perform increasingly difficult physical moves. The magical part is the illusion she brings to the stage that is one of delicateness, lightness and grace when she is really a very strong and sturdy person.

Will  Professional Dance Companies Allow Training With The Arc Angel?

Even though these shoes may not grace the stage of The Bolshoi Theatre, one has to ask if a professional instructor from a traditional academy will allow something like this for serious students. Choosing black and blue as the shades of choice when we are speaking about impact may be something to rethink.

As a pink-satin-loving girly girl, the black rubber/blue band look is indeed heart-breaking. I might be a little less heart-broken if they  came in a pretty shade of ballerina pink. What about you? Any thoughts about this design?

Read about this new-age pointe shoe design here @ Nike Arc Angels

* * This post is not intended to disrespect The Nike Corporation, one of the most reputable manufacturers of athletic apparel in the world.*

9 responses to “Nike Pointe Shoes? Be Still My Heart!

  1. I heard about this a while ago, and after some research found that it is actually a design student’s senior thesis project, not actually a product produced by Nike.

    If you look at their training shoe section of the website, the closest looking thing is a pair of wrap on flat shoes.,pwp,c-1+100701/f-10001+12001+50158+4294967134/so-publishDate|desc

  2. Hi, Thanks for the post about these ‘semi-pointe shoes’, it’s really heart-breaking 😦 I totally agree with you. Would you mind if I reblog your post on my personal blog? Ballet is my passion too and I write a lot about it. You can check it out at, however it’s Dutch. Off course a reblog with all credits to you and your blog 😉 Please let me know. Thanks! -xx- madelon

  3. Reblogged this on madelonnetje and commented:
    Deze post vond ik bij een ballet blog, waar ik regelmatig stukjes lees. Het schijnt dus te gaan om een afstudeeropdracht van iemand uit de USA. Niet te hopen dat dit uitgewerkt wordt 😉 Lees maar ns… -x- madelon

  4. I think we wore black point shoes for something….maybe one of the dolls in Nutcracker First Act? Columbine? Costuming Dept would dye a pair of our shoes for the role. We always provided them the worst pair we had that still had some life in them because the always looked so hideous black. 🙂

  5. I just got on point and i totally agree with you! Pionte shoes are an art that workers make by hand! Nike should just stick to what it does best, making althete shoes! I am going to repost your post on my blog! My blog is Please visit it and keep posting about ballet!

  6. This doesn’t even have a shank!

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