Can The Right Pointe Shoes Elevate Your Status In The Dance World?

Suffolk Status

Suffolk Status

They might if they were a pair of Suffolk’s newest pointe shoe model, the Status. As I have mentioned before, visiting all the links on my own blog is enough to keep me busy full-time adding new shoes to these pages.

Last week I visited the Suffolk website and was pleasantly surprised to see that a few new models have been added to their collection; the Solo Prequel, Spotlight and Stellar.

You can find out more about these new models by visiting the links at the end of this post.

However, what was not included with the new additions is this gorgeous new model, the Suffolk Status. The Status appears to be so new that for now one can only find it mentioned on Suffolk’s Facebook page. According to Suffolk, the model will be  making its debut this coming fall.

For now, the shoe is described as a very low-profile, lightweight shoe with arch-hugging construction that allows the dancer to get over the box easily. The shoe is made with a medium u-shaped vamp.

What is interesting about Suffolk as a company is their ultra-modern photography and intriguing names. The newest models have names that represent the hard climb to the top of the ballet ladder. After all, a Stellar performance puts a dancer in the Spotlight and gives her Status on stage. How clever, Suffolk!

For more on the Suffolk Solo Prequel, Spotlight and Stellar visit

Check out the Suffolk Status post ( you may have to scroll down a little )  on their Facebook Page.

One response to “Can The Right Pointe Shoes Elevate Your Status In The Dance World?

  1. Ooooooh! May have to order a pair!

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