Galina Pointe Shoes

If ever I get a chance to visit the ballet shoe “underworld” in St. Petersburg, Russia, I would have a lot of questions to ask about the seemingly secret society of cobblers who construct gorgeous pointe shoes that are so rarely mentioned or photographed. The pointe shoe in question is the Russian-made Galina shown here.

Galina pointe shoes

On the liner: Galina, handmade St. Petersburg Russia

This is indeed a mystery shoe. To get a closer look at the words on the liner, click on the photo. What is obvious is that the name of this pointe shoe honors Galina Ulanova, who was one of the most respected and revered teachers of ballet technique in Russia and around the world.

Galina pointe shoesLooking at these beautiful shoes one can see that they have the flattering aesthetics of Russian construction methods. They do not appear to have drawstrings on their traditional v-shaped vamps.

Pointe shoes this lovely should never be kept hidden from the general market. Of course, they may well be easily accessed by Russian Dancers who commission professional cobblers for custom-made pointe shoes in St. Petersburg, a theatrical mecca.

The name Galina may be a brand name or it could be a model name from an  unknown collection. It is finding new shoes like this that makes my blog a never-ending quest for information and inspires me to “stay on the hunt”.

5 responses to “Galina Pointe Shoes

  1. Some years ago, I bought several pairs of the “Galina” through ebay in Germany. It seems, they tried to find a market in the west, but unfortunately didn’t succeed. I am happy that they are still made in Russia.
    And yes, the shoes don’t have drawstrings.

  2. Hello Beate,
    That is a real shame; the Galina is a gorgeous shoe in my opinion.

    • Yes it is. One of the best pointe shoes I ever had: elegant, flexible, light, quiet – and anything but expensive.
      The bottom of the sole has an engraved logo which I read as “Classic” with a pointe shoe in the letter C. Here is a picture:
      (In reality, the leather is much darker, I brightened up the scan to make the logo better visible.)

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  4. NotARealCollector

    Hello, I really like your blog. I recognized the picture in this article and I am the person who owns this exact pair. Unfortunately, I also have no information about this brand or model. This particular pair is huge by the way. The sole has a length of 18.5 cm, the shoe is longer than 25 cm in total and almost 9 cm at its widest wing part. The platform is about 4.5 x 3 cm. Would you like some more pictures, like the bold “Classic” logo on the sole? I guess I also own one or two pairs of pointe shoes you might find interesting. I would be happy share pictures along with the very few pieces of information that I have so you can put it all in your blog. I would be happy to get in touch. 🙂

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