Deboule Pointe Shoes From Argentina

deboule-danseThe world of the performing arts is alive and well in Argentina. Because theatrical productions are a huge part of the passionate heritage of these beautiful people, there are probably more brands of dance shoe companies in Argentina than I can ever hope to discover. However, discover another one I did!

Deboule Dancewear Of Argentina

According to my Spanish reading skills and the about section of the Deboule website, this is a fairly new dancewear supply company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The site is slightly buggy to navigate, so I have provided a link directly to the product page below to make it easier for you to check out their products.

The Deboule Pointe Shoe Description

Deboule Pointe Shoes

Deboule Pointe Shoes

The pointe shoe model by Deboule is a solitary product that comes in two shades; Rose or Salmon. It is simply described as a “study” pointe shoe for basic training.

Although images are not the best way to judge a pointe shoe shape and construction, the Deboule appears to have low profile boxes with slightly tapered toes. Drawstrings are also obvious on the modified  v-shaped vamps.

The ribbon placement could use a more professional appearance for business purposes and sales, but just finding another pointe shoe brand from Argentina is exciting in itself.

An Interesting Behind-The- Scenes Look At Ballet Theater Life In Buenos Aires, Argentina


UPDATE 1/27/2020 -The Deboule domain has expired, so unfortunately, they have been removed from the brands list.

2 responses to “Deboule Pointe Shoes From Argentina

  1. I am presently working on a prototype for a pointe that supports the weight of the dancer on the bottom of the heel bone. No weight on the toes. See my web site A new version is now under design. I plan to put that shoe into production. I have need of your knowledge and contacts.

  2. Hello Dennis,
    I just visited your website, and I must say that your concept could really revolutionize the way that dancers choose to go on pointe. I applaud anyone who spends the required time to come up with ground-breaking ideas in such a traditional dance genre.

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