Sansha Soft Toe Pointe Shoes-American Or English Style

This is a quick post that I was inspired to make when I found a photo of Sansha’s American Soft Toe pointe shoes.  Following close behind was a photo of the Sansha English Soft Toe pointe shoe. What is the difference between the two models?

The Sansha American Soft Toe Versus The English Soft Toe

The American-style is on the left and the English-style on the right. Both of these pointe shoes are shankless demi-pointes for students that do have hard boxes, unlike the soft toe name suggests. What is not apparent is what makes one American-style and the other English-style.

From descriptions based on distributors across the web, the English versions simply have more tapered toes.  They do not mention whether the English-style models are made using English pasting methods which create a generally softer pointe shoe toe box.

Any English pointe student that can clarify this for Americans is more than welcome to leave a comment.

5 responses to “Sansha Soft Toe Pointe Shoes-American Or English Style

  1. American has a square two and English has. Tapered round toe. That’s it! So it’s more or a toe configuration thing.

  2. I think they actually have three kinds, the third one is called Selco.

  3. Thank you for bringing that up, Cecikierk. I had completely forgotten about the Selco shankless model.
    Sansha Selco

  4. Which one is better selco, English, or American?

    • It’s not a matter of which is better. It’s a matter of your foot shape. The American is broad and square, good for broad/wide feet. Selco and English are tapered. I think Selco and English are basically the same, just different colored satin.

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