Interesting Pointe Shoe Newbies On The Market

I spend so much time online looking for new and undiscovered pointe shoe brands that I sometimes miss the newest models released by well-known, established companies.

Considering that Capezio launched the Tiffany*  model not too long ago, I was surprised to see a new one follow suit so soon. Bloch of Australia already has so many different models I wonder what other variation they can possibly come up with that they haven’t already done. Apparently they did!

Following are the two newest models, one by Capezio and the other by Bloch.

The Capezio Bella-Beautiful In Any Language

Capezio Bella pointe shoe

Bella by Capezio

Capezio has a new model called Bella which means beautiful in Italian. It really is. The model has tapered toes and tapered heels with a strong toe box. It appears that this Capezio model is only available through Capezio Europe.

I searched the Capezio website here on the sidebar and did not see it listed in the general division. The Bella is now being distributed by various suppliers throughout Europe. The model has an extensive list of specifications that you can read more about here : Capezio Dance Europe.

The Bloch Hannah Shows Grace And Favor

Bloch Hannah pointe shoe

Bloch Hannah

The model Hannah by Bloch of Australia can be found on their official website. Unfortunately, Bloch doesn’t go into great detail about the specifications of this shoe.

The Hannah is described as lightweight and flexible for dancers who want to build up their foot strength.

As a writer who has her imagination stirred by vivid pointe shoe names, the name Hannah leaves me wanting just a little bit more ( as does the Bloch website description). However, the name Hannah means grace and favor which could be why the name was chosen.

See The Bloch Hannah Better In This Video

* There are several dance supply companies describing their stock of Capezio Tiffany shoe models as discontinued. The Tiffany is still on the Capezio website, so that remains a mystery for now.

2 responses to “Interesting Pointe Shoe Newbies On The Market

  1. They both look nicely designed.

  2. Darn it, just as I thought I have collected every Capezio model (even the rare Assoluta and Perfetta)…

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