Dttrol Pointe Shoes-Dancing To The Rhythm Of Life

Dttrol pointe shoes in satin

Dttrol Deluxe Satin

Dttrol? Yes, the spelling is correct. Although the name of this brand may take some guessing to pronounce, the pointe shoe models themselves are easy enough; there are only two versions at the time of this post; the Deluxe Satin and the Canvas Practice model.

Dttrol has been on my backlog of  shoe brands  to post about, so I will share what I have discovered about this particular brand and company.

Company Information About The Dttrol Brand Name

The Dttrol name-brand products are manufactured by a company called Baili Shoes Co., L.t.d.. This is another one of those established manufacturers that have been doing business from the country of China for over 12 years now. According to their company about page,  the letters DTTROL stand for Dance To The Rhythm Of Life. Now the unique name makes much more sense!

The Dttrol brand/Baili Shoes Co. offices are located in Nanjing, China. This is a very interesting company with many layers of products, brand names and categories.

The Dttrol Pointe Shoe Models And Descriptions

Searching online, I discovered two models manufactured by Dttrol. The canvas practice shoe is available on their official website, Dtrrol.com.  The site is  English-friendly, although it needs a bit of help with proper wording here and there.

Any fitting or construction specifications about this model are too generic for me to offer much information about them. The Satin Deluxe shoe is nowhere to be found on the Dttrol website, which was disappointing.

Why Doesn’t Dttrol Sell The Deluxe Satin Model On Their Official Website?

I  don’t really know. There are many pointe shoe manufacturers that do this. Most likely, selling different models on different websites is a marketing choice. Maybe they are in the process of updating their products list.  The Dttrol Satin Deluxe pointe shoe is available on Bailidance.en.alibaba.com.

There is only one catch to getting your hands on a pair of Dttrol Deluxe Satin pointe shoes; you need to order 50 pairs minimum. If you happen to be a dancing centipede with a lot  of legs, or have a pet that insists on a fresh pair of pointe shoes to chew on daily, this could work for you. 🙂

Dttrol pointe shoe sole logo

The Dttrol maker’s stamp appears like a swirl pattern on the sole of the shoe

Are Dttrol Pointe Shoes The World’s Cheapest Models?

Dttrol Canvas Pointe Shoes for practice

Dttrol canvas pointe shoes for practice

When I use the word cheap, I simply mean inexpensive, not poor quality. Compared to  the vast numbers of brands I have blogged about, Dttrol is one of the least expensive pointe shoe brands I have ever seen on the market.

One reason why Dttrol pointe shoes are cost-effective is because the company offers reduced prices per pair for bulk orders. This arrangement works for ballet schools.

There is a difference between the minimum order amount for the Canvas version sold on Dttrol.com versus the Satin model sold on Alibaba.com that is very intriguing. What do I think about these shoes? The photos show an aesthetically pleasing tapered toe box, medium vamp and flat platform constructed in a pretty shade of pink satin. They appear to be a well-constructed and balanced shoe for students.

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