FR Duvall Of Sansha Creates A Namesake Pointe Shoe

Sansha-brand pointe shoes are well-known in the dance world for creating affordable, yet functional models that are popular with students and professionals alike. The Sansha Recital comes to mind as a best-selling beginner model. The shoes are known for having replaceable shanks which makes them versatile and a favorite with many dancers.

Franck Duval And The Sansha Name

As far as the correct history on the nationality of Mr. Duval, we do know that he was born in France. However, in my online research I found different reasons for the name Sansha in relation to Mr. Duval. Some say the name was given to him as a nickname when he lived in Russia. Others say that he first began production of his pointe shoes in a small Chinese village by the name of Sansha. Yes, there is a Sansha, China! I will save that investigation for a later date.

The New F.R. Duvall Pointe Shoe Is So Pretty

FR Duvall Pointe Shoes

FR Duvall Pointe Shoes Have Lovely Aesthetics

This discovery was accidental as many of my brands are when I am hunting for information about another shoe. I can thank webpage interlinking for this. As you can see by the photo, the model has a crown logo and the name FR Duval on both the outer sole and inner liner. It is hard to tell from the photo if the model has a drawstring or not.

The model style appears to have beautiful Russian-style v-cut vamps. The shoe is advertised as having qualities that make it last longer with slower breakdown time. Dancers can choose from 4 shank variations : Flexible, Regular, Strong and Extra Strong.   I did not see any choice for profile size or vamp length at this time.

FR Duval Pointe Shoes Are Not Sold Through Sansha

I searched the official Sansha website high and low for this new addition, but did not find it. The shoe is not in the new collections catalog for 2012 nor on the products listing anywhere on site. For now, the only place to order these pretty pointe shoes is through a distributor company like

I am amazed at the low price of these shoes; less than $34 dollars a pair at the time of this post. Unlike  the Sansha-brand models, this shoe is Franck Duval’s actual namesake model.  I love the crown logo, color and shape of the shoe and wish the FR Duval model much success .

6 responses to “FR Duvall Of Sansha Creates A Namesake Pointe Shoe

  1. From what I heard, and are the “official” distributors of Sansha products and they seem to almost monopolize the North American market.

    As for village of Sansha, after some digging I think it’s actually plausible. Sansha is in Fujian Province in Southeastern China , and when I looked at the official Chinese Sansha website (, on the very bottom left of the page it says “Fuzhou (that’s the capital of Fujian province) Tian Hong Dancewear Company”, which I think is most likely the factory that manufactures Sansha products. (Here’s the factory’s website:, they mentioned they manufacture Sansha products).

    (BTW Sansha seems to be the most popular pointe shoe brand in China. )

  2. Hello Chang,
    It is interesting that all of the Sansha and FR Duvall models are sold on the Sansha China website; a website that I wasn’t aware of. Thank you for the information.

    • According to that website’s description, it indeed has drawstrings. Also I’ve noticed there are two models I’ve never heard of: Infanta and Numero 1. Numero 1’s platform is darned for you already, it’s for professional dancers with pointy feet, and the shank is medium hardness. Infanta is for students and “hobbyists”, it is supposed to be a durable shoe.

  3. Hello, first of all thank you for the post of our still fairly new F.R. Duval Pointe shoes. I work at Sansha and wanted to clear some of the questions mentioned before:

    F.R. Duval shoes are momentarily sold in the US, not in Europe. You will find them on our US shop at and you can also find it on as mentioned by Chang before.

    If you are in NY, you could of course just stop by at our flagship store on 888, 8th Avenue (Entrance is on 53rd Street) to check them out.

    There are also F.R. Duval ballett slippers “Roma” and “Paris” if you haven’t seen them yet, they can also be found on the above 2 websites.

  4. Thank you for the extra information, Sanshaweb. Appreciate it!

  5. I wanted to let everybody know that F.R. Duval is now also finally available in Europe, directly from our online shops at, and I hope this will stop the initial confusion as to where and through which channels the shoes are available!

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