Coppelia Pointe Shoes From Italy

I confess. I love Italian-made pointe shoes. I especially love brands that are very popular with dancers from a particular manufacturer as that speaks volumes about the construction and aesthetics of the shoe. If the only Coppelia you know is the Japanese Coppelia model made by Chacott, this Coppelia is a brand, not just a model name. It is a pretty shoe that is very popular in and around Italy.

The Coppelia Dancewear Company

According to the about page on their official website, Coppelia is the brand name for products manufactured by The Dance Trading Company or D.T.C. based in Brescia, Italy. They started operations in 1998 which makes them neither a very old company nor a young upstart company. Their collection of products is quite impressive for a company only 14 years old.

Brescia Italy

Photo Credit:Luca Giarelli / CC-BY-SA 3.0 This gorgeous photo shows the valley Brescia which is nestled at the foot of the Alps. The city is located in Northern Italy. Somewhere amidst this beautiful scenery, Coppelia pointe shoes are being made.

The Two Lines Of The Coppelia Collection

The company sells many different dance products under the name Coppelia including tights, jazz shoes and leotards. They offer two different lines for dancers; a basic line and another line for professionals. The professional-grade products include their English Coppelia Collection for  dancers training under the RAD  or Royal Academy of Dance method.Coppelia Pointe Shoes from Italy

Coppelia R 14 for professionals, or as they say in Italian, punta professionale.

Italian pointe shoe brand CoppeliaThere are six models to choose from:

  • R 10- Coppelia Studio. This model has a medium vamp, full sole construction and wide platforms for balance.
  • R 11-Coppelia Studio 3/4 Sole. Comes in medium or wide widths with a lower-cut heel and 3/4 shank.
  • R 12-Coppelia Reinforced. This model comes with harder shank and sole construction.
  • R 14-Coppelia Professional. Low/medium u-shaped vamp and full-sole construction.
  • R 15-Coppelia Demi-Pointe. A shank-less model for RAD exams.
  • R 16-Monica Perego Coppelia-A professional model made in collaboration with Monica Perego, Prima Ballerina of  The English National Ballet. This model has a more tapered toe box for sleek aesthetics and comes with a 3/4 shank construction.

Did you notice that Coppelia does not have an R 13 model? Interesting!  By now, you probably want to visit their official website,  You can download their catalog on the “catalogo” link. That was an easy translation, no?

The special model R 16 by Monica Perego for Coppelia is not found on the official company site for some reason, but is sold on this great Italian dance supply website, To navigate, click on Scarpe Danza at the top, then choose Punte. The images of each model are very good.

Dancing Beauty Monica Perego

I could not finish this post without satisfying my curiosity ( and hopefully yours too )  about Monica Perego. Lovely just about sums it up!  Stop in and visit her website where you can learn more about this beautiful dancer;

Many thanks to the reader who sent me the link to the Coppelia website. As they say in Italian, grazie.

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