Theatre Ballet Pointe Shoes-From Moscow To New Jersey?

In the world of quality pointe shoe manufacturing, the Russian  traditions of design and construction techniques have  always stood out among the competition. You can see this in the beautiful aesthetics of Russian Pointe, Grishko, R-Class, Kiev and Vozrozhdenie shoes. Now there is another Russian pointe shoe brand to add to this site. Theatre Ballet. I am saying this with trepidation as you will learn later.

A Little Interesting Company Information

According to the about us  page found on the company website, Theatre Ballet was founded in 1998 by two acclaimed Russian dancers; Konstantin Dournev and Julia Vorobyeva. Both of them have outstanding credentials in the ballet world for both teaching, choreography and stage performances.

Mr. Dournev and Mrs. Vorobyeva are now teachers and principal dancers for The New Jersey Ballet.  Both have deep roots with all things Bolshoi and Mariinsky. This means offering American dancers and ballet theaters access to the finest in Russian craftsmanship in costumes, props and pointe shoes.

The Theatre Ballet  Pointe Shoe Models Are Made In Russia

Theatre Ballet currently has 5 models advertised on their website. All of them are shown with two shank variations; regular and soft. The design specifications focus around the box shape and platform style. The models can be customized to the individual dancer.

Contacting This Company For Pointe Shoe Info: Frustrating

Let’s face it, I want to learn as much as I can about a pointe shoe model before I write a post about it. The best source of this information comes right from the maker themselves. 75% of the companies that I send emails to are great about getting back to me. The others? They ignore my repeated requests for information, both as a writer and as a potential customer .

Sorry, Theatre Ballet. You are one of those companies. I understand that teaching and choreography for The New Jersey Ballet makes for a full schedule, but a potential customer should always be acknowledged. I have half a mind to create a page showcasing these “no answer” companies, so please excuse my frustrating rant, dear reader. Perhaps you will have better luck visiting their official website,

I simply want to know one thing about these pointe shoes. Are they produced in Russia as the brand name Theatre Ballet, or is Theatre Ballet an American distributor of another brand made in Russia like Kiev  or Vozrozhedenie? I will cautiously add this company link to the sidebar until I learn more.

The Dance Academy Founded By Dournev/Vorobyeva In New York

2 responses to “Theatre Ballet Pointe Shoes-From Moscow To New Jersey?

  1. Ugh, that sounds so annoying! 😦 This website is one of my favorites, though, it’s just fascinating!

  2. Yes, it can be hit or miss trying to contact certain makers. The Theatre Ballet website is very interesting, I agree! The photo gallery is lovely.

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